Colorado Autumn – Part I


Fall is upon the Western Slopes of Colorado and this is my first time experiencing it, even though I have been here several times in other seasons. A foliage lover since I can remember, I’ve been blessed to be able to photograph many beautiful fall landscapes all along the east coast; New England, New York, West Virginia, just to name a few. Here in Colorado the dramatic mountains along with the bright aspens create some of the most breathtaking scenery I have seen. I was pleased to learn that the aspens are sometimes orange and even red. Some areas have oak brush that turns orange-red and the cottonwoods that line the rivers and streams turn yellow. The foliage has not peaked yet in most nearby areas except around Red Mountain Pass and Silverton which is what I am showing here. In the meantime I am watching, waiting and exploring… and hoping for some snow on those mountain peaks (if it’s not asking too much)!

My next post will take us up to Grand Mesa, the largest mesa in the world with an elevation of over 10,000 feet!

'First Light at Crystal Lake' © Denise Bush

‘First Light at Crystal Lake’ © Denise Bush
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'Red Mountain Pass View' © Denise Bush

‘Red Mountain Pass View’ © Denise Bush

'Million Dollar Highway' © Denise Bush

‘Million Dollar Highway’ © Denise Bush

'Autumn Mountains Close-up' © Denise Bush

‘Autumn Mountains Close-up’ © Denise Bush

'Firey Aspen' © Denise Bush

‘Fiery Aspen’ © Denise Bush
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30 Responses to “Colorado Autumn – Part I”

  1. I would say more, but my jaw just dropped and rolled under my desk! Amazing…

  2. Absolutely stunning photos Denise! I especially like the Red Mountain Pass View, the sort of place you could spend a lifetime just studying the wildlife 🙂

    • Lots of wildlife here… but very elusive… except for the deer that look into my bedroom window… they are creepy! Thanks so much for the kind comment.

  3. The first word out of my mouth when I opened your blog was an involuntary “Jesus.” The next word at Fiery Aspen was “Amen.” In between, just the usual extraordinary.

    • Knowing YOU I am not quite sure how to take this comment. I shot that first location on 2 consecutive mornings. The first time I used a polarizer and did not like the result because it made the water and sky way too dark blue. I went back the next morning and shot this one with just a UV filter and it came closer to what I saw. Thank you for your comment and showing me the correct spelling of ‘fiery’. 🙂

      • That first image just took my breath away. (And I wasn’t trying to correct you nor did I even notice your spelling; I just typed it in my reply automatically.) Pace.

  4. Gorgeous! You must be in heaven! 🙂

    • I am in heaven Eliza however I must say it is not quite as easy as ‘taking candy from a baby’! First you have to know where to go and when. A lot of times you see something from the road but there is no place to pull over… the road is right on the edge of a cliff in many places! In the mountains you have the shadows (from the other mountains) to contend with. Then the sky has to cooperate too. I went out the other day and saw some beautiful color but the sky was a cloudy white. I came home and saw the most beautiful sunset ever out my kitchen window… ughhh… should have stayed out. I’ll keep trying!

      • I expect there will be a learning curve to understanding the weather patterns and colors, light and shadow of your new home. But how exciting, huh? 🙂

  5. Part one of a beautiful new gallery. Fiery Aspen is wonderful.

  6. 13 gizmoshoot

    i’m familiar with silverton and it is special country all seasons. Your pics are terrific! i’m only now seeing some color change in the new mexico high country.

    • Oh… I might have to cross the border when the color is finished here. Where’s a good place in NM to go for foliage? Thanks for the view and comment.

      • 15 gizmoshoot

        taos, santa fe, los alamos and albuquerque ski areas are all high enough for aspens and oak. the rio grande bosque for cotowood. and anywhere high

  7. Wonderful images, Denise. Well done.

  8. 18 Deb

    Spectacular. I love Red Mountain Pass and Fiery Aspen. I’m glad you are witnessing and capturing something so beautiful!

  9. Oh the green monster jealousy just reared his ugly head 🙂 absolutely gorgous images. This will be fun to see this part of the country through your eyes!

  10. Gorgeous photographs, “firey Aspen” is in special touching like a poem made with fire…
    Said that I born and live in the Andean Plateau (12 300 ft.) and I understood we were the second largest mesa on the world after the Tibet, Is it probably that I would be wrong? Greetings and thank you, your photographs are always marvelous.

    • Thank you for coming to look and comment! Your mesa may be taller but not bigger … Grand Mesa (in my next post) is 500 square miles. It is over 11,000 ft. at the highest part. Wikipedia has some good info.

      • Oh, I’m sorry, I searched in Wikipedia and it defines Mesa as the top of a mountain (I always find amazing that my home is higher than mountains) and it’s different to the plateau.
        It’s going to be marvelous to see Grand Mesa across your eyes ^_^

  11. Just plain beautiful! Denise I love Red Mountain Pass and Fiery Aspens. You have a whole new playground. Wonderful.

  12. Great photos. My fav is the first one. It must be satisfying to find all those new beautiful locations to shoot.

    • Thanks Ken. It is fun exploring but sometimes frustrating too… Where to go when, no place to pull over, etc. I have gone out a few times without taking a shot but yesterday was a good day.

  13. Why am I not surprised to see such a strong set of images at the best time of year at your new home? The last image in this set caught my eye. One tends to see images of “Fiery Aspens” as the sole subject in a photograph. I’m pleased to see this image showing a sense of place to this little grove.

    • Thanks Rich… I am missing my buddies and always look forward to your thoughtful comments. Yes, there are plenty of pretty trees here so I am always looking for the ‘something more’.

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