Colorado Autumn – Part IV


The second half of my Colorado autumn was just as colorful as the first half. I got out as much as I could in the mornings and evenings. Since I am still learning the lay of the land my adventures were sometimes no more than exploring and scouting. This is a beautiful but rugged place… subject to its own unique, photography challenges. Mother Nature is unpredictable here… clouds come and go and so does the weather with blue skies prevailing. At sunrise the light takes a little longer to come up over the mountains and at sunset it may disappear sooner than expected. Leaves are falling and signs of winter are here. Snow comes early to the high peaks and makes a beautiful accent to the already beautiful scenery. My next post and last in my ‘Colorado Autumn’ series will feature a few of these. Thanks very much for visiting!

'First Light on the Sneffels Range' © Denise Bush

‘First Light on the Sneffels Range’ © Denise Bush
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'A Curve In the Road' © Denise Bush

‘A Curve In the Road’ © Denise Bush

Aspen Inspiration' © Denise Bush

‘Aspen Inspiration’ © Denise Bush

'Chimney Rock Peak' © Denise Bush

‘Chimney Rock Peak’ © Denise Bush

'Before Sunset at Chimney Rock' © Denise Bush

‘Before Sunset at Chimney Rock’ © Denise Bush
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'Little Shack Among the Aspens' © Denise Bush

‘Little Shack Among the Aspens’ © Denise Bush

'From Telluride's Mountain Village to Town' © Denise Bush

‘From Mountain Village to Town’ © Denise Bush

'Shack with Relics' © Denise Bush

‘Shack with Relics’ © Denise Bush
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'Old Shack & Equipment' © Denise Bush

‘Old Shack & Equipment’ © Denise Bush
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‘Cottonwood On the San Miguel’ © Denise Bush

'Darkness Fell' © Denise Bush

‘Darkness Fell’ © Denise Bush
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38 Responses to “Colorado Autumn – Part IV”

  1. Beautiful country and photos!

  2. These are amazing! My favorite is the last 🙂

  3. 5 Albert Horner

    Looks like you are getting to know your new home quite well. I love the exploring part.

  4. AY-MAY-ZING!!

  5. 9 Kathleen

    Stunning images Denise!!!

  6. I think you were meant to live in Colorado, remarkable images.

    • Everything is still pretty new Sharon. Although the snow here on the mesa isn’t a problem, it is going to be a long winter. I hope I was meant to live here! 🙂

  7. Stunning set of images. They just keep getting better!!! That vertical of the shack is amazing. The intensity of the Aspens up on the slope must be amazing to see in real life.

    • Yes Rich… I found a new shack to keep my eye on through the seasons! You and Viv would love it here… tons of jeep and hiking trails… most thanks to the miners for clearing them back in the day.

  8. simply, amazing picture! Love each of them! 🙂

  9. Oh, those Western skies…beautiful images Denise.

    • We are really appreciating being able to watch the sky from out new home. The clouds change and move really fast here… I need to start working them with an ND filter. Then there are also many times when it is clear, boring blue skies. I often go out thinking it looks like it will be good around sunrise or sunset and things change for the worse. 😦

  10. 20 Deb

    Stunning Denise! What a beautiful place to live!

  11. What a beautiful place to live, do you pinch yourself every day? Stunning!

    • Thanks Eliza. I think it has pretty much sunk in that we actually live here. It has been 3 months now. Looking forward to shooting some winter scenes now.

  12. Wow, these are great. Very nice work, Denise.

  13. Lovely images, Denise. You are finding exquisite places and capturing them beautifully. I think our drought has effected the color transition here this fall. I’m not seeing the vivid yellows we usually get. I think many of the aspens and cottonwoods are so dry their leaves just sort of crumble and go before the transition happens. The maple in my front yard is a brilliant red, though, and for that I’m thankful.
    I particularly like Aspen Inspiration. I’ve tried that perspective but never gotten such a great outcome.

    • Thank you. I almost feel like I should apologize to everyone for ‘Aspen Inspiration’… it has been done and done again. When I saw this particular, very tall group I just had to do it for myself!

      • Well you did it well. Let’s face it, photos are a little like stories. By now nearly all of them have been done before. It’s how you do them that counts.

  14. Lovely photographs and scenery, I especially like chimney rock, wish I lived in such a place!

    • Thank you! We can see Chimney Rock and the Cimarron Range from our living room. It is pretty close to us so I can get there pretty easily. It is east so when the sun sets the rocks there often light up very nicely… and sometimes pink.

  15. These are beautiful shots. – I like very much!

  16. 33 Linda

    Amazing! Awe inspiring! Fantastical! Breathtaking!

  17. So gorgeous!!

  18. 37 Christina Pavlova

    Wonderful photos!

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