Mining Town Remains


After going to a waterfall near Telluride one day not too long ago, we decided to explore another road I had been curious about. Up and around on a narrow dirt road we climbed, one switch-back after another. I avoided looking down at the cliff right below my passenger door and at the same time hoped no one would be coming the other way! The snow began to get a little deeper in spots as we gained elevation (ending up at about 11,000 feet). Finally we came upon an old mining, ghost town. At that high elevation and rugged landscape we were reminded of how tough the miners and other people who lived here back in the day were! Of course I needed to get in a few quick shots before it started to drizzle and get dark. Some of the buildings were without roofs and in bad shape… bowing and tilting and falling apart. I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will weather the winter months. It will be impossible to get up there without a snowmobile soon. I do hope they are still standing when I can go back in the late spring and spend more time. Here are a few favorites!

'Looking Through Time' © Denise Bush

‘Looking Through Time’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

'Doorway To the Past' © Denise Bush

‘Doorway To the Past’ © Denise Bush
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'Cabin Over Yonder' © Denise Bush

‘Cabin Over Yonder’ © Denise Bush

'Miner's Cabin Interior' © Denise Bush

‘Miner’s Cabin Interior’ © Denise Bush

32 Responses to “Mining Town Remains”

  1. 1 Chuck Airken

    Great shots.

  2. Wow! What wonderful views those windows have. Beautiful work.

    • So nice to hear from you Sarah. I saw on the internet that a developer bought the land and is planning on building houses up there. They will certainly have to improve the road if they do that. It is a shame that nothing is being done to preserve this historic site.

  3. Very interesting that you found abandoned buildings somewhere up in the mountains. You must be having a great time exploring and finding new places.

  4. Sounds like it may be time to get some snowmobiles. Excellent find.

  5. These are stunning! Looks like we have similiar interests : ) I will be following!

  6. Cool shots, the last one looks a bit like a funhouse, all tilted angles.

    • Yes, it is quite tilted isn’t it? The buildings were slanted as I stated but I think my wide angle lens accentuated it, which I kind of like! Thanks for the visit and comment!

  7. I love explore ghost towns! It’s hard to pick a favorite of this batch and while I normally prefer black and white for old buildings, that second image just reaches out and grabs me! Do you use HDR processing?

  8. 16 Linda

    That’s it! I’m on my way out there! Lol. These are gorgeous. Great finds. Well done. 😊

  9. Awesome images, Denise

  10. Love these shots, Denise! I especially love the way you have positioned yourself, putting the interior of the building in the foreground and allowing the viewer to peek out through the windows. A rough life with great views.

  11. Looks like you may have gone to Alta Lakes? One of my favorite, most scenic places around. I’ve painted a few of the same scenes you photographed..but not as nicely as your photos turned out! Great fun.

  12. 24 Mary fenton

    Wonderful shots Denise I am very jealous of your new home😠How about a photo shoot for us easterners next year!

    • Well… I cancelled a field trip for the South Jersey Camera Club after getting a better grasp of the area. The group interested had varying physical limitations which would make leading a large group difficult… because of the extreme altitude and challenging roads and locations. I prefer smaller groups so I can tailor the itinerary to the participants capabilities. I will be coming up with some basic and affordable guide fees in the next week or so. If anyone is seriously interested they can contact me for guidance on planning a trip.

  13. Wow great shots…a blast from the past such a shame as you say that nobody is preserving them 🙂

  14. beautiful and nicely framed 🙂

  15. Fantastic details of this wonderful find, Denise. I especially love the snow and boards. Great contrast of textures and colors. Beautifully shot.

  16. Oh boy… some of my fav things to find and shoot. Hope these were easy to get to… I seen some that looked interesting but way to hard to get to. I also see that snow is arriving there… please keep as much as you can in CO and do not send back EAST!!!!

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