Mountain Magnetism


Here are a group of images featuring the West Elk Mountains as seen from the Black Canyon National Park. I went to check out the canyon (about an hour and twenty minutes away) one day last week and once there was quite drawn to the mountains in the distance. I stopped at several different lookouts along the awe-inspiring canyon’s south rim but the light and sky just weren’t right for canyon pictures on this afternoon. I kept coming back to these mountains… they looked so pristine and majestic, cloaked in new-fallen snow. The winding road drew me in and I sought out different vantage points. I was attracted to the contrast between the warm tones of the high desert and the cold tones of winter’s approach. With the mountains quite far away and on the other side of the (2,000+ foot) deep canyon I used my longest lens, a 100-400mm to make the mountains as prominent as I could. I enlarged the focal points in LiveView and used my loop to make sure the focus was spot on. Traveling up and down the south rim road a few more times I tried to become familiar with it for my next visit, which I hope will include some canyon images! Staying until after sunset I photographed the clouds and alpine glow of last light on the beautiful scenery before calling it a day… a ‘very good’ day!

'This Way' © Denise Bush

‘This Way to the Mountains’ © Denise Bush
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'Beyond the Canyon Rim' © Denise Bush

‘Beyond the Canyon Rim’ © Denise Bush

'Mountain Highlight' © Denise Bush

‘Mountain Highlight’ © Denise Bush
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'Last Light On Winter Peaks' © Denise Bush

‘Last Light On Winter Peaks’ © Denise Bush

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29 Responses to “Mountain Magnetism”

  1. That is beautiful country!

  2. What a nice day you must have had out there exploring and getting to know your new home. The last two photos are beautiful and make me long to be out west again to watch the dramatic changes of light as the day ends and begins.

    • Thank you for checking in Rich. We are really enjoying being able to see a big sky and watch changes in the weather, clouds and light… it’s magical!

  3. Great photos!! No wonder you were drawn to the mountains Denise 🙂

    • Thank you! I think they are some of the prettiest snow-capped mountains I’ve seen. I saw them from a totally different vantage point on Thursday and they weren’t quite as captivating.

  4. Love Last light on the Winter Peaks. Looks like it might be a bit chilly though. This way to the mountain makes me want to start hiking that trail.

    • Yes… it was a bit chilly. I had the camera set up right next to the car so I could sit inside and watch, popping out from time to time when the light looked good. That is actually a road on the other side of the canyon… a long way around! Thanks for the visit and comment… it means a lot!

  5. Great photos..thanks for sharing

  6. 12 Kathleen

    Stunning images Denise!! You are really capturing the beauty of your new home!!

  7. 14 Deb

    Hmmmm….I thought I posted last night but it isn’t here…..

    These are wonderful as usual, I love the last two, the light makes them so different but equally beautiful!

    • Hmmmm, is right. I checked the comments listing and do not see anything else. Thanks so much for reposting. Yes, it is fun to just stay in one spot and watch how the light changes things. For the first of the last 2 I had to wait for a break in the clouds to light up that mountain.

  8. What impressive scenery. I can see why you return to this location and keep seeking the best time and viewpoint. Your photography is outstanding.

  9. Such a contrast between warm and cold. That last shot with the fading rays upon the snow is lovely!

  10. Gotta love the vastness punctuated by some stellar mountains!!! Watch out for the snow on some of those backroads… it aint Jersey out there:-)

    • Nope… definitely not in Jersey anymore! I am going to a little photo group meeting later where we will each share 10 images with a winter theme. The one’s I chose are all from Jersey… I always make a point to explain I am from the Pinelands of ‘South’ Jersey. I am going to show them Jersey is not what they might think!

  11. Another good day out west. My favorite is “Last Light on Winter Peaks”. Beautiful!

    • Hi Larry! There’s a saying here… ‘If you’re lucky enough to live in the mountains, then you’re lucky enough’. Travel into some of the high country will be somewhat restricted by the snow now but I still have lots of places I can go… many just a couple hours away.

  12. Gorgeous part of the country and well captured!

  13. How wonderful that you can look forward to such scenery every day and not just for a brief workshop. What a great opportunity at this point in your art.

    Like most, Last Light was my favorite. I always save what I think is my best for last place on the post.

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