Greetings From Moab!


Just three hours away, a trip to Moab, Utah was a nice change of scenery from the snow-covered alpine scenes around home. When traveling with my husband I need to restrain my usual enthusiasm and limit my photo stops (somewhat). He is a good sport, carries my tripod, points out interesting subjects and on this trip, even got up for sunrise! (The night photography I want to do there might have been pushing it!) He is patient but that patience has understandable limits as significant-others of photographers everywhere surely understand. Most of our time was spent familiarizing ourselves with Arches National Park where we went on a few short hikes. Outside of the park we traveled on Rt. 128 alongside the scenic Colorado River with photogenic cliffs, mesas and rock formations on both sides. We went to Dead Horse Point State Park and reminisced about our being there the year we graduated from college. Mesa Arch in Canyonlands National Park is a well-known spot among photographers for sunrise. Visiting in the winter has the advantage of less crowds and securing a good vantage point. This morning worked out well and I was pleased with my first-time results. We purchased a year pass and I will surely be back… there is just so much there to see and photograph!

'Another Sunrise at Mesa Arch' © Denise Bush

‘Another Sunrise at Mesa Arch’ © Denise Bush
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'Mesa Arch Detail' © Denise Bush

‘Mesa Arch Detail’ © Denise Bush

'Awakening at Mesa Arch' © Denise Bush

‘Awakening at Mesa Arch’ © Denise Bush
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'The Candlesticks II' © Denise Bush

‘The Candlesticks II’ © Denise Bush
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'The Candlesticks I' © Denise Bush

‘The Candlesticks I’ © Denise Bush
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'Moon Through Landscape Arch' © Denise Bush

‘Moon Through Landscape Arch’ © Denise Bush

'Lunar Landscape' © Denise Bush

‘Lunar Landscape’ © Denise Bush

'Sunburst At Dead Horse Point' © Denise Bush

‘Sunburst At Dead Horse Point’ © Denise Bush
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55 Responses to “Greetings From Moab!”

  1. What a beautiful photo..

  2. 6 Deb

    Denise, the sunrises are stunning!

    • Thanks Deb. The last image ‘Sunburst at Dead Horse Point’ was before sunset. The sky was colorful at sunset but only to the right so I liked this one better. I realized that I get a better sunburst at f/22 than f/16.

  3. Lovely!

  4. 10 graydaysandcoffee


  5. D……oh I am GREEN with envy, have fun……..jasL

  6. I think I flew over this area on Saturday, flying east from L.A. via Las Vegas. Granted, I’m guessing!
    Per usual, your photos are gorgeous!

  7. Stunning…as usual! 🙂

  8. Hard to pick a favourite. They are all stunning. Incredible landscape captured with a wonderful eye.

  9. Great images, Denise!

  10. Mesa Arch? Love this town…been there many times.

  11. Great spots (and shots)…all of them!

  12. Wow, you certainly made that trip worthwhile. Lovely photos!

  13. Nice set of images, as always. It’s great to see your take on the big places to photograph. I’m sure as you get to know the place better, you will find some very special places. I love the arch photos by the way. You always manage to make a photograph your own, even in well documented places like the arches.

    • It is big country out here for sure and there are places to explore in all directions! This area is pretty convenient for me and I will be going back! Thanks for your thoughtful words and keeping in touch.

  14. Astonishingly beautiful. I think this place was made for photographing. Thanks!

  15. The joy of a new locale to explore! And what a treasure trove of stunning images you got!

  16. Wonderful set of photos, Denise. I like that you did not jack up the saturation on these photos. They are very appealing as processed.

    • Thanks Ken. I’ve always felt there is a fine line between too much and not enough… a balancing act. I try to replicate what I saw at the time of capture.

  17. Very nice photos!

  18. These are beautiful! I had hope to get back out there this year, but it didn’t work out. To be just 3 hours away is fantastic! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your trips to the area.

  19. So glad you got to go there… I really loved Moab especially ‘Arches NP’… not a big fan of the people that line up behind me to shoot the sunrise glow!!! Hope you were able to explore more of the park without the paparazzi!!!!!

    • We were there the first weekend in December and it was not crowded at all. There were about 8 photographers that came and went at Mesa Arch on a Sunday. We did a lot of exploring during the day and when the light wasn’t so good, like the first morning and evening. What time of year were you there? The day time temps were in the 50s but it got quite cold at night.

      • Right around Nov 10th…. Mesa Arch was like a parking lot on Black Friday and Delicate Arch was even worse!!!!

  20. Just wonderful! I can’t wait to go there.

  21. Awesome shots here!!

  22. I’m late in commenting. I’m not ignoring your work (how could one?). It just becomes more difficult to say “Your work is great.” without repeating myself. So, yeah, your work is great. “Another Sunrise” is my fave. I think I commented about this on a F/B post of yours, saying I felt as though I had opened an issue of Arizona Highways Magazine. That pub had a great effect on my work over the years, and they do move to other states with their features work. Your photography is competitive but I think they also need supporting written material. I think, however, that you should submit some of your work to them.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I will take a look at their website. I think you are right that they look for complete packages rather than random photos. There is a Colorado magazine that calls for submissions from time to time too.

  23. 53 GennaDac

    Truly incredible. My husband and I want to visit Moab and Arches so badly! Hopefully we can make it out this year. Your photos are stunningly gorgeous!

    • Yes you should try to make it out, but not in the summer. It is too hot and crowded. How far is it for you? Thanks for the visit and comment!

      • 55 GennaDac

        That’s good to know! Husband and I visited Zion, Bryce Canyon, and Capitol Reef during the summer and they were very hot and crowded, too. Maybe we can visit in spring! We live outside of Denver so we could actually road trip to Moab, which we’ve discussed. It would probably be beautiful! 🙂

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