Country Roads

One of my favorite pastimes is exploring country roads in search of subjects to feed my hungry camera! I am always curious to see what’s around the next corner and have logged many miles doing so. Here are a few images I collected while meandering country roads in January. With a similar color palette they just seem to make a nice set and worthy of a post.

Sunflowers In Snow © Denise Bush
‘Sunflowers In Snow’ © Denise Bush
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'Little Shack In The Snow' © Denise Bush
‘Little Shack In The Snow’ © Denise Bush
'Conoco In The Snow' © Denise Bush
‘Conoco In The Snow’ © Denise Bush
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'Along The Way' © Denise Bush
‘Along The Way’ © Denise Bush

High Desert Highlights

Among the things to love about my new home in Western Colorado is the diversity of its terrain. Here, the high desert offers unique photo opportunities that are quite different from the ever-popular alpine scenes. Recently a new friend was kind enough to share this desert spot with me. Located on the Colorado Plateau the area ranges in elevations between 5,000 and 8,000 feet which of course, is why we call it the ‘high desert’. My first impression was that it seemed otherworldly! I liked the way the snow added contrast and accentuated the contours of the not so distant mounds and mesas. I enjoyed choosing compositions that included the dry sage brush and volcanic rocks as foreground elements. And, I wondered whose tracks were left behind in the snow. Perhaps a badger, fox or coyote after its next meal? Here are a few favorites from the shoot.

'Winter Tracks' © Denise Bush
‘Winter Tracks’ © Denise Bush
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'Winter Light In The Desert' © Denise Bush
‘Winter Light In The Desert’ © Denise Bush
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'High Desert Winter Landscape' © Denise Bush
‘High Desert Winter Landscape’ © Denise Bush

2015 Gallery: Images From My Year

You are cordially invited to attend the opening of my virtual 2015 Gallery! In keeping with a 13 year tradition I have posted favorites from the past year on my website. Click on the link below when you have time and feel free to come as you are!

Photography by Denise Bush • 2015
Photography by Denise Bush • 2015

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