Country Roads


One of my favorite pastimes is exploring country roads in search of subjects to feed my hungry camera! I am always curious to see what’s around the next corner and have logged many miles doing so. Here are a few images I collected while meandering country roads in January. With a similar color palette they just seem to make a nice set and worthy of a post.

Sunflowers In Snow © Denise Bush

‘Sunflowers In Snow’ © Denise Bush
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'Little Shack In The Snow' © Denise Bush

‘Little Shack In The Snow’ © Denise Bush

'Conoco In The Snow' © Denise Bush

‘Conoco In The Snow’ © Denise Bush
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'Along The Way' © Denise Bush

‘Along The Way’ © Denise Bush

35 Responses to “Country Roads”

  1. May your camera never be well fed!! Stunning as always!

  2. 3 Rich Proctor

    Great shots Denise!

  3. A couple of wow shots! Love those Sunflowers. Looks like your finding some awesome scenery and managing to bring it all home with you to share with us. Thanks

  4. 7 graydaysandcoffee

    a wonderful winter gallery!

  5. Keeping cameras well fed is an important thing and I’m glad we don’t have to report you for neglecting it. Great set but I always say that. That gas pump is just plain cool with that landscape. The sunflowers…I think Van Gogh could have learned a few things from you. I’ve never seen dead flowers look so good. Keep heading down those country roads!!!

    • Thanks for the comment! (It reminded me to go to your blog to see what all the ‘fuss’ was about.) I have different compositions of that gas pump in the summer as well. It’s very photogenic I think! Shots like the sunflowers remind me to look for more intimate landscapes. I was pretty pleased with that shot.

  6. Nice photos!

  7. Beautiful captures, Denise. I esp. love the nodding sunflowers – I wonder why they weren’t harvested?

  8. Thanks for sharing your wonderings and musings. I love the muted colors and I agree they make a wonderful set. So great we can still enjoy your great photos even though you are in CO.

  9. 17 Deb

    These are fantastic, I especially love “Along the way”!

  10. 19 Craig McCord

    Looks like you feed your camera well, Denise. Nice images.

    • Thanks for the look and comment! I am not feeding my camera as often as I’d like. We are having record snow… beautiful but hard to get around or pull over.

  11. Wow, I love your atypical shot of the sunflowers! They are all nice, and you are right – they make a good set.

    • Thanks Terry. I noticed the sunflowers and when I stopped the light went away. I’m glad I was patient and waited for it to come back out. Thanks for the look and comment. I always value your opinion.

  12. Beautiful set! The gold, and blue play so well with the snow. My favorite is the old gas pump.

  13. 26 donna

    Loved the sun flowers! Beautiful. Hope you and Brent are enjoying your new life!

  14. Indeed they do, Denise. I especially love the little shack.

    • Thanks Linda. I’m glad you like the little shack… it’s the first vote for that one. I’ve had my eye on that shack and thought the light and fog made a nice image.

  15. Very nice set of pics, Denise. I love how you can make the simple seem so interesting.

  16. I’m getting caught up and I was sure I had commented. Well, when I saw the gas pump I knew it was a Denise post. Did you ship that out there? Fun to see it. Love Along the Way.

  17. P.S. Just saw the Conoco pump in your lovely set of 2015 images.

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