Peak Illuminations


My 250th post…
The mountains are always breathtaking which is why I never get tired of looking at them or capturing their beauty. To me the mountains are very much alive as they are constantly changing. They support a complex ecological chain and the creatures that live among them. They seem at times, magical… like when the light is hitting the peaks just right!

'Court House Mountain Glow' © Denise Bush

‘Court House Mountain Glow’ © Denise Bush
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Turret Ridge In Winter © Denise Bush

Turret Ridge In Winter © Denise Bush
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'Cimarron Glow' © Denise Bush

‘Cimarron Glow’ © Denise Bush
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'Sun On Winter Field' © Denise Bush

‘Sun On Winter Field’ © Denise Bush

'Precipice Smiling' © Denise Bush

‘Precipice Smiling’ © Denise Bush
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31 Responses to “Peak Illuminations”

  1. Those photos are breathtaking!

  2. You are really getting the hang of those mountains. Each time you post the photographs get better and better if that is possible. What I can’t figure out is how you find those perfectly situated trees to make the composition perfect. Do you carry them around and place them where it suites your composition? Congratulations on your 250th post.

    • Thanks Rich. Actually I walk around to get those trees in just the right place in my compositions. If they aren’t in the right place then I walk around to exclude them. 😉

  3. Happy 250th!! You look like more like 37! Beautiful mountains!!

  4. how do you find these locations? are you driving or hiking? I particularly like the “sun on winter field”. I don’t know why!

    • Hi! I’m mostly driving. The images from the ‘Country Roads’ post were all along county roads which are often dirt roads here. The images from ‘Peak Illuminations’ are from different vantage points along roads. I can see most of these from the 2nd story in my house as can many others who live in this area. There is a lot of snow on the ground and I used a long lens for all these. Thanks for looking and checking in!

  5. Excellent work, Denise. Turret Ridge is my fav.

  6. wonderful series of shots, really beautiful.

  7. The bisecting of cloud cover makes the upper realms seem otherworldly. Fantastic shots, Denise.

    • Hi Eliza! Thanks for the visit and comment. I put that image on the Ridgeway-Ouray FB page and it got a lot of attention and shares. Sold one too! Hurray!

  8. Fantastic series of photos, Denise. Stunning mountains and light. Congratulations on your 250th post, look forward to seeing many more.

    • So nice to hear from you Simon. Four of the five shots are from the Cimarron Range in the San Juan Mountains. I can see these from my house and they often put on a show at sunset.

  9. It’s impossible to pick a fav. I love them all!

  10. Beautiful and glorious series! Must have been awesome being there.

  11. 26 Amy

    Incredibly beautiful!

  12. great work

  13. Beautiful pictures! And my list of “want to visit” list is becoming longer now I’ve seen this 🙂

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