Painted Skies


In contrast to my previous post here’s a group of images that are more about the sky than the mountains. All shot from our property, the sky above the Cimarron Range to our east puts on a wonderful show many mornings and evenings. In the morning the sun comes over the mountains a little late… about 30 minutes past the scheduled sunrise time. During that time the changing light can paint the sky in unpredictable strokes of color and abstract designs. The mountains, still sleeping take on shadowy dark hues revealing minimal detail. One morning a rainbow cloud came by for a brief visit. Thinking it was very unusual I ran to get my camera, and photographed it from our deck. Luckily the sky to the east can be equally as lively at the end of the day as the mountains reflect sunset’s fading light and hues. I do so love and appreciate our Cimarron view… it’s full of beautiful surprises!

(Scroll down to see more Cimarron scenes in a post titled, ‘Peak Illuminations’.)

'Painted Sky In Morning' © Denise Bush

‘Painted Sky In Morning’ © Denise Bush

'Fiery Sky' © Denise Bush

‘Fiery Sky’ © Denise Bush

'Rainbow Cloud' © Denise Bush

‘Rainbow Cloud’ © Denise Bush

'Pink Sky Over Cock's Comb' © Denise Bush

‘Pink Sky Over Cockscomb Peak’ © Denise Bush

'Striped Sky At Day's End' © Denise Bush click here to view larger or order a print

‘Striped Sky At Day’s End’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

46 Responses to “Painted Skies”

  1. What fun it would be to try to paint these in watercolors. They’re beautiful!

  2. Wow, what a great thing to witness and photograph on a regular basis. Glad you are there to render it so beautifully.

  3. Wow, Denise. What a terrific location you have, and your shots are outstanding. Always enjoy viewing your photos.

  4. Great shots and nice backyard!

  5. 10 davidcollinsfoto

    Fascinating colours. They look painted. I’ve seen the effect in ‘Rainbow Cloud’ once before and was told it was created by light reflecting off ice crystals in the cloud. Don’t know whether that’s a a fact though.

    • I’m glad you agree that the skies looks painted! There is a meteorologist in my photo club who also got a shot of the rainbow cloud and that is what he said it was. I have seen it once before here but in the afternoon.

  6. I love your surprises!!! Bravissimo!

  7. Beautiful photos, Denise! Absolutely stunning skies.

  8. 18 graydaysandcoffee

    so varied and beautiful

    • We never know what we are going to get! Sometimes it looks like nothing at first… then turns out to be beautiful, and vice versa too. Thanks for your visit and comment.

  9. So beautiful. All so very different. Mother Nature has quite a array of colors in her palette.

  10. Very nice. Have you tried timelapse on those beautiful mountain/sky sceneries?

  11. 24 Kathleen Lapergola

    Such beauty Denise!!! You really caught them at the right moment!!

  12. I take photographs just of the sky all of the time at the beach. Best time is after the sun sets. “Sky painting”- it is an action or a noun…beautiful work as always!

  13. 28 Deb

    What a wonderful gift to be able to see a show of nature not once but twice a day! Spectacular colors and capture Denise!

  14. Love the colors because they are all different. Twilight violet is spectacular.

  15. What an incredible and inspiring place you live. Stunning pictures.

  16. Denise, These are stunning! Your description of the changes that go on during the sun’s rising makes me want to see it. Have you thought of creating a time-lapse video of the phenomenon? It would really give your viewers an appreciation for what you’re telling us. 🙂

  17. Oh my those are gorgeous skies! I totally understand your love for the Cimarron view! The narrative was lovely and almost poetic.

  18. Lovely collection.

  19. I love photos of skies. These are amazing!

  20. Denise, these are all just lovely!! I like how you have the sky illuminated and yet still have enough light in the photo for some of the mountain’s features to show.

  21. Outstandng photography!

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