Valley Variations


When I’m photographing in an area I feel a strong connection with, I like to slow down, immerse myself and really explore the options. Usually I’ll post just a couple of favorites from a particular scene but here I’m displaying more… to show how I worked it. The clouds, rock formations, meadow and trees allowed for several variations making it a fun exercise. I walked where I could to consider the possibilities while framing in-camera, and making the most of my pixels. Starting wide I used the pinion pines as foreground elements then gradually zoomed in, while getting a bit closer to the notch. I’m not yet sure if I have a favorite… do you?

'Valley View' © Denise Bush

‘Valley View’ © Denise Bush
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'Canyon Meadow' © Denise Bush

‘Canyon Meadow’ © Denise Bush

'North View' © Denise Bush

‘North View’ © Denise Bush
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'Canyon Notch' © Denise Bush

‘Canyon Notch’ © Denise Bush

'What A View' © Denise Bush

‘What A View’ © Denise Bush
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'Clouds Over The Canyon' © Denise Bush

‘Clouds Over The Canyon’ © Denise Bush

(Taking only camera and tripod in hand these were all shot with one lens, a Canon 24-105mm L on a full frame camera.)

28 Responses to “Valley Variations”

  1. 1 Judy Hazen

    Where were you? These are beautiful shots.

  2. Pretty pretty. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little cabin in that meadow. Beautiful clouds this day.

  3. 5 graydaysandcoffee

    wow they’re all really good. I like “Valley View” and “Canyon Meadow” the best.

    • 6 graydaysandcoffee

      I mean “What A View” instead of “Valley View” sorry!

      • Thanks! I like hearing which are people’s favorites. I like both of those too which is why I included them on my online store.

  4. Wow, amazing series, definitely see you connected to this place!
    Enjoy your weekend, greetz, Ron

  5. What a View – I like the composition. I like the group of trees in Canyon notch better, but they merge with the background color and the leading lines in the mountains lead to nothing. If those trees were where the snow is (like the tree in What a View), then that would be my hands down favorite. And there would probably be some separation between the trees and the background.

    • Thanks Terry. I liked that grouping of trees too which is why I did my best to include it in a shot. I would have loved to walk out in that meadow and get behind them a little more but we were confined by a barbed wire fence and a ‘no tresspassing’ sign.

  6. Great shots! My favorite photo is the first.

  7. Well done, Denise. You got some great pixels. Beautiful images.

  8. The North View. Thanks for sharing!!!!

  9. It’s hard to say which is my favorite. However “What A View” is one I keep going back to because it is a lovely balanced composition. Canyon Notch is a much more skillful or daring composition. With that one you show your ability to balance a whole bunch of compositional elements very beautifully. Of course you had some really nice light with helps them all. An enjoyable post and set of images as usual.

  10. I assume you’ll be getting back there again in the summer and fall when those distant trees take the spotlight.

    • Oh yes… I think I’ll be going back. BTW the barbed wire and sign did not stop us but I didn’t want to be out in the open either. We took some cover among the trees!

  11. What a view, Canyon Notch, and North View are my favorites. It’s a fabulous location, and you worked the area and your lens very well.

    • Thanks very much for the visit and comment. I’m glad you like them! I think the light snow really helped to accentuate the rocks. It probably won’t be there much longer.

  12. Such beauty, majesty and grander all wonderfully captured in your images! You are truly blessed to live amongst all this splendor.

    • So nice to hear from you CS! I think everyone living in this area feels blessed. I love your work and am heading to your blog now!

  13. North View. I kind of style. Strong foreground with the sagebrush, the pines framing and directing your eye into the distant mountain pass.

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