Goodbye to Winter!


It has become a yearly tradition for me to bid a formal farewell to winter each March in a post with this same title. Don’t get me wrong… I do love winter and I especially love photographing in the snow. With average daytime temps in the 50’s spring is well upon us here on the Western Slopes of Colorado, even though the peaks will remain snow covered for several more weeks. I’m a little sad to see winter go since there were still a few more snowy scenes I wanted to capture. Perhaps Mother Nature will surprise me with a spring snow, or maybe I’ll just have to wait until next year. I’ll play along with whatever she decides… she is the boss! I thought the image below was fitting for this post as it transitions from cool shadow to warm light. Hello to spring!

‘Aspens in Shadow & Light’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

32 Responses to “Goodbye to Winter!”

  1. 1 Deb

    Love the warm and cool together! And yes, goodbye winter!!

  2. Wow, wonderful colors! Really nice!

  3. Lovely shot, Denise. Happy Spring!

  4. I have no doubt you will do well with what ever opportunities nature throws your way.

  5. An awesome shot of warm and cold.

  6. I like the photo, it is wonderful.

  7. 14 Kathleen

    Love the light beyond and the snow in the foreground

  8. That image really does show the changing of the season. I know the calendar says spring, as do the low lands, but it’s still winter up high, which makes everyone happy. Skiers can ski and gardeners can start digging. 🙂

    • Thanks very much for the visit and comment. Everyday in the mountains is a good day so I’ll be happy with whatever happens. (Will make a point to visit your blog today!)

  9. The depth in this image is just wonderful. It truly does capture what spring is about…the warmth of the sun and the coolness in the air.

    • Nice to hear from you Pat!!! Wasn’t sure if I had anything here until I brought it up on the computer screen… a surprise I was quite pleased with. (That doesn’t happen as often as I would like!)

  10. 20 Amy

    Glorious warm lighting behind the snow scene! A sign of beautiful spring coming. Brilliant!!

  11. The soft, graduated light in your image is wonderful, Denise. And the compositional elements from foreground to background lead my eye so beautifully. Goodbye winter…

  12. Yes! Spring, please:)

  13. Oh, and your photo is great! I love the different layers.

  14. Just Wow!

  15. I think another round of snow is in store for you 🙂 When presented with a category for club competition I run the gamut of “oh no” to “yea” it’s in my wheel house… well… this image reminded me of how clever and insightful you can be. For me this just tells the story of spring is on the way. The golden light in the background brings me through the stark trees at the bottom. Really like what you did here!!!!

  16. 31 Kevin parks

    Love the composition. The tonal gradation of cool to warm is marvelous. You captured your story with this image. Luv it!

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