Something Of A Ghost Town


Needing to get out with my camera I went for a drive one cloudy day last week. I meandered the back roads and came upon an area that had an assortment of old looking shacks and cabins. It was a fun day of scouting and for me, the cloudy weather suited the subject matter. No one seemed to know or care I was there, except for a few cattle keeping their eyes on me. I love the weathered textures in these old buildings as well as the stories they tell. Here are a few favorites from the shoot.

'Old Cabin Window' © Denise Bush

‘Old Cabin Window’ © Denise Bush

'No One Home' © Denise Bush

‘No One Home’ © Denise Bush

'Long Gone' © Denise Bush

‘Long Gone’ © Denise Bush

'Make Yourself At Home' © Denise Bush

‘Make Yourself At Home’ © Denise Bush

'Neighbors' © Denise Bush

‘Neighbors’ © Denise Bush

'Hay Rake'  © Denise Bush

‘Hay Rake’ © Denise Bush

'Between The Cracks' © Denise Bush

‘Between The Cracks’ © Denise Bush

32 Responses to “Something Of A Ghost Town”

  1. 1 Deb

    No one was chasing you off because you’re not in Jersey anymore! Lol Happy exploring!

    I love how that green pops off of the wood grain! Great job Denise.

    • Thanks Deb. There are a lot of ‘no trespassing’ signs and fences here too. I was surprised no one bothered me as it was right along the road in a very open area.

  2. Nicely done.

  3. 5 Kevin Parks

    Denise I love your compositions and narratives. Great stories in these images. Love all and my favorite “No One Home.”

    • Thanks Kevin. I’m glad you like that one. I was on the fence whether to include it until I worked on it a bit. It is the inside of the window before it.

  4. Beautiful exploration of this wonderful scene. You did it justice. Very nice work Denise.

    • Thanks so much Dave! There were other things to look at and shoot but I edited it down to what I thought made a nice collection.

  5. Great photos! Love the captions, too!!

  6. Very cool. Really strong theme and beautiful pics

    • Thanks very much for the look and comment! I’ve been photographing abandoned places and things for a long time and never get tired of the subject!

  7. GREAT series, Denise. I love the wild vs. domestic contrast conveyed here. Wouldn’t you just love to know the story these settlements could tell?

    • Thanks Eliza… yes, I’m sure the stories would be very interesting and tell of some hardships too. It’s almost as fun for me to let my imagination run wild!

      • I often fantasize about camping in these abandoned homesteads for a few weeks in the summer to fully absorb the wildness of the place. It seems so appealing – beauty and solitude.

  8. Love this series. So incredible!

  9. What a great find. Beautiful weathered textures and compositions. Time marches on…

  10. I love it when I get to “explore” both rural and urban settings. I’m rarely disappointed. There is much anticipation as I seek, and then such a rewarding feeling when you have a great find! Lovely compositions!

    • Thanks! … Nice to hear from you! I am very much the ‘explorer’ type of photographer. I always like to see what is around the next corner and where every road leads!

  11. 22 Emilio Pasquale

    I always forget about moving in to pick up details. I’m always so taken by the rotting wooden cabins and shacks I come across that I want to show everything at once. Thanks for teaching me to look deeper. or closer. I love these! All of them.

    • A nice approach is to start from a distance and work your way in closer. I like the more intimate shots whether this subject or landscapes and have been thinking about this lately. For me, details can seem a bit more unique and personal. Thanks for your nice comment! 🙂

  12. Great series, and find!

  13. 26 anandpk17

    colours of past . . . good frames

  14. Love to find places like this. Reminds me of Bodie. Although, I think Bodie has been over shot. Very nice images.

  15. I just love coming across abandoned places like this! They’re my favorite things to photograph!

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