Moab Marathon – Part Two


Here are some favorites from the middle portion of my photo trip to the Moab, Utah area. The images in part one were from Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse State Park and the images in this post were shot in Arches National Park. Here the area around Balanced Rock proved to be a good spot for both sun and moon rise. It is one of the more distinguishable formations in the park and is set so that sky is visible surrounding it. On the way to the windows section for sunrise one morning we saw good potential here and stopped… ‘never give up a sure thing for a maybe’… it was a very pretty display. A hike to Delicate Arch one afternoon was good exercise and a bit of an adventure. It was clear that tourist season had begun and I estimated about 100 people there at one time. It was tough to get many vantage points on the arch without including people. I’m glad my companion wanted to stay until twilight as this gave the arch a bit of a different look and lit up the distant peaks. The hike down in the dark was an adventure too! On the night of the full moon we moved in closer to Balanced Rock. It was a cloudy night with the moon only visible for a few seconds in the beginning. Long 30 second exposures blurred the clouds for a different look to the silhouette forms. I love photographing the landscape in the Moab area and hope you will enjoy this collection.

'Balanced Rock at Sunrise' © Denise Bush

‘Balanced Rock at Sunrise’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

'Sunrise Silhouette' © Denise Bush

‘Balance Rock Silhouette’ © Denise Bush
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'Sunburst & Silhouette Forms' © Denise Bush

‘Sunburst & Silhouette Forms’ © Denise Bush

'Godbeams on Distant Forms' © Denise Bush

‘Godbeams on Distant Forms’ © Denise Bush

'A Nice Place to Stop' © Denise Bush

‘A Nice Place to Stop’ © Denise Bush

'Skyland Arch' © Denise Bush

‘Skyline Arch’ © Denise Bush

'Delicate Arch Detail' © Denise Bush (Note the flower at the top.)

‘Delicate Arch Detail’ © Denise Bush
(Note the flower at the top.)

'Delicate Arch at Twilight' © Denise Bush

‘Delicate Arch at Twilight’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

'Night Cloud Blur' © Denise Bush

‘Night Cloud Blur’ © Denise Bush

'Moonlit Silhouettes' © Denise Bush

‘Moonlit Silhouettes’ © Denise Bush

23 Responses to “Moab Marathon – Part Two”

  1. Great photos! When I got back home I had a ton of work and haven’t even looked at anything yet. It will be interesting to compare my images to yours, which always seem to make me ask if we were really there at the same time! Yours being better of course 😉 will blog about it soon as I go through my images.

    • I’m glad you like these and hope you had a chance to look at Part One too. I had so much fun and you were a perfect roomy and travel partner. I would not think my images are ‘better’ but different is a good thing.

  2. The photo with the sunbeams is really special!

    • I’m glad you like that image. It was distant as the title implies and I had to run back to the car for the long lens.Thanks for the visit and comment!

  3. They are all wonderful. My favorites are the Sunburst and Silhouettes and Skyline Arch. I can’t wait to see the rest!

    • This was a sunburst kind of trip… several of us included sunbursts in our Sand Dune Arch photos too as you will likely soon see! Skyline Arch did not look so good when we first got there but when these clouds moved in I thought it made the difference needed for a good shot.

  4. Beautiful set of images. I know this because I’m starting to long for our annual trip out to California and the desert landscapes. The last two photographs are my favorites but I’m a sucker for any great moonlit photographs.

    • Thanks Rich! Terry and I were talking about a winter trip to Death Valley. I also want to get to Zion, Bryce, Capitol Reef, Escalante… so many places to explore!

  5. 9 Deb

    Love the “Godbeams on distant forms”! Crazy rock formations! Great job as always.

  6. “Balanced Rock at Sunrise” – Uuhh, uuhhh … That probably doesn’t readily translate but they were the first syllables out of my mouth for this image. It means, at least, Nifty! Also, Godbeams and Skyline Arch are wonderful.

  7. Stunning. I especially like the B&Ws.

    • Thanks Linda. I’m glad you like the B&Ws… they seem popular by the commenters here. I will have to see what else will make good B&W conversions.

  8. 15 graydaysandcoffee

    Great images! You’re brave to wait til after dusk to hike back!

  9. Beautiful set of photos, love ‘Sunburst & Silhouette Forms’ and the b&w’s.

  10. 19 MikeP

    Did the Delicate Arch hike at sunset and was not amused by the number of peeps there!!!! Godbeams really stands out. Love your vision on using silhouettes.

    • Thanks for your visit and comment. I have been to the Moab parks before but this visit helped to cement the locations for future visits preferably November – April.

  11. Beautiful sunsets,, sun rays, sun bursts, silhouettes, and compositions! You got it all in there!

    It was nice seeing familiar rock formations through your eyes. I love Arches NP! It’s one of my top 3 national parks.

  12. Yosemite, and Yellowstone round out my top 3. My top 5: Arches, Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion, and Bryce Canon NP’s.

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