Moab Marathon – Part Three


This will be a very spare post … it seems I goofed! Some images from the last part of my trip are M.I.A. While I have a system in place to safeguard against losing images this has been a wake up call that my system only works if I adhere to it. I either lost a card or recorded over it … whichever the case, I am already over it! Since Moab is only 3 hours away I can try to capture a few of the lost images next time I visit. On the bright side this incident was a good reminder that you can never be too careful! Here are the last of the images from Moab. I’m ready to move on and have my sights set on some beautiful local scenes.

'Canyon Sunrise' © Denise Bush

‘Canyon Sunrise’ © Denise Bush

'Rock Wall Background' © Denise Bush

‘Rock Wall Background’ © Denise Bush

'Southwest Panorama' © Denise Bush

‘Southwest Panorama’ © Denise Bush

19 Responses to “Moab Marathon – Part Three”

  1. I’m always afraid I’ll lose images, and have reformatted a card before uploading the images once. Thankfully they were images of flowers from my yard which were easily redone so, like you I didn’t stress out over it.

    Gosh, I’d love to be a mere 3 hours from Moab!

    That top image is my favorite. It’s gorgeous! What great color and you had to work with. It was worth getting up early to make that one!

  2. Ooh, not a fun thing, but as you said, a lesson. Always find the silver lining. 🙂 I love the colors in the ‘Southwest Panarama.’

  3. Great images as usual. Sorry to hear about your loss. It’s a serious problem for all of us.

  4. 8 Deb

    Canyon sunrise is a stunner! So sorry about the lost images, I guess it’s definitely a reason to go back! And you only live 3 hours away!

    • Thanks Deb. The sun went behind the clouds after I shot that one and we didn’t have any good light after that. It was so very windy that morning too.

  5. 10 MikeP

    Sorry to hear about your cards… been there done that. One of the few places that I would love to get back to. So good to see your interpretation of this place. I bet you plan to get back during the different seasons!!! Your cropping on Canyon Sunrise is perfect.

  6. Wow, your shots are wonderful, Denise. I was out in Moab last month. It was not the best of weather for us. Overcast and rainy for much of the time but that actually got me some special shots with rainbows and rainwater puddles for reflections. There are so many things that I didn’t get to see. Your images make me want to go back right now!!

    • Thanks very much for your kind comment and taking a look at my ‘Moab Marathon’ posts! It is difficult to fall on perfect conditions for sure … too many clouds, not enough clouds, rain, bald skies, too many tourists, too much wind … we just have to make the best of whatever we are handed! Photography can be challenging even in beautiful places. The Moab area is a place to visit and revisit for sure!

      • Yep, I only wish I was within 3 hours of the park like you are. I live in the suburbs of Atlanta, Georgia. Quite a hike for me to get back there but, I will find a way!

      • Hey, I also wanted to ask a question of you. You have such marvelous detail and clarity in shots with very large depth of field. Are you just using small apertures with long exposures or are you doing multiple images that are stacked?

      • Some of the time I just estimate the hyper-focal distance (about 1/3rd into the scene) and shoot with a small aperture. Lately I am also focus-stacking at times. When there isn’t much to focus on in between I just move the focus ring in increments.

      • I had just read an article on focus-stacking but have not tried it yet. I really wondered about some of your shots where the foreground and background were tack sharp. Whatever you are doing, they certainly are wonderful!

  7. Fantastic images, love them all. Sorry to hear about your card but luckily you can go back for more. Can’t wait to see them!

    • Thank you Beth! I won’t be going back to Moab until the fall but there are lots of wonderful places to shoot right around my home in Ouray County, CO. Stay tuned … just finished 5 days of shooting with my friend, also a ‘Beth’ who was here visiting.

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