A Tour Through Time


Since my last few posts have highlighted landscape photography I thought I would share a bit of visual history this time around. When a photographer friend came to visit earlier this month I took her on the ‘tour’. We visited many of my favorite local spots which included several old structures leftover from the wild west and mining days. Changing with the seasons, I enjoy going back to these places to attempt a new composition, look and feel. If you have been following my work you already know I love to include old houses, shacks, barns and other structures in my scenes. I hope you enjoy my selection here!

'Familiar Farm In Spring' © Denise Bush

‘Familiar Farm In Spring’ © Denise Bush
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'Passing By Time' © Denise Bush

‘Passing By Time’ © Denise Bush

'Mining Remains' © Denise Bush

‘Mining Remains’ © Denise Bush

'Little Tin' © Denise Bush

‘Little Tin’ © Denise Bush
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'House With Lace Curtains' © Denise Bush

‘House With Lace Curtains’ © Denise Bush

'Mining Camp Car Crash' © Denise Bush

‘Mining Camp Car Crash’ © Denise Bush

'Yankee Girl & Reflection' © Denise Bush

‘Yankee Girl & Reflection’ © Denise Bush

'Road To Yankee Girl' © Denise Bush

‘Road To Yankee Girl’ © Denise Bush

'Beneath Wilson Peak' © Denise Bush

‘Beneath Wilson Peak’ © Denise Bush

32 Responses to “A Tour Through Time”

  1. Hi, I really like your post. I have a photography blog myself, and the link is https://hammywammyphotography.wordpress.com, and feel free to give any feedback, whether it is anything I did well or anything I could improve on.

  2. 3 Emilio Pasquale

    These are all great, Denise. And definitely a place I have to visit!

  3. I enjoyed viewing your photos. My favorites are ‘Passing By Time’, Yankee Girl & Reflection’ and ‘Beneath Wilson Peak’. In the first and last (of my favs), the buildings are more of an accent piece than the scenery. I still know what the structures are but love the scenery and do not want to lose that feature to show details of the buildings. In my middle fav, the structure dominates, but it is so unique that I am enjoying the details with the beautiful scenery providing an excellent background. Lighting and coloring are excellent. My two cents…

  4. I do! Love Passing by Time…the slow water emphasizes the passage of time.

  5. The Yankee Girl reflection image is superb. Passing by Time is probably my fav. However, I would love to live Beneath Wilson Peak or for that matter anywhere in this area. What incredible scenery. Who was that lucky friend that got to go on your “tour”.

  6. Truly a historic photo trip.. great images.

  7. Breathtaking landscapes, Denise. Whew, how can you stand all that beauty? ;-D

  8. 16 Joe perno

    Love this set Denise. Yankee Girl with Reflection is #1 and House with Lace Curtains is 2nd. Love this theme 🙂

  9. What a marvelous visual feast, Denise. The old buildings add great interest to your landscapes.

  10. Gorgeous and varied landscapes, the mountains and old buildings are just icing on the cake. Wonderful images Denise.

  11. Wonderful pictures!

  12. Fantastic pictures. Love the curtains

  13. I loved this trip to revisit places you have visited in different seasons. The same place looks so different season to season and most times even day by day.
    My favorite of this revisit is the old Mill I think it is an old mill; on the granite rock above the river? The 2nd image in this post. The white house with green and blue framed windows is next on my list of favorites. I find it interesting that the windows aren’t all in the same style…some multi paned and others only 2. I wondered why then thought of my own house…I now have what might be thought of as a Hodge podge of window styles too. My kitchen window has 6 panes on each side, two more windows are custom, the rest are standard,
    I now believe the owner of the house had a reason for having one room with 12 panes, and the upper room with 6. I’m not judging. I want to go in there and find treasures! Old glass bottles, kitchen and cleaning things. 🙂 Perhaps a photograph or piece of clothing! Perhaps from what remains I can glean just a hint of what life for the people living there might have been.

    You’ve stirred up the treasure huntress side of me, as well as the historian, and re-enforced my love for old barns, and buildings. I wish to know the stories of each one.

    I hope you revisit each place in the Fall! I would like to see them then too from you viewfinder and eye.

    • Thanks for your imaginative and thought-provoking response Deborah! I was told that the building in photo #2 was some kind of mining office. It is very close to the Yankee Girl headframe building. I’m glad we share a love for this subject matter.:-)

  14. 28 Inger

    Beautiful, love those old houses! And I especially liked the one you have called ‘Passing By Time’. Is it some kind of old mining site?

  15. Very nice landscape pictures.

  16. 31 Illumination Photography

    Beautiful images. I really love the historical atmosphere, it’s very inspiring! Looks like a great place to explore.

    • Thank you very much! There aren’t a lot of old buildings. Most of them are from mining days and they were built so simply they return to the earth rather quickly. I will have to widen my circle a bit to find more. Thanks for the visit and comment!

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