Curve Appeal

My previous post was about the first location a friend was kind enough to share, Mystic Falls. Here is the second location … an usual grouping of curved aspen trees! Once again it was a little tight sharing a small space with seven other photographers but taking turns, it worked out all the same. We were lucky to have some puffy clouds that diffused the sunlight that was fast becoming a bit harsh. Straying and swaying from the norm I love the character of these curvy aspen trees and tried as many different compositions as I could. To protect this fragile environment from too many visitors the location is semi-secret. Not wanting to be the one to ‘ruin it’ my friend asked that we not divulge it on the internet. We get a lot of photographers here, and especially in the fall so I can certainly agree with that request. This is another place that will look different in other seasons.

'Forest Curves' © Denise Bush
‘Forest Curves’ © Denise Bush
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'Aspens With Curves' © Denise Bush
‘Aspens With Curves’ © Denise Bush
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'Curved Aspen Grove' © Denise Bush
‘Curved Aspen Grove’ © Denise Bush
'Dancing Aspens' © Denise Bush
‘Dancing Aspens’ © Denise Bush

Mystic Falls … My First Time

Last weekend a kind friend invited me on a photography outing to two locations not easily found. It was a fun time sharing the adventure with seven other photographers. I had seen photos and learned about the first location, Mystic Falls almost a year ago and had been wanting to photograph it since. The directions seemed sketchy and after seeing the trail for myself I was glad to have help in getting there. With eight of us wanting to take pictures there was not a lot of room to move around and we each took our turns trying to stay out of each others’ way from the limited vantage points. Nestled between steep canyon walls it is one of the prettiest waterfalls I’ve seen. I do hope to return in the fall when the water is lower and more angles are possible. Here are three favorites from my first (but not last) visit to this very beautiful and mystical place!

'Mystic Falls I' © Denise Bush
‘Mystic Falls I’ © Denise Bush
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'Mystic Falls II' © Denise Bush
‘Mystic Falls II’ © Denise Bush
'Mystic Falls III' © Denise Bush
‘Mystic Falls III’ © Denise Bush

Fences & Flowers

Wildflower season is upon us and here is my first post of the summer focusing on this lovely subject. These scenes include fences … often catching my attention they are an attractive and common visual element in the scenery here. Coupled with the wildflowers that offer that ‘something extra’, I felt it was a good time to capture their character. I especially enjoy fence styles that include natural and uneven branches as supports. The zigzag, stacked style is popular and a favorite subject among photographers. The wildflower meadows are a beautiful sight to see … stay tuned for more wildflower posts in the near future.

'Fence & Flowers' © Denise Bush
‘Fence & Flowers’ © Denise Bush
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'Mule's Ears & Mountains' © Denise Bush
‘Mule’s Ears & Mountains’ © Denise Bush
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'Field of Lupines' © Denise Bush
‘Field of Lupines’ © Denise Bush
'Wilson & Wildflowers' © Denise Bush
‘Wilson & Wildflowers’ © Denise Bush
'Lone Cone & Wildflowers' © Denise Bush
‘Lone Cone & Wildflowers’ © Denise Bush
'Fenced In Flowers' © Denise Bush
‘Fenced In Flowers’ © Denise Bush