Fences & Flowers


Wildflower season is upon us and here is my first post of the summer focusing on this lovely subject. These scenes include fences … often catching my attention they are an attractive and common visual element in the scenery here. Coupled with the wildflowers that offer that ‘something extra’, I felt it was a good time to capture their character. I especially enjoy fence styles that include natural and uneven branches as supports. The zigzag, stacked style is popular and a favorite subject among photographers. The wildflower meadows are a beautiful sight to see … stay tuned for more wildflower posts in the near future.

'Fence & Flowers' © Denise Bush

‘Fence & Flowers’ © Denise Bush
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'Mule's Ears & Mountains' © Denise Bush

‘Mule’s Ears & Mountains’ © Denise Bush
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'Field of Lupines' © Denise Bush

‘Field of Lupines’ © Denise Bush

'Wilson & Wildflowers' © Denise Bush

‘Wilson & Wildflowers’ © Denise Bush

'Lone Cone & Wildflowers' © Denise Bush

‘Lone Cone & Wildflowers’ © Denise Bush

'Fenced In Flowers' © Denise Bush

‘Fenced In Flowers’ © Denise Bush


30 Responses to “Fences & Flowers”

  1. 1 kyle

    Nice shots! I especially like the last one…the fact that there are so many flowers on the far side of the fence and so few on the viewer’s side of the fence helps reinforce the fence’s theme of separation. 🙂

  2. Wow!! I love all of these!! Great job!

  3. Spectacular images, Denise! Where are these taken?

    • Thanks very much! These locations are around my home in Ridgway, Ouray County, Colorado. I have been out several more times in the last week so there are more to come.

  4. Well done, but you know I’m going to say that. I’m a sucker for a good zig zag fence photograph and these are wonderful. It is neat to see these fences made with whole logs. I’m used to seeing the ones around here that are made with split logs.

    • Hey Rich! You don’t see the split-rail stacked fences here as much and I think I know why. The ranchers get the logs in the woods instead of Home Depot! All styles of wooden fences are plentiful here. There is lots of country to fence in to … mostly for cattle grazing reasons although they roam in the National Forests too and are contained with cattle grates. Thanks for always checking in … it always brings a smile to my heart!

  5. Delightful series, Denise. You’ve captured the intensity of summer light as well. How I love summer!

    • Hi Eliza! I like that you point out the summer light. These were all captured late in the day (5-7:00ish) but the light as you say, is more intense this time of year. We have noticed a difference in the light in Colorado too but I don’t know how to describe it.

  6. Every chance my father-in-law gets he heads to the mountains to view the wild flowers…

  7. Very beautiful! I also have a weak spot for fences, they seem to help lead you into the photo.
    xoxo Inger

  8. Hi Denise– You’ve combined two of my passions– fences and wildflowers. Your compositions are fantastic and the setting is drop dead gorgeous. The flowers are incredible. And, you shot both the grand and close perspectives– terrific! 😍

  9. Remember those fences well… I did not know the yellow flowers are called Mules Ears… just thought daisies. So nice to see how another photographer sees their new world. Keep em coming!!!!!

    • Nice to hear from you Mike. I will try to keep it going! There are many, many types of daisy/black-eyed susan looking flowers … the leaves on these are the shape of mule’s ears … hence the name. I have a lot of these on my property.

  10. Mule Ears and Mountains is my favorite of this collection. The snow still on the mountains and the beauty of the grand landscape captured. Love the feel of this photo.

    • Thanks for coming to look … I value you your opinion! (That was one of my favorites too and why I also added it to my online store.) 🙂

  11. These are all really nice! I like the organic feel of the fences. They are all really nice, but my fave is the last one with the two spots of orange up front.

    • Hi Terry! Thanks for your comment. I am finding that photographing wildflower scenes is a bit more challenging than I would have thought. You have to find a really good patch without distracting elements that also line up with some kind of clean and interesting background, by the time the sun comes up over the mountains it’s already quite bright … then there is often wind too.

  12. Beautiful photos with beautiful compositions. Really enjoyed viewing this blog.

  13. 27 amy

    Love the “Fenced in Flowers” the best but they are all gorgeous!

  14. Love how lush the fields are with flowers. Especially the mules ears!
    I missed this post when you posted it. I must have been out of town. I’m just catching up!

    • It is certainly fine if you miss some of my posts and please forgive me when I do. I usually post a couple of times a month but follow many who post much more than that and I have trouble keeping up. It’s never that I don’t want to see the work but I need to use my time behind the computer wisely too! Thanks so much for kindly catching up … I’m glad you like this post!

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