Rural Scenery


I have always been drawn to rural scenes and taking rides in the country (with my camera of course) is a favorite pastime. Perhaps I was a farmer in a previous life! Give me a country road and I’m happy … put a barn or shack on it and I’m even happier … and a mountain back-drop or setting moon … ecstatic! Here are few rural scenes I enjoyed shooting recently. In processing them I took care of some haze that was present on this particular morning caused from the wildfires all the way in California! Not too far from home, I am looking forward to shooting at these locations again.

'Hay Rake in Morning Sun' © Denise Bush

‘Hay Rake in Morning Sun’ © Denise Bush
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'Mountain Barn' © Denise Bush

‘Mountain Barn’ © Denise Bush

'Summer Cloud Over Barn' © Denise Bush

‘Summer Cloud Over Barn’ © Denise Bush

'Moon Over Tiny House' © Denise Bush

‘Moon Over Tiny House’ © Denise Bush
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38 Responses to “Rural Scenery”

  1. 1 Deb

    Love, love, love, the mountain barn!!!!

  2. Mountain Barn is a classic example for the idea of near-ground, middle ground, and far ground elements in a landscape. And besides that, it’s pretty.

    Did you blend focuses?

    • Yup … Thought that x in the fence made a worthy foreground. I have found when I am so close to a subject I need to focus stack. In this case I did 3 but only needed the close and far shots. The mountain was definitely sharper in the far shot and I focused on the trees at the top of the hill.

  3. What a great set of photos. There are some real charmers here. The Moon Over Tiny House is great, but I’m a sucker for a good full moon photograph. Still I like the composition, especially your extended foreground. It makes 3 nice horizontal elements. I also love the first one That little curvy road behind the plow is just so sweet.

    • Thanks Rich. I was near the hay rake for sunrise but it wasn’t a very good one. I was pleased to turn and see the light in another direction.

  4. What a lovely set of photographs. I particularyly like the 2nd one down with the fence leading to the barn and the mountains beyond.

  5. Wonderful photos, Denise. I fully understand why you like the rural scenes.

  6. I am the same, who doesn’t love an old barn? These photos are lovely Denise. I really enjoyed each and every one:)

  7. Just fantastic! Love that moon shot!

  8. Gorgeous compositions, first two are my favorites, well done!

  9. Beautiful scenery, Denise. I’m a big fan of antique farm machinery and old outbuildings. Nice shot of the rising (or setting?) moon!

  10. Fantastic set, Denise. I love your old farm equipment and barns. Tiny House made me smile, too.

    • Thank you Jane. I’m always on the lookout for subjects like these! I thought Moon Over Tiny House was fun because of the current ‘tiny house’ trend.

  11. These photos are so peaceful and pleasing to my eyes. I wish I was out and about discovering the countryside with you. For now I will enjoy your beautiful images….

  12. I like your style. I feel much the same way: Give me a car, a dirt road, some old buildings or critters and/or mountains and I’m happy as a lark. I especially loved the Mountain Barn shot. I need to up my game and learn some of these sophisticated techniques. Your images always looks so perfectly focused.

    • Thanks you Linda! The only downside is all the miles I put on my car and the gas expense!

      • I know, right? But at least you get a value end product. My work doesn’t justify the wear & tear, fuel, and carbon footprint, so I always feel guilty.

  13. Love your work. I’m not a photographer but share your passion for old rundown buildings. I live in Australia and we have a few leftovers from early settlers days, also abandoned farmhouses.

    • Thank you! Most of the abandoned buildings here in Colorado are simple log structures that return to the earth quickly. I miss some of the more elaborate structures from the northeast states where I’m from. Stay tuned I’ll have more abandoned buildings coming up!

  14. Love these barn photos! Beautifully done!! 🙂

  15. Excellent compositions….some of my favorite subjects perfectly done!!

  16. 33 Sarah. Aka Kitty

    As usual Denise these photos are spectacular! You live in such an amazing place, what an opportunity for your fantastic skills!

  17. I like how you have a description for your photos, unlike other photographers who just post a picture. I love the tiny house picture!

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