Autumn Snow


As mentioned in my previous post, I woke up to about 5 inches of snow on October 6th. When a friend cancelled our meet-up I headed out on my own. Starting down the mesa switchback I didn’t get very far before stopping at a little pullout. The low clouds and rising fog demanded my attention in the early morning light, so I took time to capture it. I decided to go to one of my favorite back roads, to a spot I had noticed lingering aspen color a day or two before. I was excited for the opportunity to photograph the foliage in the snow and the morning turned out to be a fun and memorable experience. I hope you enjoy the scenes posted here!

'Uncompaghre Valley Fog' © Denise Bush

‘Uncompaghre Valley Fog’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

'Chipeta & Cottonwood' © Denise Bush

‘Chipeta & Cottonwood’ © Denise Bush
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'Fog Over New Fallen Snow' © Denise Bush

‘Fog Over New Fallen Snow’ © Denise Bush

'October Snow, Hayden Mountain' © Denise Bush

‘October Snow, Hayden Mountain’ © Denise Bush

'First Snow, Last Dollar' © Denise Bush

‘First Snow, Last Dollar’ © Denise Bush
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'Snow On Autumn Trees' © Denise Bush

‘Snow On Autumn Trees’ © Denise Bush

'Reclining Tree With Snow' © Denise Bush

‘Reclining Tree With Snow’ © Denise Bush
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'Dallas Divide in October' © Denise Bush

‘Dallas Divide in October’ © Denise Bush


48 Responses to “Autumn Snow”

  1. Bravo!!!

  2. Snow and aspens. What a glorious mix. Chipeta and the Cottonwood is really a strong image. I love the way Dallas Divide makes your eye travel right on up to the mountains. Winter should be grand for you.

  3. Beautiful scenes, Denise. A mix of autumn and winter! ‘Chipeta and Cottonwood’ is my favorite. 🙂

  4. Amazing colours, love this series, thanks, Denise!
    Cheers, Ron

  5. Breathtaking beautiful compositions, I can almost sense the clean crisp air! The last image is my favorite.

  6. Denise, I am speechless over your photographs, especially this group. They are not “nice” or even “beautiful”. They are indescribable. They are untouchable. Perfect in every aspect. Astonishing. Exquisite. I keep wondering what you are going to do with your collections that surpass even NatGeo quality. I’m sure you have considered publishing books. There is one thing that is a bit disturbing in your post however…please don’t go out there in the snow and fog alone! And thank you for all of your posts.

    • Oh my Season! With a kind comment like that I miss you all the more!!! We must belong to the Mutual Admiration Society because I love what you have been doing in recent years too! XO

  7. Wonderful!

  8. These are beautiful!

  9. Stunning! Where is this place?

  10. 21 Mary Ann Silvers

    Extraordinary!!! You must make a book of your favorites. I cannot chose just one. Thanks for sharing your loveliness.

  11. Memorable in every way. Breathtakingly beautiful. Your work is simply glorious Denise 🙂

  12. 26 Deb


  13. 28 FablesandCoffee

    So beautiful ! My favorite has to be Reclining Tree with Snow, it’s wonderful! I’m planning on passing through that area next March and while I doubt it’ll be that beautiful, these photos make me feel extra excited for it 😀

  14. Absolutely beautiful photos, Denise. Going out alone really paid off.

    • Hi Ken! Thank you. I go out by myself most of the time but have a few photog friends to go out with too. I think I probably do my best alone but the camaraderie is always fun.

  15. These are trully magnificent scenes, Denise! The colours are so, so beautiful!

  16. Hi Denise,
    I just left you a long message but can’t see it so at the risk of repeating myself I will again say thank you for being such a welcoming host on our recent visit to Ridgway. Now that I’ve seen many of these views myself, including Sneffles, fallen tree, the mesa, and alpenglow, I can truly appreciate your talent for capturing the beauty of western Colorado. I am buying a pillow as a keepsake of our friendship … so when I look at it I will remember how grateful I am to know you and to be your friend. Love Amy

    • Awe that’s very sweet Amy. Thanks for the visit, nice comment and most of all your friendship. I appreciate you coming out this way in the first place and had fun too. Thanks for the interest in the pillows from my online store! I am thinking about getting some myself.

      (I had to approve your message before it would show-up since you are a first-time commenter. It should show up right away next time.)

  17. Wonderful shots, denise. Amazing colours of autumne – winter. Thank so much!!

  18. Absolutely stunning!

  19. Been away for awhile but back in time to catch these great images. Very nicely done.

    • You’ve been missed! Thanks so much for coming back in time to ‘catch’ my latest post. I’m glad you like! I’ll check in on your blog soon.

  20. Such beautiful scenes! I love the fog and light on the top images, and your reclining tree is so beautiful with its snowy blanket.

  21. Too many lovelys to choose a favorite. The snow and the bright leaves make for brilliant images.

  22. Excellent, you have a good eye!

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