More ‘Remnants & Remains’


I have been saving the images displayed here over the past few months since they didn’t really fit with the subject matter of recent posts. Additions to my growing collection titled ‘Remnants & Remains’, I’ve selected a few to upload to my online gallery and store. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase prints from my collection, with a solo exhibit of the same name at the Wright Opera House in Ouray, Colorado. The historic building is a perfect place to display the 19 framed images with this theme and the show is open now, and until January 8, 2017. Following is my ‘Remnants & Remains’ artist statement which I included in the program for the exhibit.

Things from the past and forgotten places are a long-time favorite theme. Even as a child I liked to explore abandoned buildings. Now I am always keeping my eyes open for new, old subjects. I see beauty in the decay and nature’s process to reclaim. Lines in weathered wood, the rusty patina of an old truck door and personal items left behind tell rich stories, about lives that once were. Often haunting, the past beckons my close examination and I find the process of exploring these subjects intriguing.

'Desert Storage' © Denise Bush

‘Desert Storage’ © Denise Bush
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'Come Sit A Spell' © Denise Bush

‘Come Sit A Spell’ © Denise Bush

'Roadside Relic' © Denise Bush

‘Roadside Relic’ © Denise Bush

'Gate In Sage Brush' © Denise Bush

‘Gate In Sage Brush’ © Denise Bush

'Cowboy Cabin' © Denise Bush

‘Cowboy Cabin’ © Denise Bush

'Cowboy Cabin Adornment © Denise Bush

‘Cowboy Cabin Adornment’ © Denise Bush
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'Deserted Farm' © Denise Bush

‘Deserted Farm’ © Denise Bush
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'Old Corral & Barn' © Denise Bush

‘Old Corral & Barn’ © Denise Bush

'Through Cabin Window' © Denise Bush

‘Through Cabin Window’ © Denise Bush
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'Cabin With A View' © Denise Bush

‘Cabin With A View’ © Denise Bush

'Mountain Top Mining Relic' © Denise Bush

‘Mountain Top Mining Relic’ © Denise Bush

'Shack With Fireweed' © Denise Bush

‘Shack With Fireweed’ © Denise Bush
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Remnants & Remains Exhibit at the Wright Opera House

Remnants & Remains Exhibit at the Wright Opera House

55 Responses to “More ‘Remnants & Remains’”

  1. Beautiful….as always.

  2. Remains of the past that survive the present… Great report, the pictures are wonderful. Thank so much!!

  3. 5 mvobsession


  4. These are wonderful, Denise. Full of character and their own wonder and beauty!

  5. Denise, Best of luck with your exhibit. It is a really interesting collection of images.

    • Thanks Larry! I had a few sales at the opening and have 3 ‘meet the photographer’ dates I am advertising. The first is tomorrow, Nov. 26.

  6. I also enjoy poking around old relics. Nice job with these photos. And congrats on your show!

  7. Very beautiful!

  8. Congrats on having your own show – I hope you get wide acclaim!
    There is something compelling and sad about abandoned buildings. Dreams dashed, hope lost and all that. One does wonder about the stories these walls could tell.
    My favorite here is ‘Shack with Fireweed.’ Love the pop of color.

  9. Congratulations with your exhibition Denise! Great shots.

  10. There is abandonment in the West…

  11. Wonderful images, Denise. I always enjoy viewing your art.

  12. Is the Gate In Sagebrush photo shot in New Mexico?

  13. Love this subject matter. Very nice work Denise.

  14. Like your Artist Statement says, you have a way with with these abandoned places that truly honors the people who used to live and work in them. It’s not that common to see this in the “Urbex” community. By the way, thanks for the little shoutout with Craig. It was a fun meeting him and photographing in the Ozarks.

    • Thank you Rich. I always try to create images for this collection that ‘speak’ to the viewer. I think ‘urbex’ refers more to urban decay which often just looks like a big mess to me! I prefer the country places and things that possess a sense of history and charm.

  15. Beautiful! I too love old, abandoned buildings.

  16. Wow! Great photographs.

  17. There’s beauty in abandoned and decaying and you’ve captured it very well!

  18. It’s a beautiful collection. Best of luck with the gallery show!

    • Thank you Deborah. It’s been fun to meet new people and talk about my photos. There is something satisfying about printing, framing and showing.

      • There is something quite wonderful about seeing your work in print isn’t there. With the Digital age I do less printing than I used to, but I do print my very favorites.

  19. Absolutely LOVE “Come Sit a Spell.”

  20. Beautiful captures, Denise! Congrats and best wishes on your collection display!

  21. Thank you so much for the comment on my Belted Kingfisher Female Denise!
    I lost the comment so am replying here.

    How’s your show going/being received? I sure it’s a huge hit!

  22. Love these remains best of all.

  23. I love this essay. I particularly like the chair image. It’s a classic for sure.

  24. I love the “Deserted Farm” photograph 🙂

  25. Congratulations, it must have been a wonderful exhibition!

    • Thanks! It was an exhibit I was proud of and received a lot of compliments but less sales than I hoped for. Unfortunately it seems to be more about who you know than the quality of the work when it comes to selling. I am new to this area and did it for the exposure as well.

      • My local art association had a birthday celebration last night. I was chatting with another photographer when a patron approached us. Short story is she said she like our work and wanted to help us find the right art rep. She brought it up, but afterwards her comment got me thinking. Don’t know if you have one in Colorado, but I think I’m going to look into it further. Cheers!

  26. Extraordinary report, the photos are magnificent. Thank so much!! Nice work with these photographs. Furthermore, well done on your show!

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