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Following are some images made at the end of October during a three-day photo jaunt to the Moab, Utah area. Starting out early I was in denial as the sky became dreary and cloud-covered. Against my wishes and attempted positive thinking, the already gray flat light turned to rain. This all making the first day and next morning much less than ideal. Such is the life of a landscape photographer! We know that being at the right place, under the right conditions is key and we must accept Mother Nature’s decisions. As a former student of mine once suddenly realized … it’s a lot like fishing … sometimes you catch something and sometimes you don’t! Thankfully the rest of my stay proved to be better and I was able to capture the scenes posted here. Favorites have been included in my online store gallery of the same name, ‘Unique Utah’ (link at end).

'Castle Valley Finale' © Denise Bush

‘Castle Valley Finale’ © Denise Bush
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'Three Gossips At Sunset' © Denise Bush

‘Three Gossips At Sunset’ © Denise Bush
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'Canyonlands View' © Denise Bush

‘Canyonlands View’ © Denise Bush
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'Golden Glow' © Denise Bush

‘Golden Glow’ © Denise Bush

'Clouds In The Rock' © Denise Bush

‘Clouds In The Rock’ © Denise Bush

'Canyon Country Sunrise' © Denise Bush

‘Canyon Country Sunrise’ © Denise Bush
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'Peaceful Canyon Morning' © Denise Bush

‘Peaceful Canyon Morning’ © Denise Bush
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'Moon Over Mountains' © Denise Bush

‘Moon Over Mountains’ © Denise Bush

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65 Responses to “More ‘Unique Utah’”

  1. Love “Peaceful Canyon Morning” and “Canyonlands View.” You made the ground look so lovely!

  2. Gorgeous shots, all! Lovely skies and scenery.

  3. Beautiful pics, Denise. Merry Christmas.

  4. Hi Denise. As usual beautiful captures. The one I like best is…….ALL OF THEM. Vince.

  5. Happy and relaxed Christmas time Denise, and I am looking forward to more photos on your blog!

  6. Spectacular!

  7. Love the moon shot! And I’m glad you got a good sunset of the Three Gossips. We wanted that sunset in May but it failed to materialize. Like you say, unpredictable.

  8. Great stuff Denise. It’s been over 15yrsome since I’ve been to Arches. Would love to make it back that way again. You ended up with some great light.

    • Hi Craig. Winter is the best time to go. It was crowded in May and October this year, when you’d think it would lighten up a bit. Honestly, winter is the best time to go. Happy holidays!

  9. Incredible landscape. Beautiful work, Denise!

  10. Absolutely beautiful pictures, denisse, I like them very much. Great shots!
    Happy Holidays!

  11. 22 Sarah Kruger

    Denise your photographs once again are spectacular! Yes I did get your email but have been going nonstop and haven’t had time to sit down and do anything but try to get ready for Christmas and work. I love you I miss you and I will call you as soon as I can. I love you darling.

  12. Delightful collection. The colors especially in Castle Valley Finale are beautiful captured. I love the Three Gossips and the Moon Over Mountains. Clouds in the Rocks is really cool. The reflections appear so deep- like you could step into the sky.

    • Thanks Buck. I’ve been to that Castle Valley location several times without getting anything but kept trying as I felt there was potential. There are some more interesting formations there but this was where the light & clouds looked best. Three Gosips … 4th time a charm! XO

  13. Wow did the light ever get better for your trip. I love the Moon over the mountains and the views you chose to photograph. They’re gorgeous.

    Merry Christmas!

  14. Very beatiful!! I wish I could go..

  15. 31 Deb

    These were all worth the wait! Absolutely beautiful!

  16. Love the visual punch of the tree in Golden Glow, and the majesty of Canyon Country Sunrise.

    • Thanks Ralph … nice to hear from you! So sorry to hear about Pearl! Hope you have a nice holiday and all my best in the new year and always.

  17. Beautiful work Denise. I’m particularly “Peaceful Canyon Morning”. What a stunning composition.

  18. Beautiful photos, Denise. I love the play of light and shadow and the desert colors in ‘Castle Valley Finale.’ ‘Moon over Mountains’ is pretty awesome, too. I love that phase of the moon. Why is it only the full moon gets all the press?
    Hope your holidays are wonderful filled with many blessings!

  19. These are absolutely stunning, Denise! Happy Holidays!!

  20. Rain or not, I wish I was out West with you…Happy Holidays!

  21. Wonderful shots!

  22. You have beautiful work. Brick

  23. Love those ‘conversing’ stones 🙂

    • Took me a minute but realize you are talking about the ‘Three Gossips”. I went there a few times to try to get that shot before it finally happened. Nice to hear from you!

  24. Quite awesome pictures of Utah. I visited the Monument Valley 4 years ago and I kept a wonderful souvenir of that blue sky!

  25. I camped all through the west having grown up in Calif. That was the 70s, and now I’m in Indiana. But, I was just talking with my hubby and of planning a trip there. These shots are awesome!

    • Arches & Canyonlands get very crowded in spring & fall. It’s very hot in the summer. I think winter or very early spring/very late fall are the best times to visit. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  26. Love Arches National Park and your photos show it off spectacularly.

  27. Breathtakingly wonderful compositions!

  28. Wonderful images

  29. 60 kelseysimmonsschmitt


  30. I’m going to Moab next week and these pictures are making me even more excited! Thank you for sharing(:

  31. I too have used the fishing analogy to describe how we must take what mother nature deals us when we go out. I must say, you made some great catches, Denise. Utah is a beautiful place. Was there about 15 yrs ago. Need to get back there again for sure.

    • Thanks Craig! That trip was in October of 2016. I am wondering why it is getting several views and likes now??? Not complaining … just curious if there was a link somewhere or something. You should definitely take a trip out this way … I could give you the tour! Fly into Montrose and see SW Colorado then drive to Moab!

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