Frosty, Foggy Winter Scenes


I woke up early on the 12th to find a fresh coat of beautiful, wet snow clinging to the branches of every tree and surface in sight. I went out to play and didn’t need to go far … it was beautiful everywhere I looked! With heavy fog the mountains took turns peeking out for just moments at a time. I liked the way they were partially obscured, revealing just enough detail to make them out. My first thoughts were to convert all the images in this post to black and white but later changed my mind. I decided the subtle color made some of the scenes more interesting. Let me know what you think … feel free to leave a comment by clicking on the link at the end of this post.

'Tree On Snowy Slope' © Denise Bush

‘Tree On Snowy Slope’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

'Aspen Tree Line-up' © Denise Bush

‘Aspen Tree Line-up’ © Denise Bush
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'Mountain Blackbirds' © Denise Bush

‘Mountain Blackbirds’ © Denise Bush

'Teakettle Mountain In Winter' © Denise Bush

‘Teakettle Mountain In Winter’ © Denise Bush

'Mountain Winter Scene' © Denise Bush

‘Winter Magic’ © Denise Bush
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'Frosty Winter Scene' © Denise Bush

‘Frosty Winter Scene’ © Denise Bush

'Snow-covered' © Denise Bush

‘Snow-covered’ © Denise Bush
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83 Responses to “Frosty, Foggy Winter Scenes”

  1. 1 Catherine Bonetti

    Denise these are beautiful!!! Love the soft colors….

  2. Wow! Absolutely magical. You transported me! I especially love “Winter Magic” with the contrast of the tree trunk and the mountain textures.

    • Thank you. I just love getting out early when the snow is on all the tree branches. Sometimes it’s difficult because I have to dig out first. This snow was only a few inches.

      • You remind me of the snowstorms of my childhood in Black Forest. We loved nothing more than a day stuck at home, free to sled and dig tunnels in the drifts to line with candles. I haven’t seen that much snow around here for decades! Anyway, you captured the magic of snow so beautifully.

  3. 6 Albert Horner

    Now you are talking!

  4. My eyes are melting….and that’s a good thing 🙂 Bravo!

  5. The first 3 images make me want to to see if you share any DNA with Ansel Adams. The rest are just plain wonderful results of your own DNA. By the way, you really know how to photograph a fence. It’s not as easy as it looks.

  6. 13 Angela Moyer

    Beautiful! It was so pretty that morning, Brook dragged me out to go skiing! Glad you got out shooting!

    • Thanks Angie! I left the house at 6:30 am on Sunday. I thought I might hear from you while I was out but when I didn’t figured you might be doing something with the family.

  7. Beautiful images. Love ’em.

  8. You have some beautiful images here, Denise! I particularly like the first two.

  9. Subtle colour was a great idea for these beautiful images!

  10. So ridiculously beautiful. All of them. Yeah, I could live there. Alan is almost convinced.

  11. Wonderful winter scenes. Thanks for sharing.

  12. These are all beautiful, I love the subtle coloring within each capture. 🙂

  13. Stunning snowscapes, so wonderful and pristine. Fog ist brilliant for evocative images. I feel envious now …

  14. Love it! All of them!

  15. Wonderful winter landscapes! Hard too say if color or b&w on the last four, would have to see them side by side. I would tend to lean toward b&w.

  16. 36 Deb

    So very beautiful! I always try and say my favorite ones but it’s so hard! I love them all! And I love the subtle hint of color! What a winter Wonderland!

    • Thanks Deb. The snow has been melting the last few days but we might get more on Sunday. It was in the high 60’s yesterday and very warm in the sun.

  17. 38 Bonnie

    If I can say nothing else good about snow, it really is beautiful as are all of these photos!

  18. Beautiful photography!

  19. Wow, Denise, such beautiful snowy scenes. I love them all, but if I had to choose I’d go for ‘Mountain Blackbirds’ or ‘Winter Magic.’ But then, the fence in ‘Frosty Winter Scene’ is lovely, too! ;D

  20. 45 jmacindoe

    Beautiful photos!

  21. 47 Rahul Batra RB

    These pics are stunning… Loved it. Which camera do you use for the photography?

    • Thank you. I use a Canon 5D II & III. There is a saying … ”cameras don’t take pictures, photographers do’. I have also heard … ‘you wouldn’t ask a cook what kind of oven they use’! Anyway … I love Canon but the lens you use is probably more important than the camera.

      • 49 Rahul Batra RB

        Yes, that’s all right, but no matter how good photographer you are, there’s always something lacking in a photo taken from a mobile, isn’t it?

      • Yes … the cameras in phones keep getting better and better but the images are usually only viewed very small. I would be willing to compare a good-sized print from my camera to one from a phone any day. There is also little control with regards to lens choice, exposure, shutter speed, depth of field, etc. when using a phone/tablet. What do you shoot with?

      • 51 Rahul Batra RB

        Phone.. I don’t have a camera yet. That’s why I was asking about the camera you use.

      • Another I’ve always enjoyed is when someone looks at your work and says that you must have a wonderful camera, reply: “Yes, and Hemingway’s typewriter was also wonderful.”

      • Oh … that made me laugh out loud … thanks! I’ll use that one next time!

  22. Wow, so magical! I love the image Aspen Line-up.

    • Thank you Deborah. I keep my eye on those trees and have shot them before with a colorful sky. When I was shooting them this time a guy drove by, turned around and parked right behind me to shoot them. I was annoyed … and gave him the stink-eye!

  23. Absolutely stunning captures! Really evoke peaceful emotions. Thank you!

  24. Like you need another comment, right??? But, Mountain Blackbirds hit me, and the tree branches in Winter Magic look like IR.

    • Thanks … your opinion always counts and that helps. I have been trying to decide which of the 2 similar to add to my online store. I think I like ‘Winter Magic’ too because I like the tree better and the way the fog stretches across the frame.

  25. This set is simply masterful, Denise. The tones, compositions and scenes are exquisite!

  26. Beautiful pictures 🙂

  27. Wonderful pictures

  28. Wow these are amazing shots.

  29. Denise, These are beautiful photos. I liked the wood tone colors of the fence and tree trunks and branches. Just that subtlety made the rest of the photo pop. Do you use Lightroom or Photoshop at all?
    Well done!

  30. Like a wonderland…beautiful images!

  31. These are gorgeous – I love the pale light and subtle colors, and the composition is beautiful.

  32. Awesome beautiful 😍👌👌👌

  33. These are glorious and so inspiring. Thank you.

  34. Gorgeous Clicks… So heavenly… 🙂

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