Along Country Roads


One of my favorite things to do is to take a drive in the country looking for interesting subjects to photograph. It’s a great cure for cabin fever and I enjoy it even more when I capture images worth processing and posting. Somedays that doesn’t happen but I often learn something about a location for the next time. The weather, a different time of day or even time of year can make a big difference. I always hope for beautiful cloud patterns but Mother Nature can please … and she can disappoint! Finding a great location or subject, then being there at the right time are just as important as knowing how to use your equipment. The following images come from several different outings in the last month. All but two were shot along country roads quite close to home.

‘Broken Barn’ © Denise Bush

‘Rusty’ © Denise Bush

‘Shack With Old Car’ © Denise Bush

‘Wagon in Winter’ © Denise Bush

‘Buried’ © Denise Bush

‘Barn & Hay Rake’ © Denise Bush

‘Little Shack in Winter’ © Denise Bush
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39 Responses to “Along Country Roads”

  1. 1 mvobsession

    Country roads are the best. Always a story behind every building.

  2. Always love seeing a post from you in the inbox! ‘Barn and Hayrake’ is iconic – calendar worthy. I love the layered textures of the landscape in ‘Broken Barn.’ Have a great weekend, Denise!

  3. My fav is Buried. I always wonder who lived in those abandoned buildings.

  4. 8 Joseph Perno

    These are so Cool Denise. Like you, I love old broken down abandoned places. One of my favorite sets of yours. And thats saying a lot as all of your work is amazing.

  5. beautiful images

  6. One of my favorite things to do is scouting out places to photograph with you. Makes me miss our little road trips. Thanks for sharing these special images.

  7. Denise, I love your art. Yours is one of the few WP blogs where I read every post!

  8. Your words are very true… thank you for them, and also for the wonderful images that you share.

  9. 18 Deb

    Wonderful Denise! I recognize a couple spots! Barn and hay rake is my fav! Miss you!

  10. What beautiful shots. I can’t help but thinking all the stories and secrets held in those old, broken down walls. Lovely.

  11. The fun of just stumbling upon something great to shoot…

  12. The country roads in your area are so charming Denise! I love all of these images:) Old barns and shacks are my favourites.

  13. I love barns. The ones you found even the falling down one are lovely. Especially in the snow.

  14. Amazing landscape images, Denise. Your country roads offer brilliant photo ops and you keep them alive through your lens. Stunning work!

  15. Very much enjoyed that ‘Rusty’ 🙂

  16. Splendid pics! I love to do the same thing. I grapple with “no trespassing” signs, though. I am mighty tempted to sneak through a barbed wire fence to explore a little closer some old relic along the road. But a childhood of warnings to respect no trespassing signs echoes in my head and I usually get crappy shots.

  17. 35 Natalie H

    Nice blog and photos!

  18. Incredible shots 🙂

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