New, Old Windows & Doors


Old windows and doors have been a favorite and recurring theme since starting my photographic journey years ago. They are popular subjects among many of my photog friends as well. For me they can hold a mystery about what is on the other side. A reflection, often distorted can have a playful and sometimes magical quality. Traditional symbolic ideas might convey a passage to spirituality or portal to transformation. When I find windows and doors that are weathered, and have that ‘something extra’, I am even more intrigued. Whether the main subject or playing a role in a more complex scene, their stories are easy to imagine.

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‘Please Close The Gate’ © Denise Bush

‘Patchwork View’ © Denise Bush

‘Locked Up’ © Denise Bush

‘Window With Supplies’ © Denise Bush

‘Wheel Department’ © Denise Bush
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55 Responses to “New, Old Windows & Doors”

  1. Great image set, really like Please Close The Gate.

    • I appreciate the visit an comment. ‘Please Close The Gate’ seems to be the one that is getting the most comments.

  2. Excellent set, Denise, and I love the detail shot, Locked Up. Nicely done, all.

  3. I LOVE windows and doors. I, too, have a collection. Some of my favorites are from Vietnam and Nepal – where the humidity seems to create a special patina. I love your weathered images that capture the spirit of Colorado so beautifully. I chuckled at the gate photo! Magic!

    • Thanks very much! It’s not very noticeable small but there is one of those tire planters in the front yard of that gate shot too!

  4. Really nice stuff Denise. I love the ‘Windows with Supplies”.

    • Thanks so much Scott! I guess you are working on some ‘windows and doors’ too! I’m happy for you and Linda and the new house.

  5. The titles made me laugh! What is it about doors and windows that makes us want to photograph them? I do it too…

    • Thanks … I always amuse myself when I can come up with a clever title! I think we are drawn in because windows and doors are so symbolic, open to interpretation and points I make lede.

  6. Every time I look at this collection I see more and more details. I want to open that gate and go inside. Wonderful of you to share them. I bet you will have many more to add. ( :

    • Hi Beth! I’m happy you like them … thank you. I am building up a very good collection after finding and shooting this stuff for almost 20 years! And can you believe that it has been a year since you visited?

  7. 13 Deb

    These are wonderful Denise. The “Please close the gate” is my fav, I could not help but wonder how many people passed through that gate to come calling on who ever lived there!

  8. I love these, Denise. Weathered wood is so beautiful. Great series!

    • Hi there! How do you do it? … keep up with all the blogs? I will be visiting soon. I tend to rotate … process > post > look at my friend’s blogs > repeat.

      • Yeah, I probably spend way too much time online, but I love to see what my blogging buddies are doing!

  9. 18 Joe perno

    Great Images Denise. This is one of my favorite subject matters also. You capture these situations beautifully. Well Done.

    • Yes, it is a popular subject matter that seems to really speak to photogs and viewers alike. Always nice to hear from you! I hope SJCC is treating you well!

  10. Very nice, Denise. My favorite is the window with the oil cans showing, and second best is the one with the blue gate. But, they are all well done. You are a master of post processing. Always enjoy viewing your work.

  11. 22 Vickie Bush

    I just love this stuff Denise!

  12. 24 Vicki DeVico

    Denise, these are great. I think everyone loves weathered windows and doors, even if they don’t shoot them. You’ve got some beauties here!

    • Hi there Vicki! Thank you … a few more to add to the collection! Always nice to hear from you … thanks so much for the look and comment.

  13. 26 Mary

    Great photographs Denise – all are perfect examples of character in ordinary things.

  14. These are solidly in your wheelhouse. Beautiful, well crafted and so full of patina. You always do justice to these subjects and their history.

    • Thanks so much Rich and nice to hear from you! If there is truth to what you say than I suppose it comes from loving your subject matter. That’s why I came full circle after years of experimenting with a lot of different subjects and photography. You just gotta love it! (I promise to catch up on your blog and some others soon!)

  15. Like them all, love the last two.

  16. Wonderful collection of doors & windows.

  17. Taking pictures of old doors is always so interesting to look at! I love their design!

  18. As always, fabulous work. I really enjoyed Locked Up.

  19. What a great collection you photographed and curated! I love the old jars, and pots, the rusted hardware, and that great reflection in the window.

  20. They are an irresistible subject, doors and windows, for the reasons you mentioned, and also maybe for the simplicity of form – frames within frames, they offer something solid. I’m glad you take advantage of the Colorado weathering effect and seek them out! My favorites are “locked Up” and “Wheel Department” – that was a brilliant title! 🙂

    • Thanks for the visit and comment Lynn! ‘Wheel Department’ was one of my favorites too so I added it on my online store.

  21. Wonderful vignettes!

  22. 46 Emilio Pasquale

    These are all so beautiful. Perfectly exposed and nothing over processed!

    • Thank you! I always say there is a fine line between processing enough and too much. I try not to cross that line and process to show what I remember the subject looking like.

  23. 48 Inger

    Such gorgeous photos – I really like the rustic details! Old windows (and doors) is always a winner for me 🙂

  24. Love the detail of the metal chain and hook lock

  25. AMAZING!! 🙏✨🙏

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