In Search Of Spring Green


After a long and snowy winter I went searching for some spring green and below is some of what I found. There’s a short window when the foliage and grasses have that beautiful and bright, yellow-green color and I wanted to capture it. This year, late snow left a nice fresh coat of white on the mountains adding to the scenery. The following are images made during outings in May that show-off that vibrant green against the snow-capped mountains. But now, with summer solstice right around the corner I am sad to see the bright greens fading to darker summer shades. Mother Nature seems determined to move things along but promises to provide new opportunities for my camera.

‘Light & Darkness’ © Denise Bush
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‘Let There Be Light’ © Denise Bush

‘Cottonwood Below Sneffels’ © Denise Bush
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‘Road To The Divide’ © Denise Bush

‘Smoke Signals’ © Denise Bush

‘Shadows In The Valley’ © Denise Bush

‘Aspen Triplets’ © Denise Bush

44 Responses to “In Search Of Spring Green”

  1. Well….no fair that you in in superamazingdreamland! Fantastic images! 🙂

    • Thank you. Believe it or not, I am not finding photography any easier because the landscape is beautiful. Many places are hard to get to and you still have to be there under the right conditions.

  2. 5 Deb

    Beautiful Denise, it’s amazing how Mother Nature and your fantastic eye can make a whole new perspective of revisited places! Love that “Road to the Divide” it reminds me a bit of that road in the Smokey mountains! Miss you!

    • Thank you Deb … miss you too! I have my eye on a couple of roads that lead to the mountains. Yes, that very photographed Sparks Lane in the Smokies is a great country road.

  3. Love the theme … good job in telling your story!

  4. It is so beautiful! Where is this?

  5. I love the contrast between the snowy mountains and green valleys. The way the trees frame ‘Smoke Signals’ is particularly nice. Beautiful as always, Denise!

    • Thanks Eliza. Last year at this time there wasn’t as much snow on the peaks and some of what was there looked a bit dirty. It means getting up on some of the jeep roads and trails will be later this year.

  6. Indeed, Nature does not wait and keeps on with her schedule. Such a contrast to see the green summer field and the snow capped mountains in the background. Such a contrast. Aspen Triplets look so nice.

  7. 16 Catherine Bonetti

    I love the Road to the Divide. Beautiful…

  8. I too like that you have white-capped mountains for backgrounds in your photos. We don’t have that here. Your photos are well done and fun to view. Good job.

  9. 20 Food+Travel

    Cool photography

  10. 22 Virginia Rice

    Oh Denise you’ve done it again I love the differences in the colors between the ground and the mountains of snow just beautiful thanks for sharing

  11. 24 Vickie Bush

    OUTSTANDING! Can’t wait to get there.

  12. What breathtaking scenes! I love the white capped mountains, the lush green valley, and your little stand of cottonwoods.

    Smoke Signals was pretty great too.

  13. These are awesome, Denise! I really like the way you have captured the different layers in the landscape.

  14. One of the neat things about following your blog since you moved is to watch the progression of the seasons on the Colorado landscape. What is fascinating in this set of images is how the foreground’s look very spring like but your background mountains show that winter is still very much in effect at the higher elevations.

    • We had record snow this year and a good late storm in mid May which freshened up the mountains. Last year at this time there was still some snow high but some of it was a little dirty looking. It means hiking and jeeping up high is later this year. The elevation definitely has an effect on the seasons which is a plus. Now wildflowers are blooming down low while they haven’t begun blooming up high. In the fall the foliage turns at different times, extending the beauty. Thanks for your comment and interest. I expect to see you out here one day … it is a hiker’s paradise!

  15. Gorgeous landscapes, Denise. Thanks!

  16. Beautiful collection. I love seeing the spring colors popping and then look further into the scene and see the snow. I think I like “The Road to the Divide” best. It struck my- I wanna be there- nerve. Miss you!

  17. Well …. you sure did deliver with the capture of that beautiful light… love it!!!

  18. You put me right there on the road with you. I can feel that sharp, delightfully fragrant spring air!

    • Hi Linda … just noticed I failed to thank you for your visit and comment … thank you! Lots of dirt country roads to view the mountains from here!

  19. 41 y9en

    Woww!!! The scenic views, the angles, and the photography is just spectacular! May I ask what kind of camera you use?

    • Thank you. I use a Canon 5D Mark III & II. As I am sure you know it is not so much the camera but also the lenses and one’s know-how in using them … as well as an eye for composition and being at the right place at the right time. I also have a lot of experience in post-proscesing.

  20. Hi Denise…love this photo of the trees with the beautiful backdrop…warm regards Karen

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