Water’s Draw


It was always my dream to live on a mountain lake but as it turns out I am perfectly happy to have some nearby. “I’d rather live on a mountain lake than along the ocean,” I’d say. For me lakes are more relaxing than the sometimes harsh and exposed conditions of the seashore. I do miss being able to visit the shores and bays of the East Coast and fill the void by actively seeking out opportunities to photograph beside the water. Here in Colorado my choices include reservoirs, lakes and ponds … rivers, streams and waterfalls too. One of the five elements, water has a lot of symbolic meaning; life, motion, renewal, reflection, purification, clarity and transformation to name a few. I’ve been attracted to photographing bodies of water since the beginning and if I were an astrology believer I’d say it’s because I was born under a water sign! Here are a few images from nearby lakes and reservoirs.

‘Moon At First Light’ © Denise Bush

‘Peaceful Lake In Morning’ © Denise Bush

‘Storm Clouds Over The Reservoir’ © Denise Bush

‘Reflection Among Logs’ © Denise Bush

‘Resting Vessels’ © Denise Bush
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44 Responses to “Water’s Draw”

  1. Hi Denise, your images are always so relaxing. Reputable scenes! You are very fortunate to live so close to such beautiful scenery. Miss you!

  2. From the ocean to your mountain lake, hello. Nice intro and nice images. I’d build for that “Moon at First Light” scene.

    • There are a few homes around that private lake. My friend and I had permission to shoot there and then it was revoked after some trouble in the area … not us … really!

  3. Those are certainly beautiful images, Denise. As you know, you get some nice backgrounds in your lake photos that we can’t get here on the east coast.

  4. 7 Deb

    Wonderful series Denise, I’m with you, I’d take the mountains over the sea anyday! Resting vessels is my fav!

  5. I know what you mean about the harshness of the ocean – as relaxing and wonderful as it is, it can be a hard place to spend time. Your images here are all exquisite, and provide another kind of relaxation and satisfaction. I enjoyed the intro, too.

    • Hi Lynn! There are some other lakes I go back to hoping for good conditions … lighting, cloud interest and reflections are what I look for. Thanks for the nice comment!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I lived in Colorado when I was little, but of course you don’t appreciate things until your older…much older sometimes! 🙂

    • Where did you live? I bet there has been a lot of changes. Colorado and especially the Front Range is growing fast. The Western Slopes are changing too … I have seen changes in just the 2 years I’ve lived here. We get a lot of tourists in the summer months. Thanks for the visit and comment!

  7. Beautiful Denise, peaceful.

  8. Beautiful images of lakes.. I do also like living near mountain than the sea side.

    • Just like we have cat people or dog people … I guess we have lake people or seashore people! Thanks for the visit and comment.

  9. The last pic with the canoes is calling me to get in one and start paddling! The lake seems familiar. We’re we there? Missed you at Utah show.

    • No we went to 2 other lakes though. The one with the canoes/kayaks is private and my friend and I had special permission. Thanks for the visit and comment. Wish I could have come to the Utah exhibit! XO

  10. Oh yes… grew up around water… it still calls me when I shoot. Great read, so glad you are fitting in out there and still embracing your craft. (I know I am a delinquent but …. I read each and everyone of your posts!!!)

  11. Lovely! And then there’s the play of water and sky! Mmmm. I, too, feel more comfortable and at ease near inland water. The ocean is unfathomable to me.

  12. 25 y9en

    I have no words to describe just how breathtaking these photos are. Thank you so much for sharing and I can’t wait to see more future work!

    • Thanks very much y9en. I usually post 2-3 times a month. I have been blogging since 2009 so there is plenty to look back on in the archives. If you click on Denise Bush’s Photo Blog at the top then keep scrolling down you will see more.

  13. So very beautiful! I love the contrast of pines and aspen!

  14. When seeing these photos, it’s no wonder you are drawn to lakes under the mountains. All gorgeous photos.

  15. Amazing pictures! I especially like the reflection amongst the logs. When I was younger, I was attracted by seascapes and the power of the ocean, but now I’ve learnt to love the mountains, the waterfalls and the lakes around them.

  16. Very nice. I especially like “Moon at First Light”

  17. Gorgeous photos as always. I love this glimpse into the hidden water features of Colorado.

  18. Your compositions are so beautiful! I love the moon and lake, and the canoes by the water.

  19. 39 Henshal B

    Nice pics.

  20. So many great images – yours always make me think of Sierra Club calendars. 🙂 I like the drama in ‘Storm Clouds over the Reservoir’ and the pink canoe at the end!

    • Thank you Eliza! Those clouds over the reservoir were awesome. We often have quick afternoon storms in the summer. It has been very dry but it looks like the ‘monsoons’ are finally coming to bring some much needed rain.

  21. Beautiful photos, Denise! Mountain lake would be my choice over the ocean side. 🙂

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