Nighttime Fun


I’ve been brushing up on my night photography the last couple of months and have included a few favorites in this post. It’s not just the Milky Way and stars that interest me but moonlit and cloudy night skies too. Working with different settings and locations, it’s a work in progress … with several attempts ending up in the trash can! For me one of the biggest challenges is finding a spot with something more than just the sky … an interesting silhouette or foreground. Using a wide angle lens I need to be very close to the mountains for them to be large enough in the scene. Another challenge is of course seeing and focusing in the dark. Testing my lens in daylight to confirm infinity focus and depth of field turned out to be worthwhile. And I use an astronomers red LED light to help my eyes adapt more quickly to night vision. Yes, it can be quite dark out there! When I’m not with a friend I like to make some noise by playing my itunes … so as not to surprise any nearby bears, mountain lions or coyotes!

‘Milky Way Ranch’ © Denise Bush
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‘Red Lights Under Moonlit Sky’ © Denise Bush

“Teepee Under Night Sky’ © Denise Bush

‘Shooting Star Over Rocky Outcrop’ © Denise Bush


43 Responses to “Nighttime Fun”

  1. Yeah…I think you have succeeded…meets or exceeds expectations…A+…gold star at the top of the paper! Great images.

  2. Awesome night photos!

  3. 5 Christina Pavlova

    Amazing 🙂

    • It’s a lot of fun and just gives you more opportunities once you become comfortable with it. It doesn’t hurt that the strs are amazing here in Colorado’s San Juan Mountains.

  4. 7 Deb

    Great job Denise, a not so easy style to master! Love the Teepee!

    • Thanks Deb … just having fun … not planning on becoming an astro photographer or anything! I will take you to see the teepee next time you visit.

  5. These are amazing images, Denise!

  6. Awesome shots!

  7. Wonderful shots, Denise. Wish I could join you doing the night photography. You can scare away the bears while I set up my camera. 🙂

  8. 15 Angela Moyer

    Wonderful selection of images! As always, you have amazing vision!

  9. Something I’ve always wanted to do, but never had the patience to learn – lol! No excuses. 🙂 These are wonderful, Denise. I love the tipi, the lighting is so interesting.

    • Thanks Eliza. The lighting on the teepee is a result of putting some LED lights inside and also light painting the outside with a flashlight during the long exposure. The bushes in the back are lit by some lights along a path.

  10. 19 Vickie Bush

    Wow Denise first chance I’ve had to catch up, totally impressed! So glad you got the new lense. Gives you a whole new world to explore!

    • Thanks Vickie. The new lens is working well. I took a night photography workshop in the Adirondacks back in 2010 but never practiced it as much as I thought I would at the time.

  11. Nice series, Denise. Good job with the added illumination on the teepee, and I also like the twilight image of the clouds.

  12. Beautiful series, Denise.

  13. What a great challenge to set for yourself – and where you live, night skies can get dark enough, so you might as well take it on! That last image is gorgeous!

  14. Very nice!

  15. Beautiful work Denise! I love the T-pee and of course the Milky Way.

  16. 31 Emilio Pasquale

    Fantastic. Did you light the teepee? Or was it already lit up? I just started to experiment with astrophotography and my first attempt was not bad, but we don’t have stars like yours so close to Las Vegas.

    • Thanks! Yes, we put a light in the teepee and light painted it too. The background bushes were lit by some lights along a path. We do have some dark skies here.

  17. Catching that shooting star is amazing! When we get together again, we have to do some nighttime shooting (so I can learn from you).

  18. 35 Illumination Photography

    Really beautiful images! I particularly love the ‘Milky Way Ranch’ image and ‘Teepee Under Night Sky’. They look fantastic! Very inspiring! I always enjoy looking at your work.

  19. Those are some pretty wonderful snaps. You are pretty talented 😄

    • Thank you so much … I think it’s the years of working at it most of all. Being there at the right time, good equipment, knowing how to use it and processing skills all help!

  20. Love the teepee composition, great execution!

  21. Woooww 😍😍 amazing

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