Geological Studies


Staying overnight in an area not too far from home recently I enjoyed some geological studies … with my camera. A prominent rocky outcropping created an interesting subject to study from different angles and at different times of the day. Here are the results of my studies. Feel free to leave a comment … and let me know if you have a favorite!

‘Rocky Outcrop At Dawn’ © Denise Bush
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‘Clouds Over Rocky Outcrop’ © Denise Bush

‘Rock Reflection’ © Denise Bush
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‘Pastoral View’ © Denise Bush
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‘Rock Silhouette At Sunset’ © Denise Bush

‘Starry Night Colorado’ © Denise Bush

49 Responses to “Geological Studies”

  1. Nice study, Denise. I’m favoring ‘Rock Silhouette At Sunset’… I like the wild grasses in the foreground and the contrast of the orange horizon.

  2. 3 Emilio Pasquale

    Wow. What beautiful images. I think my favorites are shots one and two. I do love the last one, but more for the astrophotography than the landscape.

    • Thanks Emilio! Those are my favorites too … I’m glad someone else sees/feels it! I have a horizontal version of ‘Starry Night Colorado’ in my previous post, ‘Night Time Fun’

  3. I love reflections, so beautiful Rock Reflection intrigued me and the Pastoral View definitely caught my attention, especially with the wee coo in the image!

    • A lady stopped to talk to my friend and I along the road. She said she lived up the road, so I quickly asked, ‘do you have a view?’. She said she had a pond but it was scummy … we went for a look and liked the bright green algae!

  4. 7 Kathy Lapergola

    Beautiful images Denise

  5. 9 Vickie Bush

    Love them. The starry night and rock at dawn are my favorites. They are all great!!

  6. Third one from the top. Love the composition: beautiful sky and the reflection on the water.

  7. They are great. My favorite is ‘Rock Silhouette at Sunset.

  8. Wow, really love that you gave us many different perspectives! As I was going through I thought I couldn’t pick just one as each offered a feel all of its own that is until I got to the starry night! I love that one with the Milky Way so present! I haven’t figured out my night photography yet so it is most intriguing to me. Thanks for sharing your captures, I always enjoy them!

    • Thank YOU for coming to look and comment. It is always great feedback to hear which ones speak to the viewer and why. A teacher once told us that you should always be able to explain why you like or don’t like something. I think it teaches us even when it is about someone else’s work.

  9. all great, but for some reason that second shot grabs me – the rock stands against the sky with absolute clarity

    • Thank you Maureen. I stayed there for a while and shot as the light cast spotlights on different sections. I had one that was lit up at the top but I preferred the anticipation this one offered.

  10. 19 Joe perno

    For Me, Denise I like Pastoral View the best. It shows the true scale of the countryside. I can only imagine what it must look like in person. I gotta believe there are many jaw-dropping scenes out there. Outstanding work as always. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Joe … and congrats on your 4×4 show! I am someone who always likes to simplify a scene but when I can get a wider angle that is nice and clean, without distractions, I’ll go for it!

  11. My favorite is all of them. Getting to see these beautiful scenes through your artful eye is a wonderful gift from you. Great way to spend my morning drinking coffee with you out west. XOXO

  12. 23 Deb

    Wow! What a great selection of images. A great example of what light, angle and composition can do to take a scene and make it something new! “Rocky Outcrop at Dawn” and “Rock Reflection” are my fav!

    • Thanks Deb! It’s so nice when you can spend 24 hours (or more) in a location. I’m glad you like the dawn image … it’s dark but how I remember the experience. See above for how we came upon the pond location.

  13. Great rock! I like the one with the reflection best, because of, well, the reflection. The Milky Way shot is pretty awesome too!

    • Thanks Terry. I went to this area for the first time about 2 years ago and had been wanting to go back. I helped my friend shoot a nearby lodge and we got to stay there for free.

  14. What a smart – and ambitious! – thing to do, to get out there at dawn, during daylight, at sunset, at night…wow! It’s great that you were able to get around it, to see several sides – I bet that isn’t so easy sometimes. I think I’m partial to the sunset image, because those grasses in the foreground bring me in, and it seems so spacious. Hope all is well with you!

  15. Hi Denise, nice series, I particularly like the moody feel of the first one.

  16. This is a lovely, and beautiful study of the rock formation. I can’t pick a favorite they’re all so different. What a muse! You found a great subject. I hope you’re planning to return when there’s snow to add to this study. 🙂

    • Hi Deborah. I’ve thought about going back when it snows. It’s a bit of a drive so we’ll see how the timing plays out. Thanks for your visit and comment!

      • 🙂 Ah, maybe you’ll get there in the winter. I’ll be hoping.

        I know you’ve got lots of wonderful places to photograph in Winter that are nearer to you though.

  17. Beautiful series of studies Denise. My favourite is ‘Rock Silhouette at Sunset’.

  18. Wonderful study!

  19. 38 Angela Moyer

    Beautiful! Your images capture the pristine beauty of the area. Such a beautiful place that isn’t as popular as our side of the canyon. So appreciate all your help that weekend!

  20. I love your nighttime images. Concur with the challenges of shooting in pitch black. A few years ago, I went to an expensive nighttime shoot in antelope canyon. The night before, my tripod tipped over and broke my wide angle. Then at the shoot, i couldn’t see to focus! Your tips are helpful and your results demonstrate the need for careful preparation.

    • Photographing at night isn’t that difficult really … it just takes a little practice. Thanks for looking at the latest posts Amy. It was just about this time last year that you and Stan were here! Time sure flies!

  21. Gorgeous scenery, well photographed!

  22. Wonderful! It is also a great idea to go to the same location under different lighting. This is an excellent example of how different the same scene can look on different days (and nights).

    • Thank you Pat. I am just noticing I did not reply to this Oct. comment. I hope to go back when there is some snow on it for yet a different look!

  23. These pictures are beautiful. I wish I could live somewhere like that.

  24. The first image is quite striking, but l found the collection of different perspectives, lighting and composition treatments as a series even more enjoyable.

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