Fall Favorites


This collection of images is all about the Colorado landscape in Fall. We were lucky to have some early snow on the mountain peaks adding to the splendor of the season. Clouds, mountains and colorful trees are all important elements in this set. Often waiting for the clouds to be balanced or break I took my time at many locations soaking in the beauty and fresh mountain air. Being in these moments was even more special than photographing them. Shot from early to late autumn, I have posted some favorites here.

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‘Fall On The Mesa’ © Denise Bush
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‘Kendall & Aspens’ © Denise Bush

‘Cimarron Ridge Gold’ © Denise Bush

‘Cimarron September’ © Denise Bush

‘Far Off View’ © Denise Bush

‘Last Light Of Day’ © Denise Bush

‘Fenced Mountain’ © Denise Bush

‘A Break In The Clouds’ © Denise Bush
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‘Awesome Autumn View’ © Denise Bush
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‘A Change of Seasons’ © Denise Bush
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48 Responses to “Fall Favorites”

  1. 1 Debra

    These are marvelous Denise, it’s such a beautiful place it brings tears to my eyes. How fortunate that you live in such a magical place!

  2. 3 Vickie R Bush`

    Beautiful lighting Denise! A Change of Seasons is my favorite in this group. You are making it hard for me to decide which pictures I want to buy for my new living room!

    • Thanks Vic. ‘A Change Of Seasons’ was right before sunset. That is Kendall Mountain just outside of Silverton. Your living room is a little dark so I would suggest choosing something brighter.

  3. Beautiful work, Denise. Your landscapes are sublime. Agree, the snow covered mountains, especially in “Fall on the Mesa”, add a very special element with the autumn leaves.

  4. I am falling for these Fall favorites. Great framing and composition with foreground and background elements.

  5. Just like Sierra Club calendar shots, these are beautiful, Denise. Do you offer calendars for sale? If not, you should consider it! My favorite shot is the first – the snow-capped mountain peeking behind the trees lets us know what is coming!

    • Thanks Eliza. I do think about a calendar but there are already people doing that here. The cost to produce it and the thought of trying to sell it holds me back. I have sold separate images for calendars.

  6. These are so lovely! You caught these gorgeous views at the right time. I really like ‘Kendall & Aspens’ where you can see half of the trees already turned yellow and the other half were still green. Beautiful!

    • Thank you. The last one in this set is also Kendall Mountain about a week later … less leaves on the aspens and more snow on the mountain. The green is actually evergreen trees … spruce and/or fir.

  7. Just beautiful, Denise.

  8. You’re right, being in those moments in wilderness, especially in high places, is unbeatable. But the photographs are important, too! 😉 I couldn’t pick favorites – they are all magnificent, and they make me want to come to Colorado. Which I’ll do, one of these days. (“Fall on the Mesa” is so beautiful when I click and see the larger version – it made me want to be able to do that with all of them!).

    • Thanks for the look and comment Lynn. I only pick my favorites to add to my online store. (Four of them from this set.) If a certain image proves to be popular among the commenters then I will add it. I found if I post a larger size on the blog it doesn’t look good with the auto reduction to fit the template. I don’t like to have a lot of large images out there anyway … many people think if it’s on the internet it’s free for the taking and using anyway they want. Well of course you will let me know if you plan to visit … it would be fun to get together for some shooting.

  9. These are all breathtaking, Denise. You are so lucky to have this scenery in your ‘backyard’.

  10. I’m in awe with your photos. Stunningly beautiful! Wish I were there… 🙂

  11. What stunning photography! I’ll visit again, Denise.

  12. All that’s missing from these beautiful images is me riding Tinker through them. I can see us wandering about. Breathtaking collection. Hugs and Love to you

  13. 26 Angela Moyer

    Fall on the Mesa is just gorgeous! I love the rest as well. Great images all around!

  14. Oh my God they are so beautiful.

  15. This collection is gorgeous! I love the snow covered mountains with the golden trees.

  16. Beautiful views, lady.

  17. Absolutely stunning captures! Such a beautiful gallery!

    • Thank you Victoria. I just got back from a drive in the high elevations around Red Mtn. Pass and it looks like winter is here! You probably got some too.

      • Oh boy! We barley had any snow and were still nearing 60s last week but today we have a mix of snow and rain. Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  18. Spectacular comes to mind. Especially like the eye-moving layers in Cimarron Ridge Gold.

    • Thank you Bergie. It’s gratifying to know what people like … especially when people have different favorites. Just back from a long weekend at Capitol Reef and Bryce. I’ll be busy processing all winter long. 🙂

  19. Stunning landscape and photos!

  20. I am so inspired by the beauty and photography! Colorado has to be one of most beautiful corners of the world. Well it’s a bit bigger than a “corner”. Thanks so much for sharing the splendor!

  21. Soo lovely 😍😍

  22. Your pictures are beautiful.
    I am looking forward to new pictures.
    Best regards, Balle 🙂

    • Thank you! This is an older post. To see my most recent entries click on ‘Denise Bush’s Photo Blog’ at the top then begin scrolling down. I usually post 1 or 2 times a month.

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