Cottonwood Collection


As trees go, aspens seem to get all the attention here in the State of Colorado. I can understand why … they are beautiful and I am in love with them too. This year, however they were a little lacking in some areas … but through no fault of their own! In May after young leaves had already blossomed we had a significant snowfall. In the summer months there were a couple of hot, dry spells. So, in some groves the aspen leaves turned a yellowish brown instead of their usual brilliant hues of gold.

Perhaps that was why I noticed the cottonwoods. They seemed more vibrant than I remembered in my previous years of living here. I went out on three occasions looking for cottonwoods that displayed a nice shape. Their limbs seem to break easily so finding good subjects is a process. Unlike aspens, they’re big and bold and can stand on their own. At some distance and on fenced private property I often used my zoom lens to get in close to a tree I saw from the road. Choosing a vantage point that would show-off a nice background required parking and walking to find the perfect spot. What you don’t see are the power lines, buildings, vehicles and all the other stuff that’s highly visible in many of these areas. I really enjoyed shooting the cottonwoods for a change and I hope you enjoy this selection!

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‘Desert Gold’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

‘Billy Creek Beauty’ © Denise Bush

‘Out Standing In The Field’ © Denise Bush

‘Cottonwood Charisma’ © Denise Bush

‘Adobe Sunset’ © Denise Bush
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‘Glowing Cottonwoods’ © Denise Bush

‘Captivating Cottonwood’ © Denise Bush

‘Catching Last Rays’ © Denise Bush


65 Responses to “Cottonwood Collection”

  1. Just beautiful again, Denise.

  2. These Cottonwoods are glorious, Denise. Thanks for giving them their due. 🙂

    • Finding , shooting, editing, processing and writing about them was such joy! I didn’t know what I was going to say but I guess my excitement led the way. Thank you Jane.

  3. Awesome pictures of Cottonwood trees. No wonder you like them, the golden color leaves make them stand out from their surrounding.

  4. Great! Again! 🙂

  5. These are striking, Denise. Singling out specimen trees makes them very appealing. ‘Adobe Sunset,’ ‘Out Standing in the Field’ and ‘Glowing Cottonwoods’ (love the layers of grasses) are my favorites.

  6. 11 wradamsfineart

    These are just absolutely wonderful photos. I used to lived just outside Hesperus, near Durango and one of my very favorite things were the cottonwoods in Fall.

  7. A beautiful tree we do not see over here. Thanks for these.

  8. Beautiful!

  9. Lovely images, really like the contrast of the trees against the desert landscape. 🙂

  10. Such a beautiful series, Denise!

  11. Stunning scenes and captures. Love how you work with light.

  12. 25 Angela Moyer

    Nice! I Enjoy your blog and creative eye!

  13. Thanks for showing us the Cottonwoods Denise!

  14. They’re stunning, Denise! I love the way trees in locations like these have so much room to spread out. It’s the opposite of what we see here, where trees are crammed together, though there are some Cottonwoods along sloughs and rivers that have room and get very tall – not typically so wide as these. I love the way Adobe Sunset and Desert Gold set the trees against the dry hills – gorgeous!

  15. This series of shots are sublime, Denise, Simply gorgeous!

  16. I can see why the Cottonwoods have your attention. Love the colors and layers in “Adobe Sunset” My favorite for sure.

  17. Beautiful photos. The muted tones of the landscape seem to really lend sparkle to the cottonwood.

  18. Hard (& perhaps unnecessary) to pick a favorite, but I think Adobe Sunset manages to capture every iconic feature the landscape has to offer.

  19. Love these tree photos. Well done, Denise!

  20. They are stunning! My favorites are the lone one in front of what I think are they dunes, and the other one by the dunes, and the little crop in front of the snowy mountains in the background.

    Thanks for sharing! They are stunning!

    • Thanks Deborah. I know these look like sand dunes but the soil is actually quite hard. Known as the ‘Adobe Badlands’ the locals just call them ‘The Adobes’. The Adobe Badlands span neighboring states and serve as a playground for dirt bikes and ATVs. You can see some tire tracks here and there.

      • The colors of them reminded me a bit of Death Valley. I’d never heard of the Adobes! I’ll have to read about the area a bit.

        Thanks for sharing and teaching me about somewhere new!

      • These Adobes are from the Montrose area. A lot of the info I found talked about Delta which is just a little further north.

  21. Beautiful work Denise. I live in Dallas, Texas so I understand all about the power lines, traffic and all the other stuff that gets in the way of a good image. I look forward to reading and seeing more of your work

    • Thanks David … I appreciate the visit and comment. I have been blogging since 2009 so there is alot to see just by scrolling down. I usually only post 1 or 2 times a month. My next post will feature several old, local shacks and cabins.

  22. Such Wonderful collection Denise. The 5th image with small golden trees in the landscape is my favourite. The sand hills in the background makes it so special.

  23. Well done, Denise. You have a great eye and the images all look wonderful.

  24. There is something special about those solitary cottonwoods in autumn’s colour. They light up in the landscape with a form that is both bold and majestic. Beautiful images.

  25. Fabulous captures! The view is amazingly beautiful through your lens. I saw beautiful cottonwoods in NM near Santa Fe last fall.

  26. Great px.

  27. I particularly liked Glowing Cottonwoods. It’s the picture I would have taken, were I in Colorado. Sadly I’m not – though I did pay some taxes there once – when I bought some Star Trek models for my (then young) son. See – we’re connected!

    • Thank you for the visit and comment. If you were here you would have to be out there at sunrise for that one. The sun needed to be low for the back-light. Thanks so much for your tax money … every little bit helps!

  28. Woooww 😍😍 great pictures!

  29. Would you mind to leave a feedback on my account I would really appreciate it!

  30. The luscious trees are something else:)!!!

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