The Lost Files


In preparing for my annual tradition of posting favorites from the year on my website, I came upon some random landscape images that didn’t appear in this year’s blog posts. Feeling they too deserve a chance to be processed and seen before the year ends, here they are …

‘Bare Trees’ © Denise Bush

‘Basin Falls’ © Denise Bush

‘Lakeside Wildflowers’ © Denise Bush

‘Summer Aspens With Sunburst’ © Denise Bush

‘Southwest Silhouette’ © Denise Bush

‘Over The Cimarrons’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

‘Road To Sneffels’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

‘Ready For Winter’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

‘Ripples In Beaver Pond’ © Denise Bush

‘Lakeside Grazing’ © Denise Bush
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‘Autumn Colors’ © Denise Bush

‘Divide House’ © Denise Bush

‘Lakeside Glow’ © Denise Bush
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‘September Surprise’ © Denise Bush

‘Through the Willows’ © Denise Bush

‘Dead Ponderosa Pines In Winter’ © Denise Bush
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53 Responses to “The Lost Files”

  1. They are all gems! But my two favorite are the snowy branches and the lonely balloon. Bravissimo!

  2. These are absolutely beautiful! I love your blog! My favorite shot’s the first one, the pastel colors are stunning ❤

  3. 5 Deb

    All beauties and yes, all needed to be processed and shared! ♥️

  4. Nice work, Denise. There is a lot to like here.

  5. Yes, they deserve it!

  6. Thank you very much, Denise, for sharing these beautiful landscape images.

  7. It has now become even more difficult for me to pick my favorite! Can’t get over how beautiful they all are. But I suppose it is the Lakeside Grazing. I love coos (in photographs), especially if I’m not in the photograph with them! I was terrified of coos when I lived on the island!! But more so of the 2 Clydesdales that delivered our coal. Your landscapes look like a fairytale environment! Appreciate that you share them with us. Thank you!

    • Hi Season … we have lots and lots of coos here. I hear you … I don’t want to be too close to them either. There was one last winter that didn’t get rounded up and it kept approaching me at a location I like to revisit. I think it was lonely. 😦 Thanks for your look and comment!

  8. Absolutely wonderful selection Denise – I like your logo. Looks like you have had your blog a very long time – since 2009!! Wow!
    My favourites would be firstly “Over the Cimmeroons”!
    Then Bare Trees, Lakeside Grazing and Divide House.
    Thanks for commenting on my “River Cairns”
    I am joining your many followers.

    • Thanks so much for following my blog Michael!!! Only a few more and I’ll hit 2,000. Yes, I’ve been faithfully blogging since 2009 and doing digital photography since 2003. The blog serves as a journal for me as well as a place to share. I like hearing your favorites. That balloon image got a lot of likes on facebook so I thought I should share it here too.

  9. Great images, love the bare trees and divide house.

  10. Over the Cimarrons simply amazing. There are several images that have so many layers to them. So cool to look through the images and see those levels of depth and color. Tops for me is The Dead Ponderosa. Sure looks like a happy dead tree to me.

  11. 21 Vickie Bush

    Awesome Denise!

  12. Glad you hauled these out! My favorite is the first one, and the last one too. (Okay, I like the ones in-between too.)

  13. So glad you shared these, Denise. They’re wonderful. My favorite is the layers of blues in ‘Over the Cimarrons.’ The snowy ones are nice, too. Too bad about the Ponderosa pines dying, but the new snowfall makes them shine.

    • Thank you Eliza. ‘Over the Cimarrons’ was shot when we were getting a lot of haze from the wildfires in California and possibly other states too in September. I don’t think the Ponderosas are affected by the beetle like some of the other evergreens here.

  14. Nice set, I’m glad you found them. You have a great sense of visual flow in your images not matter what the composition. I always like to go back and visit the RAW files every year. It’s amazing what sometimes didn’t make the first cut.

    • Thanks very much Rich! Sometimes there’s just too much or they don’t fit into a particular series I’m blogging about. There’s still a few more but I got tired of processing!

  15. 29 Mary Fenton

    They definitely deserved a second chance..wish I could find some like that!

    • Hi there Mary Fenton … so nice to hear from you! I think it mostly takes getting out there … a lot. More often than not I come home with nothing I’m excited about.

  16. Those images certainly do deserve a showing on your blog. Wonderful images, Denise. I enjoyed viewing them. Have a Merry Christmas!

  17. Wonderful images Denise.

  18. Absolutely! These all deserve appreciative eyes! I have never seen a hot air balloon in a mountain landscape like that! Love these. Thanks for resurrecting them.

    • Thanks Linda! That’s our local hot air balloon ride … we see it fairly often. The haze from the September fires in California created the layering effect.

  19. Oh yes, these do deserve to be posted as well. Another beautiful series, Denise, I cannot pick just one favorite. Isn’t it fun to go back through files and ‘find’ a gem of a photo?!! Lucky you to find all of these. I bet you have more to find…..I cannot imagine you taking a bad photo. 🙂

  20. What a wonderful end of the year idea, to showcase these unseen photos. “Over The Cimarrons” just blew me away. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday, Denise.

  21. Your work is a constant WOW for me and I love the “over the cimarrons” and the “dead pines”. Thank you for sharing your wonderful photo art.

  22. I love “Ready for the Winter” and “September Surprise” – and the winter images are so pretty, too. It’s been a pleasure seeing all the photos from your corner of the world – I feel I have a good sense of it now.

  23. Such beautiful captures! Each scene a different feeling. So glad you shared these, Denise! Always a pleasure to appreciate the perspective through your lens.

  24. Denise! Love the photos. This is the kind of landscape photography I really enjoy. You can feel your connection to the places you photograph.

  25. You are so talented! I love Autumn Colors. I like them all but that is my favorite!

  26. It seems as though i was thumbing through a national geo mag. great eye

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