I didn’t realize how many photos with structures I’ve shot recently until I started reviewing my folders. I like to work my photography in stages … shooting mode, processing mode, then posting. Processing is often necessary to decide whether or not I like a particular image and if it’s worthy of showing on my blog. After I’ve processed several different shoots I like to review them and put them in collections. Sometimes I set aside images when they fit an idea for a future post. I find that showing a set of related images is often stronger than showing just one, especially when blogging. Images that I think would make good wall art end up on my online store site and favorites will likely be included in my traditional year-end gallery.

Somewhere in there I try to keep up with my awesome fellow photogs whether they blog or use Facebook. I appreciate the views and comments of others which not only encourages me but let’s me know if my stories are being conveyed. Feedback often helps me decide which images to print or include on my store website. Thank you to my visitors and followers … I appreciate you very much!

‘After The Storm’ © Denise Bush
‘Divide House In Blizzard’ © Denise Bush
‘Barn Below Mountain’ © Denise Bush
‘Shack Among Willows’ © Denise Bush
‘Leaning Barn Under Blue Sky’ © Denise Bush
‘Leaning Barn & Buildings’ © Denise Bush
‘Leaning Barn In Winter’ © Denise Bush
‘In A Field’ © Denise Bush
‘A True Grit Winter’ © Denise Bush
‘Telluride Way’ © Denise Bush


Wonderful Winter

Snow has been a little light this year but I’ve managed to get out several times with my camera, to capture some of the white stuff! The condition of the roads this time of year reduces the number of accessible locations … unless you own a snowmobile, or want to snowshoe or cross-country ski. I’ve been content to stay close to home, revisiting spots I know and looking to discover new ones. There are always new angles and compositions waiting to be found and here are a few favorites.

‘San Juan Siesta’ © Denise Bush
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‘Cottonwood Companions’ © Denise Bush
‘Winter Pasture in B&W’ © Denise Bush
notecards, unframed, framed, canvas, acrylic, metal prints available
‘Cottonwood With Hawk’ © Denise Bush
‘Cow In Winter Pasture’ © Denise Bush
‘Doe At Day’s End’ © Denise Bush
‘Highlight Hill’ © Denise Bush
‘Last Light On Cimarron Ridge’ © Denise Bush
‘A Favorite Sunset View’ © Denise Bush

Abandoned Utah

The West has its share of abandoned buildings, and cars too … usually leftovers from mining or pioneer days. Simply built and now weathered, many seem to be hanging by a thread and against all odds! I’ve already discovered many that are close to home, and within reach, so it’s always fun to look for new opportunities when I branch out. Subjects that have a natural setting and historic charm appeal to me. Here are some favorites found during my November trip in Utah.

‘Deserted In The Desert’ © Denise Bush
‘Desert Resting Place’ © Denise Bush
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‘Pioneer Homestead’ © Denise Bush
‘Ghost Town Portal’ © Denise Bush
‘Alone In The Desert’ © Denise Bush
‘Missing Bell Mystery’ © Denise Bush
‘Old Red’ © Denise Bush

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