Wonderful Winter


Snow has been a little light this year but I’ve managed to get out several times with my camera, to capture some of the white stuff! The condition of the roads this time of year reduces the number of accessible locations … unless you own a snowmobile, or want to snowshoe or cross-country ski. I’ve been content to stay close to home, revisiting spots I know and looking to discover new ones. There are always new angles and compositions waiting to be found and here are a few favorites.

‘San Juan Siesta’ © Denise Bush
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‘Cottonwood Companions’ © Denise Bush

‘Cottonwood With Hawk’ © Denise Bush

‘Cow In Winter Pasture’ © Denise Bush

‘Doe At Day’s End’ © Denise Bush

‘Highlight Hill’ © Denise Bush

‘Last Light On Cimarron Ridge’ © Denise Bush

‘A Favorite Sunset View’ © Denise Bush

48 Responses to “Wonderful Winter”

  1. Yup. You left me with no words…again! 😉

  2. Beautiful images of winter. Great shots. thank you very much.

  3. 5 dadphotographer

    Well done

  4. 7 Deb

    Looking great Denise! And a little wildlife to boot!

  5. I hope you’ll have enough to produce the water you need for the rest of the year….lovely photos…you might guess my favorite is “Cottonwood Companions” what a beauty! I don’t doubt for a minute that there are always more ways to see the places you have been visiting for years.

  6. 12 Vickie Bush

    Stunning as usual Denise!

  7. Those paid off for you to go out in the snow. These are gorgeous. When it is cold outside, I do not want to step out of my house 🙂

    • It’s definitely more difficult to get out when it’s cold but necessary here in Colorado! Our winters are long! Thanks for your visit and comment. 🙂

  8. Wonderfully refreshing images.

  9. So pretty. Doe at Day’s End has really beautiful lighting. Winter’s palette captured perfectly throughout this collection.

  10. All images are so beautiful.

  11. Lovely shots, Denise. That doe looks like she is expecting. 🙂 Favorites are the last one with the cool sunset clouds and ‘Cottonwood Companions.’ Nice!

    • Thanks Eliza! I thought the doe looked pregnant too … twins maybe since I shot this back in December. Looking a little big for such a short time since mating season.

  12. Its nice to see snow in these beautiful images. I’m hoping we get some decent snow here. Love the colors in the San Juan Siesta but the one I keep going back to is the Cottonwood Companions. There is something “grand” about it.

    • Thank you for keeping in touch Season!!! Others have mentioned ‘Cottonwood Companions’ as a favorite too. We have at least another month of winter if not longer. We had a big snow in the middle of May last year. Hope all is well back in good ole NJ!

  13. Beautiful stillness in the snow landscapes 🙂

  14. Wow! I love all these images – so nicely composed and always a bonus when you can capture some wildlife amidst the the gorgeous scenery!

  15. Beautiful images, Denise. I always enjoy viewing your images.

  16. Gorgeous winter landscapes, the shot with doe and sunset in on treetops is quite spectacular!

  17. Awesome images!

  18. Gorgeous captures, Denise, the last one is magical, I love it!

  19. I loved the peaceful sense of winter’s stillness in these photos. Cottonwood Companions is my favourite. These photos made me miss seeing the snow again.

    • Thank you Mary … that’s one of the reason’s I love winter too. We are getting a few flakes today and our winter is certainly not over yet.

  20. Looking through each image I thought, “Oh, this is my favorite!” Then I’d scroll to the next one and that was my favorite! I do love the Cottonwood images, and the Doe the best.
    Your landscapes are wonderful.

  21. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  22. Those are delicate and elegant images of winter. I love the subdue colours.

    • Thank you VERY much Otto! I like that word ‘elegant’. It’s so nice to get compliments from experts like you who know about photography. (I have been perplexed lately by some of the rave reviews deficient photography receives on Facebook.)

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