I didn’t realize how many photos with structures I’ve shot recently until I started reviewing my folders. I like to work my photography in stages … shooting mode, processing mode, then posting. Processing is often necessary to decide whether or not I like a particular image and if it’s worthy of showing on my blog. After I’ve processed several different shoots I like to review them and put them in collections. Sometimes I set aside images when they fit an idea for a future post. I find that showing a set of related images is often stronger than showing just one, especially when blogging. Images that I think would make good wall art end up on my online store site and favorites will likely be included in my traditional year-end gallery.

Somewhere in there I try to keep up with my awesome fellow photogs whether they blog or use Facebook. I appreciate the views and comments of others which not only encourages me but let’s me know if my stories are being conveyed. Feedback often helps me decide which images to print or include on my store website. Thank you to my visitors and followers … I appreciate you very much!

‘After The Storm’ © Denise Bush

‘Divide House In Blizzard’ © Denise Bush

‘Barn Below Mountain’ © Denise Bush

‘Shack Among Willows’ © Denise Bush

‘Leaning Barn Under Blue Sky’ © Denise Bush

‘Leaning Barn & Buildings’ © Denise Bush

‘Leaning Barn In Winter’ © Denise Bush

‘In A Field’ © Denise Bush

‘A True Grit Winter’ © Denise Bush

‘Telluride Way’ © Denise Bush


41 Responses to “Posted”

  1. 1 DWPhotoworks

    Wonderful images, as always, Denise. It still makes me homesick for when I lived in Colorado. Such a beautiful area for a photographer.

  2. Very beautiful photographs, Denise! I love old barns, but the ones we have are a bit different in appearance. What’s sad though is most of them are disappearing, or rather getting demolished, all in the name of development. Glad you shared these photos. 🙂

  3. 5 Diane St Peter

    I’m glad you made the statement “Processing is often necessary to decide whether or not I like a particular image and if it’s worthy of showing on my blog.” I feel the same way. Sometimes a photo that just didn’t seem perfect, comes alive after post processing ! You also said “After I’ve processed several different shoots I like to review them and put them in collections” I would like to learn more about how you use collections ??? So much to learn !

    • Thank you very much Diane! Well, if you scroll through my blog you will see how I put related images together and write about them. Sometimes I don’t know what I’ll write until I do put them together. I am a big fan of self-assignments and have a list of themes I want to work on. It’s just the way I work and not something I learned to do from anyone else … although other bloggers will often do the same. Small sets as in this post might contain images that I put in larger collections on my store website. ‘Remnants & Remains’, ‘Colorful Colorado’, ‘Unique Utah’, and ‘Tremendous Trees’ are just a few of the collections I add select images to. Any one of these collections could become a solo show. I’ve already had a ‘Tremendous Trees’ exhibit and 2 ‘Remnants & Remains’ solo exhibits.

      • 7 Diane St Peter

        Ok so you are making your collections here, on the Blog and not in Lightroom ? When you said Collections, my mind went immediately to LR. I assume you make copies to put them in your collection ?

      • I don’t use LR at all! I use Camera Raw out of Bridge and go right to Photoshop. Yes, grouping like images.

  4. 9 Vickie Bush

    Beautiful Denise. Love the texture in Telluride way. True Grit is on Last Dollar Rd ?

  5. Thank you for sharing your great images, Denise.

  6. You have found these old places and have turned them into artful pieces!

  7. Great images per usual, Denise. I like the crouched down low look of the ‘Barn Below Mountain.’ And the ‘Leaning Barn Under Blue Sky’ I find somewhat humorous in that the owner has tried to stave off the effects of time and weather. I feel like this some days! 😉

  8. Telluride Way is my fave of this set. Shack among willows is a close second. Great photos, All!

    • You’ve picked the only 2 verticals in this set which do display larger on my blog. I tend to shoot a lot of verticals even though this set has more horizontals. Thanks so much for your visit and comment, letting me know your favorites!

  9. Gorgeous work as always, Denise! My favorites, I had to pick two, are the ‘Shack Among Willows’ and “A True Grit Winter” captures. I love how the fencing in both lead me to the structure. 🙂

    • Thank you Donna! There are some nice fences here that can create nice leading lines. That house was where the girl lived in the original John Wayne, ‘True Grit’ movie. I’ve shot it many times in different seasons and light.

  10. Good Morning. How nice for me that I get to sip my cup of coffee and look at beautiful creations. I know how much time and dedication went into this. Dress warm and get ready for your next snow so I can see more of these.

    • Thanks Buck. We had a pretty snow last Thursday and it was killing me to get on a plane to Florida without having a chance to take advantage of it. But it was a good trip to spend time with Mom & Dad and we have more snow in the forecast.

  11. Ahh Denise these are filled with so many stories or at least I would imagine. I felt like I was looking through a book. Have you considered putting a book together? I would buy a copy! I enjoy your work very much. Thank you for sharing with us all here!

  12. I think all these photo are great, and they do look better together in a gallery or a post, particularly when there is an underlying coherency as in these photos here. Love the story of desolation and abandonment they tell. I think my favourite is the last one, for the strong, compressed perspective and the the lines leading into the photo. And also the almost monochromatic palette lends strength to the image.

  13. “Telluride Way” is a gem – I love the very top of it, all the white, like a watercolor, and the way that’s echoed at the bottom, all those diagonals, the whole color palette, and the barn in front comes forward JUST the right amount….just gorgeous! You might guess I really like all the fine lines of dried plants in “Shack…” Very atmospheric. And it’s fun to see Divide House before and after. Or I should say, during and after. The brown family never looked so good, right?

  14. These old buildings, though dilapidated, still have presence.

  15. You have a way with words, and photography. “Barn Below Mountain” is my favorite in this post. The composition and weather make for a beautiful photograph!

  16. I too correlate my images to go along with my posts, but as I was reading about your process it occurred to me that when I look at fellow bloggers’ photos I usually study them for their individual stories rather than their collective narrative. In this group, “After the Storm” caught my attention because of its yearning quality.

    • Yes … a lot of bloggers put their images together and in many different ways which keeps it interesting. I tend to see a lot of travel and day-trip reports. Of course I’d like to think the images can stand alone and I wouldn’t include them otherwise. For me the writing often ties them together in another way. Thanks for your visit and relevant comment!

  17. 36 Angela Moyer

    Very nice!

  18. Gorgeous scenery and old barns, and wood houses!

    I love the cabin in the willows, and those leading lines the patches of snow created. Good eye!

    The cabin with the blue sky is lovely, and the image with the zig zag fence and building remind me of an old west fort.

    I loved this series!

    • Thank you Deborah. That house with the zigzag fence was in the original True Grit movie with John Wayne. It was where the little girl lived. Thank you for your visit and comment … I like hearing what catches your attention!

  19. I think all these photo is amazing… lovely capture!!

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