Goodbye To Winter …


Until We Meet Again!

Here is my yearly ‘goodbye to winter’ post … a little later here in Colorado than other places. Bidding goodbye doesn’t mean I won’t post more images with snow! It could still happen. Last year we got a foot of snow in the middle of May. The snow will remain on the peaks for a little while but probably not as long as last year since we didn’t get as much. Following are a few leftover wintry scenes from some of the places I visited. Next to fall, winter is my favorite season to shoot the landscape so I will certainly welcome its return.

‘Winter Mesa Scene’ © Denise Bush

‘Cimarron Finale’ © Denise Bush
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‘Sneffels On Ice’ © Denise Bush

‘Silent Snow In Aspen Forest’  © Denise Bush

‘Last Light Near Hayden’ © Denise Bush

‘Sun Lighting Willows’ © Denise Bush

‘Minimal View’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

‘Distant Winter Mountain’ © Denise Bush

38 Responses to “Goodbye To Winter …”

  1. Your captures are fantastic. I wish you a lovely weekend.

    • Thank you Isabel. Relaxing this weekend after a trip to Utah canyon country last Tuesday through Friday.Hope you are having a good weekend too.

  2. Your winter landscapes show off the gentle pastels of the season. The sunlight willows however show a brighter side to the time of year. I think I like that one the best. Beautiful work.

    • Thank you Buck … I appreciate you always taking the time to look at my photos and I am always interested in what you think! Miss you!

  3. This is a beautiful good bye Winter.

  4. 7 Deb

    Beautiful as always!!
    I absolutely LOVE “Last light near Hayden” and “Sun lighting willows”! Miss you! 💖

  5. Wow, these are wonderful, Denise. You’ve captured the exquisite beauty of winter! I esp. love the last three. ❤

  6. Well done. Looking for spring.

    • Thanks Chuck. Not spring-like here yet. We got some snow and rain last night and the reports say they got more a little higher up.

  7. Stunning Denise! Thank you for sharing the amazing beauty in your part of Colorado with such skill and passion.

  8. 16 Angela Moyer

    Beautiful work, Denise. My favorite is the Aspens! Love the simplicity of the scene!

    • Thanks Angie. The aspen image came from our near Telluride outing during the snow storm. F/4 gave me the nice soft background.

  9. Stunning series of photos and magnificent scenery Denise. Had a fair amount of snow here – enjoyed getting out and walking in the snow covered landscape, particularly along Hadrian’s Wall.

  10. I also think the Aspens is a stand out photo. Beautiful landscapes too.

    • Thank you Andrew! The title for the aspen image came from a movie I saw as a kid. The title of it has always stuck with me ‘Silent Snow, Secret Snow’.

  11. Very nice, Denise. You certainly found some beautiful scenes to shoot.

  12. 24 Vickie Bush

    Love that sun on the rocks, some of my favorites in your photos. Bet you got some beauties in Utah this week. Looking forward to seeing them!

    • Thanks Vic! I think I got some keepers from our camping trip to Utah. Now that I’ve gotten winter out of the way I’ll start processing them … in between working a lot this week.

  13. Love winter also… many peeps in the club and work can’t wait for it to end. One look at your comps and they should think otherwise!!!

  14. Beautiful images Denise.

  15. It’s been a long time since I saw snow, Denise, and I forgot how beautiful it can be. Loved Sneffels on Ice – absolutely majestic.

    • Thank you Mary! Sneffels is the most local 14,000+ mountain. There are several here in the San Juan’s of Colorado and some adventurers make a point to hike/climb each one. My husband and son have been up there!

  16. Beautiful, Denise.

    We got six inches of snow on Easter and four inches yesterday in Western Illinois. Mother Nature is being temperamental!

    • Nice to hear from you Sharon … thank you! We got a bit and the peaks more on Saturday, and now there is snow in forecast for Thursday … that’s just how it is here!

  17. I can see why winter is a favorite….and you got a “two-fer” with the photo that has snow in the background and those gorgeous willows in the foreground. But Spring can’t be bad either, where you live!

    • Hi Lynn. We wait for the snow to melt enough so the roads and trails are open and accessible in the high in the mountain basins. I like that there is still snow on the peaks in the spring. Thanks for looking!

  18. Breathtaking captures, Denise.

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