Lakeside In Spring


A recent two-night camping trip with my husband, Brent took us northeast from home. We traveled through four mountain passes and breathtaking Colorado scenery. We stopped at Twin Lakes in Lake County on our second morning, and later decided to camp there. They are some of the prettiest lakes I have ever seen and I was happy to be able to shoot there on three occasions. The clouds and wind rolled in and out quickly so catching the reflections on still water, and skies with nice cloud patterns required moments of luck. In many places the spring aspens added welcome bright accents. It was fun to explore a little further from home and using our son’s truck camper made it affordable too. We also visited a couple of ghost towns which I will feature in an upcoming post. Thanks for visiting!

‘Mountain Greens’ © Denise Bush
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‘Last Light Lakeside’ © Denise Bush

‘Rocky Mountain Mirror’ © Denise Bush

‘Dam At Days End’ © Denise Bush

‘Backlight On The Dam’ © Denise Bush

‘Cloud Cover’ © Denise Bush

‘Rippled Mountains’ © Denise Bush

46 Responses to “Lakeside In Spring”

  1. My eyes are watering! Beatification captures and framing!

  2. Beautiful country and great reflections, Denise. Not a soul in sight!
    My favorites are ‘Rocky Mountain Mirror’ and ‘Heaven on Earth’ – so lovely!

    • Thank you Eliza! Yes, not a soul in sight …. one of the reasons I loved it so much. Thanks for letting me know your favorites!

  3. 5 Deb

    What an awesome trip! Spectacular captures as always!! “Mountain greens” and “Heaven on earth” are my favs!

    • Thanks Deb! It was fun to venture out since around home has become quite familiar. Thanks for letting me know your favs … must be mine too since those are the ones I added to the store.

  4. 7 mz&cho

    Your photos are stunning! Love them all.

  5. Can never get enough of skies, wow the clouds!

    • Clouds are very important in my landscape work and I have become quite picky about them. I’m always looking for a pleasing and balanced cloudy sky. The clouds can appear and disappear quickly here.

  6. love that backlight on the dam

  7. Very beautiful

  8. 15 Linda Kamholz


    • Hi Linda … I was very surprised to see your comment because I was just thinking of you yesterday! I was wondering if you still have family in Colorado and if you are still enjoying photography. Thanks for your visit!

  9. They’re beautiful Denise, and it must have been so wonderful to be there. I love what’s happening in the vertical – Dam at Day’s End – the way it almost becomes an abstract, with bands of water, reflections, hills, sky and clouds. And something about the first photo – Mountain Greens – puts me right into the picture. Maybe it’s the light on the plants in the foreground. I feel like I’m there.

    • Thank you very much Lynn. Your insightful comments help me to know if my photos are working. I’m glad you can appreciate ‘Dam At Day’s End’ … more majestic photos usually get the likes. As you describe … there is a quiet alignment of elements here.

  10. Wow, these are absolutely phenomenal and invoke a sense of deep peace! What a beautiful place to camp. I have never been. Thank you for sharing these with us, Denise! Amazing!

    • You should go Victoria … the lakes are closer to you. There are a couple of campgrounds there but not much else. Look on a map between Leadville and Buena Vista. I’m glad you like … thanks for the visit and comment.

      • I would love to! I’ll have to add them to my summer bucket list. Thank you for the recommendation and location.

  11. Loved how you captured those reflections.

  12. 24 Elizabeth Jackson

    These all represent Heaven on Earth. So beautiful. Bring on the Ghost Towns!

  13. Beautiful pictures! They look so crisp!

  14. 29 Frances mccann

    Denise, MaryAnn has been forwarding us a bunch of your gorgeous photos from Colorado—- I taught Danny in third grade.. hope he is doing well. have a son that loves photography—- he was even thinking of doing the Colorado trail this summer, he’s doing Sequoia instead. Hope these photos will inspire him to visit the state. Fran Mccann

    • Nice to hear from you … I remember you. Dan is doing well and is very into all the outdoor activities Colorado has to offer. You could sign up to follow this blog yourself. You’ll only get a notice 1 or 2 times a month, when I post. Your email will not be shared. Take care and thanks very much for the note!

  15. 31 Vickie Bush

    Really outstanding Denise! Some of my favorite photos seem to have water. Beautiful reflections.

  16. Ah, that big bold, big sky, big mountain country. You capture it so beautifully.

  17. Beautiful!

  18. 37 Angela Moyer

    Excellent! Can’t go wrong in this special part of Colorado, your work is so beautiful!

  19. Gorgeous scenery and reflections! I’d be happy camping there.

  20. Beautiful images, Denise. I always enjoy viewing your images. Glad you and Brent had such a good time and Iook forward to seeing the ghost town images.

    • Thanks Ken … I’ll get to those ghost town pics … just haven’t been in the processing mood. Went to a really cool old mill high up in the mountains on a jeep road Saturday … those will come first since I already started working on them.

  21. 43 Barbara Milloy

    Beautiful Denise, Barbara Milloy from Tabernacle, Nj

  22. I’m going through your posts backwards because its been a while since I’ve visited your blog. You seem to be developing a more painterly feel to your work while still making it look like a photograph. It makes your already distinctive style even more distinctive.

    • Thanks for catching up Rich. I am processing pretty much the same as I always have so maybe it’s the scenery that is more painterly. I might be paying more attention to clouds these days … as in this set, kind of painterly.

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