Ghost Town Portals


A recent visit to an old mining ghost town gave me the opportunity to add to my Windows & Doors Gallery! I’ve written about the symbolic meaning of windows and doors before. Windows and doors belonging to old, weathered buildings act as portals to the past. For me, they offer a lot for the imagination … whether looking out or in. From the outside, this set invites us to wonder about the past, and the possibility of ghosts within!

‘Spring Green Accents’ © Denise Bush
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‘Faded Memories’ © Denise Bush

‘Picket Fence Entrance’ © Denise Bush

‘Boarded-up Secrets’ © Denise Bush

35 Responses to “Ghost Town Portals”

  1. 1 Cathie

    I don’t know how you find these places. So fascinating.

  2. 3 Angela Moyer

    Love! Favorite is pink geraniums!

  3. 5 Elizabeth Jackson

    No way can I pick a favorite from this bunch. LOVE them ALL!!!!

  4. Great photos, per usual, Denise. Are those real geraniums? They must be fake, right? I like ‘Spring Green Accents’ – a bit of new to go with the old.

    • Oh yes … the geraniums were fake. There were still a few people living in this town but I don’t think in that building.

  5. Beautiful work Denise, a fascinating series of photos. Really enjoyed viewing your Windows & Doors Gallery.

  6. Lovely images, great capture of the faded colours and the weathering.

  7. 13 Deb

    Fantastic images! I love the pop of green in “Spring green accents” and I love the unexpected pretty flowers in “Pink geraniums “.

  8. Lovely photos, Denise, full of character, history and memories.

  9. Doors welcome and keep at bay. Some bid the weary traveler to enter, while others, locked and bolted, offer no solace or warm fire. Windows whisper to the wanderer that a world awaits, or, are shallow reminders of a world defined by panes of glass held together by slender, skeletal frames of wood. Great images that point to old, old stories!

  10. Wonderful – I’m sure I saw someone peering through that window…

  11. Great captures of these doors and windows!

  12. Lovely…st. e?

  13. I’m such a sucker for your windows and doors series. That “Boarded-up secrets” looks like a metaphorical Band-aid!

  14. These are so fantastic Denise! I have a real draw toward windows and doors myself so these really tickled my fancy! So many feelings evoked. Beautiful!

    • Thanks Victoria! I recall shooting some windows & doors in Crested Butte during the Wildflower Festival a few years ago. How are the flowers looking for this year’s Fest with our lack of rain?

      • There are many great windows and doors here! I have a small collection of captures haha but a new one always catches my eye in a way I’d think I’d never seen it before! Some of the flowers have already gone to seed but others like paintbrush and gilia are withstanding the drought. I haven’t been to high in the alpine this year due to work so not sure how they’re managing up there but I look forward to checking it out soon!

      • When in Crested Butte for the Wildflower Fest a few years back I walked around town shooting windows, doors & gardens. I thought I might do that again this week.

  15. These are wonderful, Denise, I love the colors. Very appealing!

  16. Wonderfully composed vignettes!

  17. I find these old ghost towns fascinating. It’s like people suddenly left and didn’t even have time to bring everything along. I like the focus on the details of windows and doors in this series. Tells it all in a concentrated visual language.

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