Country Findings

Well … I’ve been at it again … roaming the countryside looking for something, anything, that speaks to me! This set combines some country charm with historic remains. Some of these images were shot on a fun group outing with two photo friends, and others on enjoyable solo adventures, wandering back roads. I thoroughly enjoy both types of outings and feel I have a good balance. I have a friend who likes the same subjects as me and we get together once or twice a month to scout and shoot. It’s great to be able to bounce ideas off one another and enlightening to see how different or similar our images are when we are finished editing them. We’ve traded Photoshop know-how and other tips and tricks, gadgets and more. We have a list of places a little further from home we want to visit together. (Thanks for being my friend, Angie!) As mentioned, I also enjoy going out on my own and do so most often. Creating work when I am in this solitary state is important … it is self-expression, influenced only by me. It’s quiet and I can immerse myself into my surroundings, becoming at times, a zen-like experience. I hope you like these country findings! Let me know you were here by leaving a note in the comments link at the end of this post!

‘Little Cabin & Outhouse’ © Denise Bush
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‘Outhouse With Red Door’ © Denise Bush
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‘Little Cabin In Aspens’ © Denise Bush
‘Growing Up All Around’ © Denise Bush
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‘Store Open’ © Denise Bush
‘Before It’s Gone’ © Denise Bush
‘Deserted Dream’ © Denise Bush
‘Rusty Red Roof’ © Denise Bush
‘Looming Sky Over Ranch’ © Denise Bush
‘Storm’s Approach’ © Denise Bush

Mesa Meanderings

A few of my favorite photo spots are on top of mesas, including the one I live on … but this post is about other nearby places. Mesas are flat top mountains … often with great land for living, ranching, sight-seeing or photography! The mesa roads are slow and quiet and except for a passerby now and then, I am the only human in sight. Cattle, elk, and mule deer are frequent companions and at twilight I hear nearby coyotes sing. I like to pick a vantage point (sometimes the middle of the road) and soak in details from all directions. With camera ready I observe as the clouds and light affect the sweeping landscape. When the elements come together it’s time to work the scene. Often fleeting I need to think and act quickly to choose camera positions, settings and compositions. I try to capture the vastness, atmosphere, and feeling of being there. I hope you enjoy these meanderings and if you have a favorite, I’d love to know!

‘Distant Lightning Storm’ © Denise Bush
‘Peaceful San Juan View’ © Denise Bush
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‘Mesa Hills & Mountains’ © Denise Bush
notecards, unframed, framed, canvas, acrylic, & metal prints available
‘Cabin Below Wilson’ © Denise Bush
‘Brewing Storm Clouds’ © Denise Bush
‘Smoky Mountain View’ © Denise Bush
‘Ranch Silhouette’ © Denise Bush