Country Findings


Well … I’ve been at it again … roaming the countryside looking for something, anything, that speaks to me! This set combines some country charm with historic remains. Some of these images were shot on a fun group outing with two photo friends, and others on enjoyable solo adventures, wandering back roads. I thoroughly enjoy both types of outings and feel I have a good balance. I have a friend who likes the same subjects as me and we get together once or twice a month to scout and shoot. It’s great to be able to bounce ideas off one another and enlightening to see how different or similar our images are when we are finished editing them. We’ve traded Photoshop know-how and other tips and tricks, gadgets and more. We have a list of places a little further from home we want to visit together. (Thanks for being my friend, Angie!) As mentioned, I also enjoy going out on my own and do so most often. Creating work when I am in this solitary state is important … it is self-expression, influenced only by me. It’s quiet and I can immerse myself into my surroundings, becoming at times, a zen-like experience. I hope you like these country findings! Let me know you were here by leaving a note in the comments link at the end of this post!

‘Little Cabin & Outhouse’ © Denise Bush
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‘Little Cabin In Aspens’ © Denise Bush

‘Growing Up All Around’ © Denise Bush
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‘Store Open’ © Denise Bush

‘Before It’s Gone’ © Denise Bush

‘Deserted Dream’ © Denise Bush

‘Rusty Red Roof’ © Denise Bush

‘Looming Sky Over Ranch’ © Denise Bush

‘Storm’s Approach’ © Denise Bush

43 Responses to “Country Findings”

  1. 1 Deb

    I was here! But I would have rather been there with you! Lol
    These are beautiful Denise, “Little cabin & outhouse”, “Store open” and “Rusty red roof” are my favs!

  2. Great photographs, love how rustic the cabins look and how lush the greens are.

  3. 5 Angela Moyer

    Denise, I think they are all superb but if I had to pick a favourite, it would be “Before it’s Gone”. I like the sway back roofline!

  4. I think shooting alone has benefit as you can spend as much time as you like such as experimenting around.

  5. 9 Mary Ann Silvers

    Once again, Denise, you nailed the beauty of our country with your art. Keep it up.

  6. love these shots – thank you for the tour

  7. The mountains absolutely dwarf these tiny cabins. One must feel humble in this setting! I like the way the eye takes in the curvy road in ‘Rusty Red Roof.’

  8. Rusty Red Roof gets my vote too. A lovely composition that holds the eyes from foreground to back. Before it’s gone is a close second.

  9. 17 Chuck Aitken

    Love them all Denise. Rusty Red Roof one of my favs. Love looking at your work.

  10. Very nice!

  11. Love the aspens (?). The Looming Sky image looks like an ad for “The Big Country” with Gregory Peck and Charlton Heston. I like the feel.

    • Yes … they are aspens. They photograph well when well lit & still … almost like Pointillism. The first 2 were shot after a light rain. That mountain looked so ominous in the stormy light in ‘Looming’. Thanks very much for your thoughts!

  12. I always love your captures of old homes and buildings…..what stories they could tell! Wonderful photos, Denise!

  13. My favorites in this series is the Rusty Roof. I love the s curve, and the little cabin, and the little outhouse. These are wonderful finds.

    Isn’t is nice to like minded friends to go out to do photography with. I’m blessed to a little group to go out with. I need to get out on my own more often than I do.

  14. That does sound like a great balance, Denise. I’m always solo when I’m out photographing, or with my partner, who’s been very patient. 😉 It’s hard to work in tandem with someone but it seems you’ve found someone you can do that with, and the bonus is sharing processing tips, having company on the way there and back, and seeing how another person views the same place. I’m partial to the pictures here that include aspens – that white bark and the verticals work so well with the cool green, and the simple wooden building shapes. Looks like you’re having an enjoyable summer!

    • Thanks Lynn … my friend and I have a lot of fun going out together. Sometimes we split up and find our own vantage points but other times there is only one obvious vantage point and we share. My husband is patient but I don’t like the feeling of someone waiting on me. I think I do my best when I am alone. I am busy helping to put on a big exhibit here but will catch up with your blog soon. 🙂

      • I get it! I too do the best work when I’m alone, but that doesn’t stop me from having the camera at hand at other times. 🙂

  15. nice gallery 🙂

  16. These are superb Denise. A magnificent backdrop for this fascinating array of historic remains. Nice that you have a good balance between solo and joint photo outings.

    I agree, when immersed in the landscape it can become a zen-like experience – an important and rewarding part of the creative process.

  17. “Little Cabin and Outhouse” is so beautiful. I, too, love being outdoors and having that zen like experience when I’m on my own.

  18. Nice photo story. I felt like being with You thru Your beautiful photos.

  19. So beautiful! I love the mix of poetic / idyllic light and setting and decrepit houses / huts in some of the photos.

  20. Deserted Dream is my fav, love the wedge of trees behind the cabin, it embellishes the composition. Also enjoyed you sharing your thoughts on shooting with a friend and alone. Well said!

  21. There is something very beautiful about these lonely house, whether or not in decay. They tell a story about life gone by and about the people who once lived there. You captured them with sensitivity to the story and what the buildings represent. And I agree with you, it’s always fun to see how different photographers see and shoot, even when they stand next to each other.

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