Landscape Potpourri

These days I’m lucky to have the time to keep up with processing and posting my images. All caught up I decided to backtrack through my shoots from the last three months. Lo and behold, I found a few I hadn’t posted before. Sometimes images slip through the cracks or don’t fit into a particular idea for a post. In trying to come up with a title for this collection I also thought about how good creating landscapes makes me feel … they’re good for my soul! I love being there, capturing the scene and later processing to share what it was like to be there. Here are a few you haven’t seen before …

‘Goodnight Mountains’ © Denise Bush
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‘Forest Cascades’ © Denise Bush
‘River At Twilight’ © Denise Bush
‘Light Through Aspen Grove’ © Denise Bush
‘Cottonwood Curve’ © Denise Bush
‘Smoky Moonrise’ © Denise Bush
‘Turrets In Moonlight’ © Denise Bush
‘Beyond The Sunflower Field’ © Denise Bush
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Disappearing Act

It’s happening all across America … cabins, shacks, barns and evidence of our heritage are disappearing! Made from natural materials they are returning to their beginnings, to end their stories in this world. I’ve learned to capture their existence when I see them. They may be gone before I’m there again. When I look around I wonder what will be the historic structures of tomorrow. Made from plastic and other man-made materials I fear they will not be as intriguing as those we can still find today … if we look.

‘Cabin Entry’ © Denise Bush
‘Damage From Above’ © Denise Bush
‘Rusty Ranch’ © Denise Bush
‘Sprouting Cabin’ © Denise Bush
‘Nowhere Cabin” © Denise Bush

Falling Waters

This post highlights two recent waterfall shoots. The first in an alpine basin, ‘Yankee Boy’ and the second at ‘Rifle Falls State Park’. A trip intended for wildflowers ended up being more of a waterfall shoot, high up in the basin. I wasn’t finding the patches of wildflowers in the right places that I was hoping for, so switched my focus after spending a lot of time looking. I was glad I did and was pleased to come away with a couple of images I like. Rifle Falls was a busy place and earlier in the afternoon it was difficult to exclude tourists from the scenery. It so happened that it rained in the early evening and chased all the tourists away allowing my friend and I to have the place to ourselves (for a while). The grass surrounding the misty falls was long and overgrown, blowing in the breeze and spray. I wanted the long exposure for the waterfalls but also wanted the grasses sharp … it seems to have worked out. I didn’t find the overall view of the three falls all that appealing but I will show it here for reference. I liked images that focused on portions instead. There weren’t that many good vantage points but I found a few. I was surprised and pleased to see so much water still flowing in mid-summer. Waterfalls are so refreshing … enjoy!

‘Twin Falls At Sundown’ © Denise Bush
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‘Over The River’ © Denise Bush
‘Wildflower Overlook’ © Denise Bush
‘Falls Overview’ © Denise Bush
‘Falling Fast’ © Denise Bush
‘Splash Down!’ © Denise Bush
‘The Plunge’ © Denise Bush
notecards, unframed, framed, canvas, acrylic, & metal prints available
‘The Cave View’ © Denise Bush