Falling Waters


This post highlights two recent waterfall shoots. The first in an alpine basin, ‘Yankee Boy’ and the second at ‘Rifle Falls State Park’. A trip intended for wildflowers ended up being more of a waterfall shoot, high up in the basin. I wasn’t finding the patches of wildflowers in the right places that I was hoping for, so switched my focus after spending a lot of time looking. I was glad I did and was pleased to come away with a couple of images I like. Rifle Falls was a busy place and earlier in the afternoon it was difficult to exclude tourists from the scenery. It so happened that it rained in the early evening and chased all the tourists away allowing my friend and I to have the place to ourselves (for a while). The grass surrounding the misty falls was long and overgrown, blowing in the breeze and spray. I wanted the long exposure for the waterfalls but also wanted the grasses sharp … it seems to have worked out. I didn’t find the overall view of the three falls all that appealing but I will show it here for reference. I liked images that focused on portions instead. There weren’t that many good vantage points but I found a few. I was surprised and pleased to see so much water still flowing in mid-summer. Waterfalls are so refreshing … enjoy!

‘Twin Falls At Sundown’ © Denise Bush
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‘Over The River’ © Denise Bush

‘Wildflower Overlook’ © Denise Bush

‘Falls Overview’ © Denise Bush

‘Falling Fast’ © Denise Bush

‘Splash Down!’ © Denise Bush

‘The Cave View’ © Denise Bush

47 Responses to “Falling Waters”

  1. Great morning coffee blog and view! All so very refreshing. Really fancy the Wildflower Overlook and The Plunge. Thank you for getting out there.

  2. Excellent post, Denise! All are beautiful, my favorite is “wildflower overlook”!!

  3. Perfect! Wonderful images for a Sunday morning!

  4. Another vote for Wildflower Overlook. The depth is excellent and the composition similarly so. A round of applause for the rain clearing the tourist hordes away 👏🏻👏🏻

  5. Beautiful shots.

  6. Lovely series, Denise. I love waterfalls! ‘Twin Falls At Sundown’ is my favorite with the polished stone in the foreground and storm clouds as a backdrop. Nice!

  7. These are very nice long exposure for those streams of water.

  8. Denise, you know that all images are breathtaking and so professional, and i can only imagine the sheer joy you surely experience during the shoot. And you know that I have to pick the winner so it is The Cave View. What a unique composition!!

  9. 17 Joe Perno

    I keep picking my Favorite then I see the next one! Exceptional Denise.

  10. Beautifully captured!! A great set of photos of waterfalls.

  11. You sure did make the most of your visit! I love the one with the yellow flowers in the foreground, and the little cascades of falls behind them, and Cave View.

    All the images are lovely!

  12. Beautiful images Denise!

  13. 25 Deb

    Absolutely stunning Denise! ♥️

    • Hi Deb! You and I have done several waterfall shoots together when I think back … Ricketts Glen, Adirondacks, White Mountains, Smokies! I don’t shoot them so much around here … most require some tough hikes which would be made tougher carrying a tripod and gear. Thank you … I’m glad you like. XO

  14. Twin Falls is super nice. I’m a sucker for cloud structures, particularly over a beautiful waterfall. Also, I like that the cloud area is somewhat triangular and they say that helps impact.

  15. Beautiful shots of falling water. I love waterfalls. “The Plunge” is my favourite shot, Denise!

  16. 31 Vickie Bush

    Stunning Denise! See ya soon.

  17. These are refreshing and breath-taking, Denise! I was going to tell you which one was my favorite, but I can’t, I love them all. Beautiful work!

  18. Gorgeous compositions, think the plunge is my fav! Know what you mean, love when a rain storm passes through the landscape – extra drama & clears out the tourists 😊

  19. I really love the light in the first photo – the clouds added to the whole, everything is cool and bluish, in the best way. The highlights, the dark colors in the rocks, they are all just perfect. And i think the upward angle also makes the image feel good, if you know what I mean.
    I don’t know how you got that silky water along with sharpness everywhere else – wow.
    One thing I like about the overview photo is the way it shows the lushness happening at the foot of the falls, in contrast to the rocks (though in truth, I guess everything was pretty lush there!).
    The last photo – wow! That is a spectacular look, the way the rocks curve around. It must have been loud there! You know, it’s like something a landscape designer would dream up for someone’s island home. And you captured the look beautifully.

    • Thank you Lynn … that one is my favorite too. The only way to get the water silky and everything else sharp is with a tripod because it is a long exposure. It was very lush around Rifle Falls … even mid summer it was coming down fast and there was a lot of spray. I imagine when it is windy everything gets watered very well.

  20. The last photo is my favorite of the series, though I appreciate them all as I especially love waterfalls, but there is something mesmerizing about the last one to me! Lovely work, Denise!

  21. Running or falling water is such a joy whenever we come across it on hikes or out in Mother Nature. Particularly for a photographer. But it’s not always easy to catch the beauty without making the photo into a cliche. You did excellently. These images are gorgeous. I love the perspective and the rich colour tones.

    • Thank you very much for the kind comment! I would love to photograph more waterfalls but most of them around here require quite a bit of hiking … difficult with a tripod, heavy camera and plenty of water. I’ve decided I need a Jeep.

  22. Very nice post, Denise! I have to say that “Twin Falls at Sundown” is my favorite for the same reasons that several others have pointed out.
    Nowadays, it seems that water and tripods are the heaviest thing to lug around. Cameras are relatively light….until you start adding up several lenses.

    • Someday I’ll get a light mirror less camera … for now I have to be content with my heavy Canon 5D lll. I just got a sturdy daypack that it fits into nicely with side pockets for water. My camera backpack fits 4 lenses & is way too heavy for climbing in the high elevations where the air is thin. Thanks for your comment … I’m going to print that one!

      • Here in Nevada, we have nearby mountains that are in the 10-11,000 foot range. Although not as high as Colorado, we usually don’t have nearby water, so I can relate to your pack weight/thin air issues.

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