Disappearing Act


It’s happening all across America … cabins, shacks, barns and evidence of our heritage are disappearing! Made from natural materials they are returning to their beginnings, to end their stories in this world. I’ve learned to capture their existence when I see them. They may be gone before I’m there again. When I look around I wonder what will be the historic structures of tomorrow. Made from plastic and other man-made materials I fear they will not be as intriguing as those we can still find today … if we look.

‘Cabin Entry’ © Denise Bush

‘Damage From Above’ © Denise Bush

‘Rusty Ranch’ © Denise Bush

‘Sprouting Cabin’ © Denise Bush

‘Nowhere Cabin” © Denise Bush

26 Responses to “Disappearing Act”

  1. Would love to hear the stories they have to tell – if only they could talk! Lovely photos.

  2. You know I’m a sucker for these. You raise an interesting question about our relics, as seen in the future.

  3. Part of our heritage fading away. Esp. love the lines and sandy brown colors in ‘Cabin Entry.’

  4. 7 avres856

    Like the objects in a Zen tea ceremony, these things made of natural materials absorb the changes, something from those that lived in them or used them. Character.

    Plastic and modern metals may last longer, but they absorb little life. No Character.

  5. Lovely pictures of these structures made from natural materials! I think you are right about the future, the man-made materials would replace them. I think when that time come, only these well captured pictures will tell the story of the old past.

  6. I too share your love all things old and forgotten. You do such an amazing job capturing that feeling!

    • I know you do and have had fun discovering quite a few places together … including all the subjects in this post. Thanks for appreciating my take on these finds. 🙂

  7. 13 Vickie Bush

    Love these. I have always been drawn to photos of all old architecture. Wouldn’t you love to know some of the stories there.

  8. Great finds! I share your appreciation for soon to be lost relics of our forgotten past. Art will preserve them for future generations.

  9. As always, I love how you capture our disappearing past. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Not sure what it is about these old abandoned structures, but they have such a visual appeal…not to mention historic. Your shots are awesome!!

  11. I dream of visiting such places! Here in Soggyland (AKA the UK), it’s a very different picture. Everything turns green and gets overgrown. Quite a contrast to this.

    • We could have used some of your soggy weather! There have been many wildfires here in Colorado and other western states this summer. Thanks for your visit and comment!

  12. Beautiful photos of these abandoned barns,cabins… like the third especially.

  13. These are beautiful, I am glad you find and photograph their existence, giving them lovely character and the marvel of wondering what stories those buildings could tell us. 🙂

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