Complementary Companions


It has been a little while since I last posted because I’ve been busy shooting fall every chance I get. Peak foliage here, in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado is generally between mid-September and mid-October. It’s a four week, spectacular show and I don’t want to miss any of it! I will have plenty to wade through and work on. I already have so much I wasn’t quite sure where to start on this rainy day. I picked out a few that feature autumn colors with mountain backdrops. Put these two together and it is not only a sight to behold but one to be thankful for … and that I am!

‘Autumn Blend’ © Denise Bush
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‘Mountain Layers In Autumn’ © Denise Bush

‘Peek-A-Boo Mountain’ © Denise Bush

‘Golden Highlights’ © Denise Bush

40 Responses to “Complementary Companions”

  1. Wow!!!

  2. Ooh, lovely vistas, Denise! Absolutely dazzling!

    • Thanks Eliza. We are expecting more rain for late in the week which often hastens falling leaves. The plan is to get out there the next couple of days!

  3. Beautiful autumn colours.

    • Thank you! We have more orange and even red aspens this year. I heard a weather guy say it was because of our summer drought and the trees being stressed.

  4. They are gorgeous. That is interesting to learn that Fall started from mid Sept to mid Oct. over there. Leaves do not change colors yet round mid east coast. I think it would be from mid Oct on ward.

  5. Gorgeous shots!

  6. A wonderful sight to behold!

    • Hey Carlos … went out today, perhaps for the last time with the aspens … suppose to rain for 3 days then snow! The cottonwoods will peak soon and can be very pretty too.

      • Rain… then snow?! Then you will have Winter-scapes to share! Yes!! 🙂 Always appreciate your work.

  7. Beautiful, Denise! My favorite is Mountain Layers in Autumn! Glad you are having fun chasing colors!! I know I am!

  8. Beautiful photos are taken by one with a beautiful eye for composition, color and creativity.

    • Gosh … now I miss you even more! 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting Mike. I like knowing that you have been here and know what it is like.

  9. 19 Ken Curtis

    The colors and your photographs capturing them are terrific. I very much enjoyed viewing them.

  10. Amazing gallery Denise.

  11. Absolutely lovely! I adore autumn and even more so enjoying everyone’s captures!

  12. Oh colorful Colorado! Beautiful, Denise!

    • Thank you Linda … it has been a very colorful fall!

      • I will miss our fall this year. My last voyage into the backcountry was too early and I’m about to leave for a 3 week trip. My maple has barely begun to blush. I’m sure when I return it will have turned bright red and lost its leaves. And of course, I’ve had my head down and missed the glory in the mountains. At least I won’t miss your lovely images. 😉

  13. Stunning colours! And the mountains as backdrops make for grand perspectives and scales.

  14. Indian Summer Sunset is wonderfully different, with the pink and lavender-lined clouds vying for attention with those gorgeous golden trees…the greens hold it all together….what a sight! I like the Mountain Layers, too, for the layers, obviously! 😉 I’m curious about the color of the mountain top in the first photo – it seems so warm. Is hat snow up there, with clouds casting shadows on it, or rock? I’m glad you’re having fun, Denise!

    • Hi Lynn …I’m glad you asked. That is Red Mountain between Ouray & Silverton. There are actually 3 of them #1, #2 & #3 but I’m not sure which this is. The light color is light rock highlighted by the sun spotlighting it. Thanks for your visit and likes!

  15. 32 Virginia Rice

    Denise my grandson just came back from Dillion and said how beautiful the trees were. As usual you captured falls delight.

  16. That’s what I’d call a target rich environment.

    • It is beautiful here but rugged. I’ve found that shooting in the mountains has its own set of challenges. It is very dependent on the weather for one thing. Many of my subjects are far away on dirt roads. There are not as many roads in the winter. Hiking at a high elevation with heavy camera gear is tough! Just to name a few of the challenges.:-) Thanks for your visit and note Dave!

      • If it was easy everybody would be there. I’m guessing you don’t regret the extra effort, considering the results. 🙂

  17. These are gorgeous, Denise! Sorry for my absence, but I’m excited to catch up with your posts and beautiful work! 🙂

    • You never have to apologize or feel like you have to see and comment on every post. I know how hard it is to keep up with all the wonderful bloggers who visit and comment on our posts. I have a hard time keeping up too! Thanks so much for your loyalty! I love my blogging friends! 🙂

  18. Outstanding, I particularly love Mountain Layers! Due to a busy schedule, I mostly missed out on autumn colors this fall. But I’m sure I’ll be able to enjoy Mother Nature’s fall splendor in catching up on your blog.

    • I’m glad you like Mountain Layers. That group of mountains is probably my favorite. I think the shapes are so pretty and I especially like the one on the right. My Christmas card (posted here Dec. 22) is the same mountains but from across a frozen lake.

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