Autumn Roads ~ 2018


I love driving along country roads any time of the year but especially in the fall. Judging from all the tourists, other photographers and people telling me so, I’m guessing you do too! Autumn road images have been among my favorites in the past so I made it a goal to add to my collection this year. This is my fourth fall living here, in the beautiful San Juan Mountains. Searching for fresh compositions, I was happy to discover a few new roads and vantage points I want to show you. So come on … let’s go for a ride!

‘Road To Mountain Layers’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

‘Forest Road In Fall’ © Denise Bush

‘Aspen Tunnel’ © Denise Bush
added to my ‘Tremendous Trees’ gallery

‘Rainy Day Drive’ © Denise Bush

‘Winding Through’ © Denise Bush

‘Colorful Autumn Oak Brush’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

Thanks for coming along! If you want to keep riding … here’s a link to some autumn roads shot last year.

45 Responses to “Autumn Roads ~ 2018”

  1. Lovely images and colours, what a great location.

  2. Amazing colours.

  3. Wow, gorgeous! ‘Rainy Day Drive’ beckons me… makes me want to hit the road. 😉

  4. Beautiful work, Denise.

  5. Four years. Wow time flies. Your images here are so pretty. Thank goodness you managed to find the roads less traveled.

    • Well it’s 3 years 3 months but our 4th fall since we moved in July. I’m glad you like the images and appreciate the visit and comment! 🙂

  6. Love these… and big thanks for your comment on my blog… really like Ouray and the drive to Silverton when I was out there 6yrs ago!

  7. Golden beauty.

  8. Just. Beautiful.

  9. 18 Ken Curtis

    Beautiful images and you incorporated the roads into the compositions perfectly.

  10. 20 Deb

    I’ll go for drive with you any time!
    Lots of oohhh’s and aahhh’s from me!

  11. You found some gorgeous views on those new to you roads. The fall colors are beautiful.

  12. Those roads lead to some beautiful shots.

  13. Beautiful captures! They draw you in and make me want to travel along! Thanks for the ride!

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  15. My kind of landscape love it

  16. Thanks for taking us with you!

  17. Such spectacular scenery! I’m drawn to #6, I think because I have a thing for those brown hills juxtaposed with the autumnal trees, and #1 and #3. I love road pictures. 🙂 Thanks for the ride.

    • That is dry tundra vegetation you see at the top of ‘Winding Through’. Thanks for your note and preferences. Other’s comments help me to see from a new viewpoint.

  18. These are gorgeous!

  19. Thank you for the ride on the roads of colors, Denise, it was spectacular! I love the leading of a road or trail of any type in a photo, yours here are amazing!

  20. Thanks for the ride, it’s beautiful!

  21. Seems that you do what I do. Taking back country roads looking for whatever will interest me with the camera. Done this many times. Here in PA, the color has reached its peak at most places. However, there is still some left depending on where you go. I’m following. Cheers!

    • There’s no shortage of photographers and cameras … is there? Thankfully there are a lot of back roads for us to explore. I am from South Jersey and am familiar with many areas in PA. I went to college in Philly. Where do you live?

      • Live up here in Reading, PA. It’s about 60 miles NW of Philly. Philly takes about a hour drive away for me.

  22. Agreed, roads are a great composition element, and these are spectacularly executed. Love the light in Forest Road in Fall!

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