Fall Along Fence Lines


If you follow this blog you may have already noticed that I often include fences in my landscapes. I prefer wooden fences and when they’re broken-down, I love them all the more. But, I even like barbed wire fences with old, irregular posts … they have character too. Fences offer something more to the scene and stories. So, without further ado, and to add to my growing collection, here are a few fall images that feature fences!

‘First San Juan Snow’ © Denise Bush
click to view larger or order a print

‘Boundary Surplus’ © Denise Bush

‘Borderline Remains’ © Denise Bush
added to my ‘Colorful Colorado’ gallery

‘Autumn Borderline’ © Denise Bush

43 Responses to “Fall Along Fence Lines”

  1. Such infinite beauty and textures, so well composed, such richly layered colors and a dab of fence to complete the scene. In love with Boundary Surplus followed by First San Juan Snow. Oh heck I love them all. Grateful that you are sharing all of your images!

  2. These are lovely, I really like borderline remains.

  3. Outstanding! Love Borderline Remains, the rustic fence with the subtle fall foliage line in distance is quite lovely. Close second fav is the 5th composition. You should now have enough landscape jewels to publish a series of large coffee table books! Well that’s kinda old school. Maybe your own gallery?

    • Thanks very much for your nice comment! (See previous reply about this image.) I have thought about a book and even researched it. For a nice photo book you have to shell out money up front unless a publisher discovers you! That would be nice. I have my work for sale in 5 different places and even though I don’t get 100% of the sale, I don’t have rent or a full-time commitment either. It all works out!

      • You are very discoverable! 😊 I encourage you to seek some type of representation. I briefly looked at photo-eye, they have gallery, on line, and book publishing channels. Check them out if you haven’t already. Cheers!

  4. 10 Ken Curtis

    Love them. All good.

  5. These are superb, Denise. What an eye you have for color, composition and form. Amazing!

  6. Amazing gallery, here most of the golden leaves are gone.

    • Thank you … our aspen leaves are mostly gone now too. The cottonwood foliage also turns golden and I hope to photograph them before they’re gone. If only the pretty colors lasted longer!

  7. Beautiful landscapes! I especially like “Autumn Borderline” with its crooked, falling fence line.

  8. Those old fences and some even lean out of shape make your pictures lively. They something that can you feel more comfort than just the pure land.

  9. Nice images! First San Juan Snow is my favorite from this set. All are beautifully captured.

  10. I love this series – what is it about a fence that adds so much to a scene? I think it brings the human dimension in, and it adds that geometry, too. Fences are just wonderful subjects in the landscape, and you have a way of putting them in the perfect relationship to the rest of the scene. The first three are my favorites. It looks like the exhilarating surroundings you’re in are inspiring you. 🙂

    • Great thoughts Lynn. I was pondering why fences add to a scene. I thought about the boundary … are we in or out? Why is it there? Who put it there? … the human element as you point out. I hate it when I see an old fence being replaced with something less attractive.

  11. Breathtaking scenery. Love the wide variety of fences in these magnificent photos.

  12. Love these with the fencing as your focus!

  13. I think fences often bring interest to a photo.

  14. Really beautiful photos.

  15. Beautiful scenery, and your compositions incorporating the fences are marvelous. Kudos, Denise!

  16. Awesome fall photos. Thank you for sharing them. Have a good day!

  17. People in relatively plain central Texas can’t help but envy you for the fall foliage and the grand mountains that are both so prominent up there.

  18. I knew from your title I was going to love this post. I was not disappointed, love every one of them!! Beautiful work, Denise!

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