Reflecting Autumn


Many landscape photographers love reflections and I am one among them. This fall I visited a nearby lake on four different mornings, hoping to capture the scene with the perfect sky. It is a popular spot this time of year with other photographers from near and far. The surrounding slopes are filled with beautiful aspen trees and Red Mountain II & III are just beyond the opposite bank. When the wind is calm a beautiful reflection completes the picture. In this post I will show you several examples of how conditions impacted the scene … some of the changes are subtle but make a difference. I also found other interesting reflections that may be a little more unique. Reflecting on fall … I’d say it has been a good one!

‘Pink Accents, Crystal Lake’ © Denise Bush
click here to view larger or order a print

‘Highlight On The Right’ © Denise Bush

‘Wetland Reflection’ © Denise Bush

‘Autumn Reflecting Pool’ © Denise Bush

‘Glistening Gold’ © Denise Bush

‘Steamy Reflection’ © Denise Bush

‘Warm & Cold’ © Denise Bush

‘Blue Beginnings’ © Denise Bush

‘Along The Edge’ © Denise Bush

‘Awakening Across Crystal Lake’ © Denise Bush
notecards, unframed, framed, canvas, acrylic, & metal prints available

‘Another Sunrise, Crystal Lake’ © Denise Bush

If you have a favorite from this set I’d love to know which! Click the comment link below.

45 Responses to “Reflecting Autumn”

  1. Beautiful work. I especially like the steamy reflection with the fog on the surface PLUS the cloud bank over the mountain, PLUS the detail in the pines’ reflection on the left.

    • Thank you Ralph … nice to hear from you. You point out some of the details that make this different from any of the others. I hope you got a chance to glance at my other fall posts. I went a little crazy this year and still have more to come!

  2. They are all great images, my favourites are ‘Warm & Cold’ and ‘Autumn Reflecting Pool’.

  3. 5 mvobsession

    Your photographs are beautiful and very inspirational 🙂

  4. 7 bcplimpton

    Love them all but my favorite is Another Sunrise. The just a touch of color in the sky got me.

    • Thanks for looking Barry … happy fall! That image was shot on an awesome morning even though it started to rain shortly after. I thought it would be one of my favorites but struggled with it a bit in processing The clouds just made it a little too busy for me. When I cropped it 2:1, I liked it a lot better. The pink did grow some but I’m glad you like this one with just a little bit!

  5. They are all beautiful. My most favorite one is ‘Highlight On The Right’ .

  6. Wowza… now that’s some fall color… Jersey still has muted fall colors!!!!

  7. All of them are stunning!

  8. It’s like Middle Earth meets Pandora! Your images are all beautiful… Blue Beginnings is my favorite. Stunning work!

  9. Wow, what an incredible series! Took my breath away with the first frame! Beautiful, beautiful images Denise! Pink accents tickled my soul and Warm and Cold is my other favorite. Everything I love about colorful Colorado!

    • Oh! … thank you very much for your nice comment and coming to look! I’m glad you like ‘Pink Accents’ … I decided to use that one on Facebook because of your comment. 🙂

  10. Spectacular images! Is your work in a Colorado gallery somewhere? I especially like “Along the Edge”. And thanks for stopping by the Glover Gardens blog.

  11. Wow, so beautiful! I love reflections. It is hard to pick favorites but the ones that grabbed me are ‘Along the Edge’, ‘Highlight on the Right’ and ‘Glistening Gold’ – love the aspens, gold and blue contrasts.

  12. I love all of them…stunning captures and I applaud your patience and determination to get such incredible reflections…

  13. Oh, Denise, it is just too hard to ever pick just one in any of your posts as ‘the’ favorite. 🙂 I can only narrow down to ‘the 3 favorites’ this time and that was hard, ‘Pink Accents, Crystal Lake’, ‘Autumn Reflecting Pool’, and ‘Glistening Gold’. But truly I love them all. Your efforts on attaining such stunning captures this fall are such a reward for us to see. I hope you have lots more!!

  14. Water and mountains is like peanut butter and jelly. Still waters and mountains are like peanut butter and jelly on homemade bread. Easy to like the results.

  15. Pink Accents and Steamy Reflection are my favorites! Excellent work!

  16. A beautiful series of photos Denise. Love them all, Pink Accents and Another Sunrise are my favourites. The lake and surrounding mountains look magnificent.

  17. All are beautiful! I love Gilltering Gold, Along the Edge, and your sunrise reflections images.

  18. Steamy Reflection gets my vote. Very serene with a touch of mystery.

  19. They’re all so beautiful, Denise….I like “Along the Edge” though, for its intimacy. And I love the brooding feeling of “Steamy Reflections.” That subtle touch of pink from the sunrise on the last photo is priceless. It’s fun to see the same place over and over, completely different each time. I know that’s what makes ti so exciting to go out with the camera. have a great week!

    • Thank you Lynn. I always enjoy your comments with reasons for liking. I had a workshop instructor who said we should always do this … why do you like (or not). It adds value and understanding for you and the maker.

  20. It’s always amazing when you can capture a complete still reflection. It’s magical, isn’t it. Gorgeous photos all of them, but maybe “Pink Accents, Crystal Lake” is my favourite,

  21. Wonderful study of light, weather, composition and time of day. I appreciate the inspiration, discipline and ability to “see” the many moods and personalities of Mother Nature!

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