Cabin Collection


It has been a while since I’ve posted the weathered little structures found along the way. I’ve been all wrapped up in shooting and then processing my fall foliage images! This set shows several photos that document the finds and record their existence. They’ve been patiently waiting to be shared. Evoking all kinds of questions I wonder who built them, used them, and what are their stories?

‘Cabin Amid Hay Harvest’ © Denise Bush
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‘Little Cabin, Big Tree’ © Denise Bush

‘The Passing Of Summer’ ©Denise Bush

‘Settler Remains’ © Denise Bush

‘Lucky Find’ © Denise Bush

‘Cabin On Forest Edge’ © Denise Bush

‘Mining Town Cabin’ © Denise Bush

Tiny Shelter Beside Aspens’  © Denise Bush
Added to my ‘Remnants & Remains’ Gallery

‘Shack Near Red Mountain’  © Denise Bush

45 Responses to “Cabin Collection”

  1. 1 Elizabeth Jackson

    Was the “Lucky Find” an outhouse? I think the mining cabin looks almost move in ready. Absolutely love these.

  2. Great work as usual, Denise. I love seeing a lot of landscape around them, because they look so vulnerable that way. But the last one is compelling too; I think that angle was perfect, and there are so many layers to the image, from the shiny metal siding all the way back to the mountain. In “Passing of Summer” I like the way you ducked down so that rolling mound is in front, leaving just parts of the buildings showing. The whole image seems to have a rhythm to it. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  3. They are very lovely especially the one with a wreath hung on the door. I have the same questions as you do too.

  4. I too like that you showed the cabins in their environment instead of zooming in on just the cabin. I like to see where the cabins are and what is around them. The lone exception is the “Lucky Find”, which is perfect and needs no environment to make a statement. Good job on all.

    • I love to put them in the landscape Ken. Sometimes the landscapes are more limited or there are unwanted obstacles. Then the structure has to be interesting enough to warrant sharing. Thanks very much for looking and adding your thoughts!

  5. Great images! It is hard to pick a favorite but I am drawn to the “Mining Cabin”!

  6. Most look move in ready… just knew I could find affordable housing out there when I retire!! Great to see the area and the contrast of the fields and mountains.

  7. Bravo! Cabin Amid Hay Harvest is my favorite! Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. 15 Deb

    Hi Denise
    These are fabulous, the black and white really speaks to me !
    Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Thanks Deb. I’m glad you like that one … I do too. The trees were actually bright yellow (especially on the left) and I felt like they over-powered the cabin. The black & white helps us appreciate the cabin I think. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. 17 Joe Perno

    More incredible shots Denise. I think my favorite is tiny shelter beside Aspens.

  10. Those are some great Images you have done. Never been to Colorodo, but it must be a great place to visit with it’s past History. I, also, would wonder just why those abandonded buildings are there. Who did they belong to seems not to be known. Maybe never will.

    • Thanks Les. I guess asking a local historian might provide some answers. I might like the wondering part enough that I don’t really need to know! 🙂

  11. That is some tree in the first photo. Of course I love all of the old buildings, too!

  12. These beautiful structures really make you appreciate the height of the mountains that surround them. Excellent series!

  13. I love them all. The scenes seem so familiar to me. The landscapes of parts of Idaho are very similar to parts of Colorado. But, now wait a minute….that wreath on the outhouse door? Was that really a find, or did you stage that one? 😉

    • That was a find Linda! My friend was driving when I spotted it from the road. Since then we’ve talked about staging some scenes in that way. The landscape can be varied here we are between somewhat arid and alpine landscapes.

      • I think that varied landscape is what makes me feel so at home with your images. Idaho, especially the Snake River Plain where I live is also on the cusp between high desert and alpine forests.

      • I might come knocking on your door one day. I know where you live … beside the big maple tree!

      • I have a spare room with private bath! Just make sure I’m home before you come knocking. 😉

  14. Wonderful series of landscapes and abandoned places, Denise. Terrific work!

  15. 34 Patricia Worley


  16. Beautiful! I love old buildings and you sure do scout them out!

  17. Excellent series, Denise, all very beautiful!

  18. Awesome collection…I love finding old abandoned buildings, whether it be cabins or outhouses…beautiful captures!!

  19. Not castles 🙂 but gorgeous anyway!

  20. Love the irregular, shifting foundations of the sheds in the ‘The Passing Of Summer’ composition. Also love the striking contrast in ‘Tiny Shelter Beside Aspens’!

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