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I continue to be drawn to, and fascinated by windows and doors as a photo subject. I find them equally interesting whether I am looking from the outside, or looking from within. I have posted many on this blog and my collection has grown after finding and shooting them for many years! I decided to create a dedicated, store gallery, composed of some of my all-time favorite ‘Windows & Doors’ HERE. Windows and doors can stir the imagination. We look in, or out, wondering about life on the other side. Symbolically they can be portals for transformation, opportunity, illumination and more. I do hope these beloved and thought-provoking subjects and I will continue to find each other!

‘Red Shutters’ © Denise Bush
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‘Window Arrangement’  © Denise Bush

‘Fleur de Lis Window’ © Denise Bush

‘Mercantile’ © Denise Bush

‘Red Mountain Greeting’ © Denise Bush

37 Responses to “Ins & Outs”

  1. Wonderful set of photos, Denise. Keep doing more windows and doors as I know you will. My fav is Red Shutters. So unusual to find the window with plants lined up along the bottom.

    • Thanks for your speedy view and comment Ken. I shot the first three in Crested Butte … a quaint and touristy ski town not too, too far away.

  2. You did a good job with these ins and outs. Did you know that our word window started out as the poetic Old English combination that meant wind eye?

  3. Lovely set of images, really like the reflections in the first image and the colour contrast in the second.

  4. Great series and photographs! Thank you for putting them all in one gallery!

  5. 10 Deb

    These are fabulous Denise! I especially love the first three! Wall hangers for sure!!

    • Thanks Deb. Like I told Ken … the first 3 are from Crested Butte. I’ll take you there next time … lots of cute shops and places to buy ice cream too!

  6. The first four seem like a departure, but what do I know? 😉 In any case, they’re great. The row of Alliums under the first window, the placement of the second one off to the left, the colors in both – wonderful. I love the evening scene, too.

    • You are right Lynn … the first 3 are a bit of a departure from my usual … not old and abandoned but charming town windows instead. Something I have shown before but not for a while now. I’m glad you like ‘Mercantile’. I passed that store many times and thought about shooting it at night for a long while before actually stopping. Thanks for your visit and comment!

  7. These are so beautiful…I love trying to photograph windows and doors, but they don’t come out quite like this. It’s amazing how you can get a feeling from a photograph while others just look like an image of something…:)

    • Nice to hear from you … thank you. The best compliment someone can give is that my images speak to them. I hope that is the case here! 🙂

  8. These are wonderful, Denise. Of course, I esp. love the ones with flowers. 😉 The alliums beneath the red shutters are marvelous!

  9. 18 one subject photography

    Lovely set of photos.

  10. They are lovely! I also think doors and widows are breaks from boredom too (of course they also provide functions that we need as part of a house or building – well windows may not be absolutely needed in modern buildings but doors still are).

  11. Love these. I’m sure you will find more!

  12. Beautiful. I am drawn to Window Arrangement! Pod job!

  13. These are superb Denise. ‘Red Shutters’ is my favourite, love the reflections and the plants lined up in the lower frame. Look forward to seeing many more.

  14. Delightful perspectives, Denise. I myself am in love with entryways – especially in older building. I always wonder what is on the other side. LOL

  15. 30 one subject photography

    Beautiful set of photographs! I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. It is not an easy subject to shoot.

  16. 32 Heide

    In your first image, I love how the windows create a reflected kaleidoscope of the tree — but all of your photos are beautiful in their own right. Wonderful work, Denise!

  17. A lovely and interesting collection. I share your intrigue with doors and windows and enjoy how you frame them.

  18. Spectacular compositions!

    • More to add to my ever-growing windows and doors collection. Thanks again for taking the time to really look at my posts and make thoughtful comments that help and inspire me. Knowing my work speaks to others is as rewarding as the experience itself! Thanks very much!

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