10 Years of Blogging!


This month marks my 10th year of blogging! Time flies by when you love what you’re doing. I do enjoy the journaling aspect of blogging which allows me to look back at what I’ve done and where I want to go with my photography. I love sharing what speaks to me with you. And I have been sharing with many of you for a long time now. I appreciate each and every visit! Other blogs, and comments on this blog have certainly helped to keep me inspired, in a big way over the years … thank YOU so very much!

‘Newspaper Rock’  © Denise Bush

I thought this photo of Native American petroglyphs would be a fun association and illustration to mark the milestone. Called ‘Newspaper Rock’ it is located in Utah.

24 Responses to “10 Years of Blogging!”

  1. 1 mvobsession

    happppppppy blogaversary 🙂

  2. How appropriate: Newspaper Rock is actually an early blog.
    You and Terry got me into the blogging thing a month behind you so I am uniquely qualified to compliment you on ten years of effort. Well done, lady! It’s been good for all of us.

  3. Congratulations on 10 years! I enjoy each of your posts! Here’s to another 10 years!!

  4. You must be one of the pioneers of blogging. Congratulations. Bonus for me as I love reading and seeing what you’re up too.

  5. Happy 10th Blog-niversary, Denise, congratulations! And thank you for being an inspiration to me. Your work is spectacular!

  6. Well done! 10 years is a lot of persistence and creativity.

  7. Happy Blogiversary, Denise! 10 years is impressive and takes a lot of dedication. Your photos are always stunning, so I’m glad that you blog and share them. ❤

    • Thank you Eliza! I’ll keep on blogging for sure! I think it is a less competitive way to share than other social media platforms. Perhaps because we are all in different corners of the world.

  8. Congratulations on keeping up with it through thick and thin. You’ve brought another corner of the world to me, and to many others. I look forward to much more!

  9. Congratulations Denise! It is fun following your blog.

  10. Congratulations, Denise. That is quite an accomplishment. I have certainly enjoyed visiting your blog.

  11. Very impressive drawing on the rock! 🍸

  12. Happy blogaversary! That is a great photo. Don’t we meet the nicest people blogging!

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