Winter … Thoughts & Images


This collection is a sort of medley of winter stragglers. In processing this set I thought about some of the things I love about winter. I love how the snow completely changes the landscape, into something new & fresh. With winter comes a feeling of peacefulness and rest. Snow becomes its blanket. Land forms and contours take on new meaning. Bare limbs of exposed trees are made more beautiful, when coated with snow. That’s something magical when you’re a tree lover like me. In the mountains winter shows us the power of Mother Nature and the season, and we yield utmost respect. Out there and with camera in hand, I can’t help but feel alive … braving the cold air and slippery roads, with numb face, fingers and toes. It’s all very worth it!

‘Double RL Trees In Winter’ © Denise Bush

‘Forever View’ © Denise Bush

‘Sunset Over The Bluff’ © Denise Bush

‘Courthouse Undercover’ © Denise Bush

‘Winter Boundaries’ © Denise Bush

‘Snowmobiles Only’ © Denise Bush

‘Cabin With Two Doors’ © Denise Bush

‘House On The Hill’ © Denise Bush
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‘Pleasant Valley Sunset’ © Denise Bush

37 Responses to “Winter … Thoughts & Images”

  1. Gorgeous as usual.

  2. 3 Albert Horner

    House on the hill … just great

    • So nice to see your name here! I’m glad you like that. I drove many miles to that area and it was the only image I was happy with from the outing. So pleased I added it to my Remnants & Remains collection in my store. I hope all is well … drop a line sometime or call!

  3. Nice collection. Glad you were able to get out and about this winter.

  4. Nice series, Denise. I esp. love the two with fence lines.

    • Thank you Eliza. There’s many times I wish the fences were not there as they keep me from getting the vantage points I want. Other times I do love incorporating them into a composition.

  5. Snowmobiles only (followed by horses) My fav! Although I did get lost in the mist and layers of the Courthouse, Beautiful.

    • Off the grid folks use this snowmobile and cross-country ski trail to get home during the winter. I learned the hard way that it’s deeper than it looks. It’s near where I got stuck a couple of years ago! A horse would have a very hard time and so would the rider if those who use the trail caught whoever chopped it all up! (It’s close to where we got those trees with sunset pics.)

  6. Love the snow and for all the reasons you have conveyed in pictures and words. Really like seeing your vision out there… so different back east. Miss your banter but happy you have found a home within a place.

    • I don’t hear people complain about the snow here very often. This year however, we’ve had so much I’ve heard, “I’m ready for spring” several times. After the fires last year and low reservoirs it has been a blessing really. Now we just hope it doesn’t melt too fast and cause flooding. Thank you for your visit and keeping in touch. I’m glad you miss the banter too … it was fun!

  7. Like Winter Boundaries. Wonder what House on the Hill would like with a border; my eye kept straying on to the white of the post surface (yeah, I know, old guys’ eyes wander easily). So impressed that Brent and Dan climbed Courthouse; scary.

    I loved your lede. I, too, am a snow guy (preferably through the sun room windows). You may not remember my living room from the open house a few years ago but I have five paintings/prints on one wall and Sigrid noted one day that four of them were snow scenes.

    • I see what you are saying about the ‘House On The Hill’. We are taught to keep the snow white but still have detail so I’ll just blame that on the blog design! But you know … the snow isn’t always white. Sometimes it takes on a blue cast or a warm cast like in ‘Snowmobiles Only’. That was captured late in the day and the snow had a warm cast. When I tried to make the snow more white, I lost the golden light on the fence. I settled for how I remembered it.

      There is a trail on the backside of Courthouse Mountain that Dan and Brent hiked … they didn’t climb up the face! Brent said that near the top you have to ‘scramble’ over a rock field. I leave all the tough hikes to them. I wish you could come out so I could show you all the awesome places! Thanks for your visit and comments! XO

  8. 15 Heide

    Your description of winter is as beautiful as your photos, Denise.

  9. Awesome captures of winter scenery. I agreed winter bring peaceful and rest. They both go well together don’t they? I love your use of empty space for these pictures.

    • Thanks very much! I remember being taught about ‘negative space’ back in art school. I can’t remember who the professor was but they said, ‘the eye needs a place to rest’. I love big skies when they are interesting enough.

  10. It’s a pleasure watching your images.

  11. Yes, it was worth it! These are all lovely even the lonely cabin on the hill looks beautiful and determined to stand through winter.

  12. A beautiful collection of images. Very well seen and photographed. My favorites are ‘Double RL Trees’ (I can easily see the branches because of the snow), ‘Winter Boundries’ (the fence gives depth to the image) and ‘Snowmobiles Only’ (because the fence and snowmobile path lead me to the mountains and it brings back memories of scenes I have seen and enjoyed).

  13. I love your “House on a Hill’ image! I hope you enter this into AAH this year!

  14. Lovely shots, Denise! Scenes of all season each have their own specialness!

    • Thank you Donna … I’m glad you thinks so. I try to only post images that have something special going on … in my eyes anyway!

  15. 30 Amy

    Beautiful winter photos!! The second of the last is my favorite. :)

  16. This is an enjoyable paean to winter. Although I’m not fond of snowmobiles, I love the look of “Snowmobiles Only” for its freshness – just like you were saying – it’s bracing! You can feel the purity and cold there. Sorry you suffered Denise, but yes, it was worth it! 😉

  17. As always I am so impressed by your play with light and colours. You capture the majestic feeling of the landscapes so beautifully.

  18. Love all the captures, but The House On The Hill spoke to me….love it!

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